The GGP : : A Social Science Research Infrastructure

The GGP : : A Social Science Research Infrastructure

The Generations & Gender Programme is an international research infrastructure for high-quality and open source data. We monitor life and family dynamics within society at the individual level. Family life has always been a reflection of
societal changes. Our life courses differ greatly from those
of previous generations. Young adults have many more options nowadays, and many more pressures, especially as they try to combine work,
family and social life. This means that an increasing percentage of
young adults don’t follow the sequence of the traditional life course of leaving home,
getting married and then having children, or postpone the events till a later age. GGP data show that in 1985 in Western Europe,
about 50% of 30 year old’s followed this traditional path. Twenty years later only about a quarter of
young people fit this ‘traditional’ pattern. Policy makers need to know how to support
young adults as their lives unfold. To provide this support we need to know the
causes and consequences of change in people’s lives. High quality data and innovations are needed
to answer these and other questions. This is where
GGP comes into play. GGP takes the dynamic complexity of real peoples’
families and lives and makes it accessible as high quality, comparable data sets to researchers,
policy makers and civil society. It’s focus on the complexity of family life
across different countries, is what makes the GGP a unique data resource in understanding
rapid and profound social change. We curate these data sets to help others address
pressing societal challenges. Our data sets are invaluable for formulating
good policy. We provide access to these datasets to an
ever wider audience. We do this because we believe this contributes
to a better match between the realities of peoples’ needs and the public policies designed
to support them. To follow our research, and to benefit from
GGP’s expanding datasets, contact us.

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