The Hardship Of Legit Conspiracy Researchers

The Hardship Of Legit Conspiracy Researchers

hi welcome to the new world resistance this is Katrina I was called into the studio where one of the investigators because I have had myself in BRL and a lot of the other ones who helped from this channel we've had a very busy week as like last week anyway I was in the studio after being called in and I was working on a second video that I'm going to do later tonight and that's about the astral realm and astral projection because one of our commenters had asked about it and I saw that there's his comment and this comment was made by one of our viewers about the Dave Chappelle video we did about a year and a half ago and the comment calls out Billy RL and about how Billy RL has the same speech patterns as negan girl and how they sound exactly like no youth rest is about four or five times before on this channel and it seems like no matter how many times we keep addressing it people are not understanding they're not listening so we're going to explain it one last time here this would be the last time we explain this because we're sick of explaining it to people who are not listening the first a second third the fourth time okay a year ago year and a half ago we were talking about how the Illuminati is connected to the entertainment industry that's when we got a email from this girl who goes by this woman was that a girl woman who goes by the YouTube name the number one original negan girl she said Dave Chappelle was her cousin and she wanted to come on our show because she trusted on shell she wanted to come on our show to tell the truth but what happened to her cousin seeing the opportunity there we decided to have her come on our show but she said she would only talk or not shell if we gave her anonymity and her voice so we did when she came on our show before being on air she showed us the pictures she had of her and her cousin Dave Chappelle what's validated that she was indeed Dave Chappelle's cousin now the same voice disguise are that we used for that show that we did Brittany we had her on as a guest we use every single time we go on air as a matter of fact I'm using it now the voice that you hear now of me talking I don't sound like this in real life bill ERL doesn't sound like this in real life why we sound the way we sound will become on air is because we use a voice disguiser the same voice disguiser we use when we had in our studio the guests the number one original negan girl we use a voice disguise our because in case you don't realize it the Illuminati they are connected to the Mafia they have professional hitmen that they will send out to kill you if they want to silence you they did this with David Crowley they did this with Bill Cooper he tried to do it with John Todd but he was able to escape they've did it with Danny casolaro and they did it with Roddy Piper and so so so many others if we came on air and that our real voice is shown in the real world people would pick up our voices the wrong people would pick up our voices and we would be marked for death the illuminati is that real that's why we don't have our real voices told when we come on air i don't know if you all think that this is a joke or not but when the illuminati wants to silence people that is very serious and it's very real it is not a game this is why a lot of conspiracy people they don't have their voices heard they go under anonymity with them having voice disguisers and a lot of conspiracy people they don't show their faces is to protect themselves from the Illuminati now that is why billy RL and the number one original negan girl sound alike are they the same people no now a lot of people say that billy RL and I'm gonna return the girl have the same speech patterns well let's use another example Miley Cyrus Dolly Parton they have the same speech patterns are they the same people it's Arashi B Hinton and Regina King a lot of times when they talk if you listen to them they have the same type of speech patterns the same type of words they use are they the same people but is alike between Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus both of them alight both of them have southern accents what's alike between Regina King and Roger V Henson both of them are black a lot of black people have the same type of speech patterns because the fact that they are of the same race does that mean they're all the same people you know you don't know on a daily basis how many comments we get like the one to begun if it's not that we're racist is that we are lying about the interview we had on the topic of Dana Chapelle let me just say every day that we come every time rather if they become on this channel we are a hundred percent and beyond truthful we don't lie ever if it's something that we don't know about we'll come on here and we'll tell you we don't know about it it was something that we do know we'll tell you we know if we come on here and I have an attitude issue or an attitude problem or I'm moody I'll come on here and tell you why I'm moody Hey look you are budding into the news a week but I may be a little Moody while doing it because hey it's PMS oh that's how honest we are when we come on air why we are that honest is because we respect the ones who are watching us and who are listening to us it's like if you go to school and you listen to your teacher teach you respect your teacher because you know the education that your teacher is giving you is the truth and if you found out that that education that the teacher is teaching was a lie you would not ever trust a teacher again no would you even want to have any dealings with that teacher so for that teacher to have your trust in him or her that teacher is going to be a hundred percent honest with you when they come in front of you that's how we are if bill ERL was the cousin of dave chappelle why would we lie and say that she wasn't it's not like dave chappelle is some hideous ugly porn star or something so it's nothing to be embarrassed of why would there be us lying about it I don't understand that it's nothing just come out and say yeah but the RL is the cousin she you know social sauce don't what we lie we're not lying plain and simple we're not lying we have no reason to lie if Katie Holmes contacted us and said look I want to come on your show and talk about Tom Cruise in Scientology we'd have her on our show and if she wanted to come on under anonymity but the voice disguiser we do that they do it we do that for her now if she would have come on using that same voice to disguise her that the number one returned evening girl use people will say 200 you know darn well that Billy RL or uh patrina is Katie Holmes oh come on you all didn't have Katie Holmes Dean showed up as Billy are L doing that and knowing it was actually Katie Holmes it's like damned if you do damned if you don't you know this is not we are not any a bunch of Jessie small that's around here telling lies hoping you all will believe it we are about the truth and it's a slap in the face when every day we come on here or every day or every week will however be come on here and we're sharing with you our truth we are being genuine with you we're being honest with you and then our honesty and our genuineness is being called into question it's a slap in the face it's like if you are married and you are you're your marital woman and you're faithful to that woman and no matter how faithful you are to them and the woman still has distressed in you you will feel like well damn why I'm you know I'm being faithful she still doesn't entrust me with that you know I just this is a slap in the face I'm out that's how we feel we were being faithful we're being honest for being genuine and you still have those who listen to us every single time still calling into question our faithfulness and honesty Nessa slap in the face it really is the other day I was talking to Billy RL and the original messenger and the others who helped to run this channel here and holding one of one of my favorite people on this channel Alex my number one favorite is Billy RL my number two favorite is Alex we were all talking around the roundtable my conspiracies and not John Todd and I said you know I remember there was a time when John Todd he is he was out there he was telling and informing and educating people in conspiracies and in the midst of him doing that people called him you know a fraud a con he's a rapist he's a pedophile he's still undertaking in his witchcraft activities and he's this and he's that he's a liar and all of this and it just kept coming and it just kept coming and it started to affect his ability to inform the public of the truth so he said you know what I'm done I'm out the hell with him I tried they're not listening they're believing this instead of believing that I'm done and he walked away and it was Jack Chick who fought like hell to try to bring him back into the conspiracy fold jack did he came back John came back into the conspiracy fold and tried again to inform and to educate people about the truth and the lies kept coming the rumors kept coming the calling into question about John's legitimacy kept coming oh he's a liar he's a rapist he's a pedophile he's a con he was never in the military he was is this he's that he got this one pregnant he got that pon pregnant all of these contrived fake bullshit and what happened they call a strong to be in prison and then in a mental hospital where he was before he wouldn't in mental hospitals in prison we was stabbed almost to death then went to the mental hospital and where is he now you couldn't pay John to get back into the conspiracy circle because when he was in it look how he was treated look how people treated him and so you said you know what the hell with it um um you all figured off of yourself and where John is now you could not pay him to come back into the present and come back into the conspiracy fold and I don't blame him for the past couple of days that's how I've been feeling Billy RL and Alex sending and the original messenger and the others who run the channel they're pretty strong and they can stand pretty much a lot me I'm on the friends I'm on the brink I'm on the brink of just saying you know what the hell with them let them figure it out themselves and just walking away shutting down the channel and walking away because it's times like this when you makes you feel like it's not worth it as legitimate as we are being and as honest as we are being very constantly called liars races some people have even call it as demonic because we don't follow the Christian religion all of these things people have even said they were threatening to expose us as being non-christians and races and Liars to other people threatening to discredit us all of these things and this happens on a daily basis and it's putting me pacifically at my brink where I'm about to do it John taught and just walk away and walk away well no one will ever find out where the hell I am and just walk away just like John Todd did John's hide somewhere and either in the United States while saturday nighta sticks somewhere in the jersey channel islands living the rest of rest of his life out and he just said I'm done because people drove him to that point you know we're going to explain this one last time because next time you see comments calling us races or calling into question our truthfulness or the legitimacy of our accidents the person making those comments will be deleted and blocked their comment will be deleted and they will be blocked because we're tired of dealing with this you know we made the loop Harry video trying to inform people over how the industry will he was what do we get called oh you're crazy oh you're nuts same thing about Trump oh I don't believe you about Trump Donald Trump is not Illuminati all of these things you don't know what you're talking about and we do know what we were talking about we cannot help that loop Harry Santa's name of blood he did that he was the one who signed his name blood which ultimately caused his own demise so because we're telling people the truth about that we are wrong what do you want us to sugarcoat it because you like to Luke Perry so much the same thing with Trump people are mad because we have told the truth about Trump Trump is Illuminati and because we've done that we're the bad people people want us to sugarcoat things instead of telling the truth and we can't do that because that's what a lot of these other channels do these other truthers they sugarcoat things to get viewers to get subscribers and we can do that and you don't you wouldn't believe on a daily basis how many emails we get that are just negative criticism oh you guys are anti-white your race this year your your demons your you know your liars you never had the deep Chappelle interview why would we lie about that why would we lie I mean that's ridiculous and we lied I mean according to people we lied for what for not monetize so we could have been going for monetization we're not monetized we don't have PayPal we don't have a patreon so why would we lie but this is these are the accusations we get on a daily basis on email on Twitter and Facebook on YouTube messages YouTube comments whether this is what we get in a daily basis you know they're not a lot really legitimate truthers out on YouTube left they're not a lot of us I say all in all it would be a total of twenty twenty truly legitimate YouTube truthers one of them being of course ourselves the other being West truther and I'm a week or so back somebody expect West ruther and made a video about how he was tired of the way he was being treated because he was a conspiracy futher and he was ready to just give up YouTube even it was and you know myself and Billy RL and Alex and a few others here at numeral resistance we try to in the comments section we try to encourage West futher and through a vom eight we try to encourage him to you know hey stay the course but we understand how he felt because when you have good legitimate truthers on YouTube and then you have people who try to call and to question the truthfulness of those truthers they'll make those truthers want to leave you know as truthers as they call themselves we like we call ourselves conspiracy researchers they don't make them one to leave and the thing is not to be big-headed but if the 20 of us truthful conspiracy researchers and truthers if we leave you two who else will you have that is really true who will you have to go to what Christopher Greene Lisa Haven who will you have to go to that is really legitimate and not this info so when you have these good conspiracy truthers on YouTube why are you trying to run them away with your discredit ation and with your constant paranoia and distressed when there is no reason to have distrust why III never look at that you know I never look at that the ones who are really trying to do the good work those are the ones who gets persecuted but the ones who are doing the disinfo and are all about the bravado and the paypal and the patreon and the look at me and look how many subscribers I have and look at my flashy videos those are the ones who are getting held up on a pedestal I will never understand that no one here at NWR would never understand that so for the record people if there is a question that you have to ask before you come to us and acts it go look at our past videos and see whether we have already addressed it first then if we have not already addressed it then please feel free to access any kind of comment where you are calling into question our legitimacy when you know that there is no reason to do so we're not gonna read those comments they will be deleted and he will be blocked we want you to go and fact check what we tell you we want to do that don't just take our word for it go fact check it but after you fact check it and you find out okay the New World Order resistance there there the truth then don't come and try to call into question our truthfulness and our honesty again especially when we've already explained this four and five times before it's not our fault that you have not gone back and looked at previous previous videos to see whether we've already addressed that that's not a fault that's your fault so so for the last time I'm going to address this on behalf of everyone here at new order resistance beli RL and the number one original Deacon girl are two different people no one here and New World Order resistance has any family members or celebrities none they're two different people the same voice disguise are that we used on the number one originally girl we use on us myself Billie RL F Stefano was to come and do a voice video we use it on him too because we don't want ourselves to get a bounty on our head by the Illuminati we don't want to be silenced and we don't want anyone who comes on our channel as guests to be silenced as well now if that doesn't fit your requirement for an answer if you are not satisfied with that answer go elsewhere you're free to go elsewhere go find another channel if you're not satisfied with that answer because that answer is the truth and the truth is all we have to give so if you are not satisfied with the answer you don't have to listen if you are not satisfied with the answer and if you think that we're frauds and that were liars and that we're scamming why are you listening to our videos we're not making you listen you just used to turn to our channel and listen why are you listening go somewhere else you know we if I'm not satisfied with what I'm hearing from a YouTube channel I won't listen to it anymore but the RL is the same way alex is the same way the original messengers the same way we're not satisfied at everyone here and you were a resistance we're the same way if we don't like what we're hearing from a youtuber we will turn off that YouTube video and unsubscribe like YouTube channel and we won't let watch it anymore so if you feel that we have you anyone of you all Fairfield we're lying we're frauding or scamming then why are you listening to us go somewhere else you are the one who keeps coming back here the ones who think they were lying you're referring so that's the answer Billy RL is who she is Billy RL Katrina is who she is Katrina alex is who he is Alex the best eye Hasbro name we're not giving out his real name for his own safety but his nickname is Alex everyone here in new were little resistance we are who we are the Bristol messenger she is so she is the number one original deacon girl she is who she is she was a guest or not show she's not by the RL the reason why they sound the same is because they both used the same place disguise ur the same one that I use as well the same one that anyone who dares a voice video on this channel does they use the same thing so now that is out you either as building our offices you either accepted reject it or leave it alone and go elsewhere that is the last time we are going to address this big Chappell deal that was me last year or year before last or whatever was me I can't remember at this point that's the last time we're going to address it because frankly we are not going to keep talking about it calm that's what Dave Chappelle is we're not gonna keep talking about it Dave Chappelle is gone he's dead in that video it was done because his cousin wanted to get off the truth she did she has it's on our channel case closed that is our truth so now anyone who comes on to this channel we are going to make this doe Nell if you come with your anti races you know you guys are racist you guys are lying you guys are frauding comments or emails we are going to block you and we're going to delete your comment and as a matter of fact we are going to trace and find out exactly where you are and we will be able to do so so that we will block you from even being able to visit the channel the YouTube channel oh yes it can be done mm-hmm yeah because if you find that you're doing that when we do block you you want to make sure that you can't even visit our channel or even see the videos on our channel we're going to learn make sure that happens oh yes oh yes so that's we wanted to address and it's a shame we have to address this now the fifth time this is why I get so tired of this channel I get so tired like I said the others who run the channel they're stronger than I am me not so much I am very much in a lot a lot of lotteries I'm very much like John Todd a lot of ways in even in the way when he said he came from a life of evil to a life of exposing just like me before I was anti Illuminati I was something else I was a witch and I mean that literally I was a witch boy I'd done do black magic witchcraft inside and out I knew it but then I changed over so in a lot of ways I'm John I see a lot of myself in John Todd and in that retrospect this channel a lot of times makes me want to do a John Todd it makes me want to throw up my hands and say you know what that's it this channel is done because a lot of times I feel like we're not reaching people because anytime we have to address things like this this discredit Asian in this calling into question all truthfulness and honesty four and five times a row it makes me think we're not reaching people like we think we are so that's what I wanted to talk about this is an order resistance thank you all for listening take care of yourselves and each other

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6 thoughts on “The Hardship Of Legit Conspiracy Researchers

  1. Wow! These people actually think that the nortourous Billie RL and I are the same people? Wow! I'm glad YOU Katrina let them know we're NOT! I am my own self, individual and I AM THE LATE DAVID CHAPPELLE'S COUSIN and NOT Billie RL. We may sound alike, with the microphones that YOU, THE NWOR, has at the studio, but WE ARE absolutely two different people, OMG. If they actually saw Billie RL and me, they would know and see the big difference as well as hear our voices away from the mike, but we must or at least, I have to keep my anonymity private, because of a lot I do know, but anyway, thanks Katrina for speaking the truth about Billie RL and me the NG. If those want to continue their unbelief, then let them. You have spoken the truth, and I and Billie RL knows the truth of who we actually are, so let it be.

  2. Don't give up, those people are still weak. My friend and i had this discussion yesterday, WHY is it so hard to find conspiracy researchers on youtube that are NON-RELIGIOUS. I hate when I come across a channel that is showing some truth but end with loving jesus and christ blah blah blah. They do not understand that religion is completely unnecessary for soul growth. At this moment I do not have many channels that i pay attention to but yours is one that i check regularly. I've recently discovered your channel and im really happy to see someone who is on the same page. Maybe its best not to dwell on it, you know these skeptics will be here no matter what. Its like when im on facebook, i see posts on the issues regarding race, discrimination, rape etc. You will always see someone who clicks the LAUGHING EMOJI, they are always laughing. No matter how terrible the situation they laugh, they make fun, they do not take it seriously. there is no way to please those people, keep speaking the truth thats what matters!!!

  3. Hey guys 😊 hope your having a great day. Love your videos please keep up with your videos they are so informative. Most of us who are awake appreciate them . I just have a question do you still plan on making the video on Aileen Wournos . I know you guys said you were along time ago .

  4. Please don’t give up! I really enjoy your channel. It’s going to be a battle. It’s only going to get worse! Thank you for all that you do and providing so much knowledge! Jesus recently opened my eyes! If I can help in any way let me know! Have a great day

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