The Interpretive Bunch: Regional Interpretive Specialists Team – Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

The Interpretive Bunch: Regional Interpretive Specialists Team – Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

(truck door closing) (music) [Danielle Bradley]
I am on the road feels like more often than not. [Annie Hepp]
The region itself is quite large and the drives can be a little bit long. [Tara Humphreys]
Every day is different. [Katie Raney]
A Regional Interpretive Specialist oversees and supports interpretation in their region
of state parks. [Ben Horstmann]
There are six of us scattered throughout the state. [Tara]
Basically we’re just trying to find ways to effectively communicate the park’s resources
to our visitors so that our visitors will then become park stewards themselves. [Walt Bailey]
We have a lot of people who help us out. [Annie]
In Region Five, especially, we have 16 state parks and we only have six full time interpreters
in the region. So that means that the bulk of the interpretive
responsibilities at these sites fall onto the shoulders of park staff. [Walt]
And so a regional interpretive specialist tries to help bring all those people together
to give the park staff a voice. [Danielle]
It really reinforces that they are, that they can be interpreters as well – that they’re
already out there engaging our customers. [Ben]
This is huge. [Annie]
I bust out in song when I’m driving and it’s really hard not to have a mini dance party. [Katie]
It gets you like, excited and awake and alert. [Annie]
We’re really close with one another, (laughter) [Annie]
Despite the large distances that exist between all of us and anytime we get the opportunity
to get together and actually hang out and spend time with one another is just always
a pure joy. (tires on road) (wind blowing) [Danielle]
Recently we went on a trip to Devils River where we had our Regional Interpretive Specialist
retreat and we received some high rain and there was a chance that we were going to be
stuck in the park. [Tara]
The maintenance ranger at Devils, he said, “Oh yeah, this happens. And in fact, we’ve been trapped for 11 days
at a time.” [Tara]
We only had enough food for about three days or so. [Danielle]
We had discussions as to who we would eat first. I think we settled on Ben. [Katie]
Ben [Annie]
Yeah, Ben. (laughs) [Ben]
I like to think that it’s because they know that I’m the only one that would sacrifice
myself for the team… [Annie]
And Ben also likes to eat a lot of fast food. So we thought that he might have some good
flavoring there too. (music) [Danielle]
It’s one of the closest, sort of tight knit groups I’ve ever worked with. [Tara]
Because of that love that we feel for each other, it’s genuine, and I think it helps
us to, you know, be even more cohesive as a team. (music) (tires on road)

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