hello everyone it's fuckit here and in this video I'm gonna show you the problem with tree houses Alpine tree houses and tree platforms and if you've been watching my content for some time you'll know that I don't like him and I don't build them and there's a good reason why it's because after day 7 a mutant spawns called the armsie and he can take trees down with a single hit which means your tree house and everything in it will fall down and explode and you'll lose whatever you had in it there's quickly something I didn't know the trees got a cut in it you can't place a blueprint on it Nev another as you can see he just takes him down one here and if we switch building destruction to off it doesn't matter he can still take it down and there goes my tree yes there is a glitch that used to happen I don't know if it still works you hit that once so it looks like this one works you can't take it down but you'll have to do that every time you save an exit and he can actually reach that so even with building destruction mode off he can still destroy it you just can't take down the tree I don't know if that's a glitch see if you hit the tree but um yeah it's there there we go took it down that the tree now of course if you take him out before he gets there you should be fine though I'm not just gonna tell you to outright not build them because it's up to the individual you might like them and I'm just gonna show you ways that you can protect them now the worst way you can do to protect them because it doesn't do anything is to build a rock wall directly around the tree like a reinforcement now I like this idea this should work though if we know how the mechanics work enemies can hit through walls so I built it all the way around the tree is up as high as it can go let's see if this works and that's a note what's gonna happen the tree now it's encased then take out the walls now I'm gonna show you what their range actually is so we're gonna do I'm gonna place drying racks all along the sides with them being a little further back each time because they're hits together come through I'll show you how far they can actually come through this is a thing you need to know to don't build things too close to the walls actually I've got a better idea because you can place blueprints inside each other just got to place multiple ones like this there we go then I'll go out and spawn one of our friendly local hood arm Z's oh there he is okay here we go so that's the range he's got so don't place anything closer than that to the wall god I'm going off-topic but there's a reason I'm showing you this so based on that distance what you can do is build a wall around it they keep the wall quite far away from the tree itself but as you can see it's getting to a point where it's just too expensive to be able to protect the tree house this is why I made a video on a custom tree house using a big trees because you can turn building destruction mode off anyway be able to reach it so like that what you can do just leave a little gap so you can get in and out I made that gap too small because I'm too fat supposed to build one layer then check it yeah I can fit this tree though no dramas accountable shouldn't be able to fit through there you never know so with that in mind I'm just using a tree platform for this one spot and armsie okay running here and then you won't be able to reach it they will be able to destroy it so if you really want to get around it you just turn off building destruction then you can't get to it but this is really expensive isn't it I'll show you a cheaper way that may work what you can try and do is just build one layer of rock wall this may work but there is a chance he could glitch over it or use the terrain as a ramp to get to you so like here it's quite high he might be able to glitch over and end up in there we'll try that out okay seems to be blocking him but you can always take out this rock wall this works best on a flat surface you can get away with just one wall though it should buy you enough time to actually take him out so you could sit here just kick sugar I'm not gonna guarantee that rock walls are pretty tough though maybe not well you could just always lead him away from the base that's just an insurance policy it's whether that insurance will pay off there's another thing that's a different question the next way is based on my old prison trap idea is that you just use wood targets and you place them around but you make sure they're in reverse and this is especially one that only works on a very flat surface and there's always a chance he can go up on top now targets aren't that expensive to build one log for sticks though they used to cost blue paint they don't cost bleep anymore so they become a lot cheaper so you place it in reverse otherwise you plays the other way it's gonna work like a ramp and you'll be able to get in but you won't be able to get out so like that so try this arms these can't destroy the targets the only thing that can destroy the targets ah of work building the structure modes on and he can't destroy them when he's doing that triple attackers at a time that he's most likely to glitch over see no damage whatsoever but things are hard to kill all odds wobble I'm out of arrows and there we go he glitched over shree are you doing you just kick that okay yeah special attack kick log so there you go there's some ways to defend it though at the end of a you won't ever catch me building a tree house they're just too risky to build unless you can stay on top of hitting the tree every time you save and exit to make it vulnerable that will work I'm just testing out what the fireman will do to see if he can um damn arms II caught on fire I don't know if they can set the trees on fire when there's a building a touch them catches on fire then it goes out there's some more fire men you have the base you're not supposed to be up here that's a lot of fire damage so it looks like when there's a tree house on it it becomes invulnerable to fire yeah that thing ain't burning down not flying in a gray day they're very effective at taking out their own guys oh well five minute great for taking out the worm yeah what if you could recruit them to UT now nothing can stop the worm from destroy them you just got to keep them away from your base because otherwise he's just gonna roll in and just smash everything flying attack go for them even the targets they can be destroyed so they are not safe all the worm abilities it has can destroy the trees and just about everything else you got though he can destroy pretty much everything if you got three bridges linked on those houses all those tree bridges are gonna go as well spent nothing safe from the worm so there you go I can't recommend building treehouses there's no way to really keep them safe now I did have an idea for tree reinforcement a building that they should consider adding and this is just a mock-up of what it could look like something like this so it actually makes the tree a structure that needs damage to take it down well that's something like this would be good obviously this is too excessive the amount of logs in that you can't place single logs as roots you can but it's really tricky so yeah that was just a quick concept it's actually quite hard to do that as it is that won't protect it it won't make it any stronger they hopefully you understand where I'm coming from well maybe something like this just a structural reinforcement sort of thing that's just a custom foundation though that won't do anything either that probably looks a little bit more cleaner I think it'd be great for the developers to add something like this and that way tree houses will be a bit more viable though they might not be able to do it I don't know anyway that's where I stand on tree houses I don't recommend them mana resources you need to do able to protect them it's just not worth it and armed Z's don't need to be near you to attack trees that'll sometimes randomly do it they get under your tree it's a good chance I'll take him down you'd always lead him away and kill him or make sure they just don't reach it I'm just not the type of person to take that risk as always say it is up to the individual anyway if you liked this video make sure you like and subscribe choose

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40 thoughts on “THE ISSUE WITH TREE HOUSES | The Forest

  1. I’ve built a wooden defense around one of my tree house camps… not too bad but much prefer my other camp

  2. So i know this a few montha old, but wanna add an idea:

    We have the ability to disable building destructiom. What about the ability to disable special mutants? Like make it so only the basic cannibals spawn, no armsies, no babies, no Virginia or that bull pig fatty thing, no stupid worms, just a cannibal island survival

  3. What if you were to pick three trees far enough apart to build wood support beams between them placing the treehouse atop the beams in between the trees? Would this possibly prevent the creature from hitting the tree but instead hovering below the house? And if so then could one build an opening to shoot the creatures from above? However I suppose no matter what they will run into the tree if it's in their path I'm guessing.

  4. The forest is a god dam fun games but I'm such a pussy when comes to horror games, i rage quit and never played again when encounter the cannibal in the middle of midnight, i mever know they have cannibal in the game i thought it was just survival building game, still till this day I'm scared

  5. i made a treehouse as soon as i realised i could get of the ground and it survived with me living in it throughout the entire game… after i finished the game i put drop log traps around the tree and open area next to it some 20-30 traps. Shes still standing.

  6. It’s kinda funny, me and my bro were playing and he climbed up the tree house, I followed suit, armsy came and swatted the tree down, my brother fell out unharmed, meanwhile my character was still going through the climbing animation and my character kept climbing until I was too high, I then fell to my death.

  7. This game is awful. It makes no sense. The caves are the safest place to be. Dont even build outside, just stay in the cave system and you're fine.

  8. And you can try the glowing Skull decoration and pít it on the tree and I dont know why but it is Very srong and they cant break the tree of there is the decoration

  9. So I think the worm guys name is John because when you go to the end of the game and when you are in the lab, there is always a piece of the worm on a child’s bed labeled John and that name tag was never there before so I’m pretty certain that’s it’s name but don’t quote me on that

  10. Me and my mate were messing around in creative and he built a treehouse, then I snuck up to it while he was in there.. let's just say he suddenly heard a chainsaw roaring whilst he was relaxing in his treehouse 😂

  11. A nice game video shared here. you have also published some of very rare gameplay videos good work. For full game details you may also like

  12. it's kind of the point of the game and the bad guy so you want to be immune from everything learn to build some defenses get over yourself bro put on peaceful mode if you don't want to actually play the game I have no problem with those things ever getting anywhere near my tree house

  13. I don't get it : I use tree cabins and I never let a single monster destroy it. Dude, I think that if you hide behind your ground cabin, the monster will brake it the same way. Just bring him away. Nice vids though buddy 😊

  14. I really wonder if a house tree placed on a tree that have its base in rocks/semi-cliff ( can still be destroyed, especially after adding below the small cliff some annoying walls/buildings (like targets) for added range. Anyone would like to test ? …
    But nowadays, with the worm, it is perhaps another dream.

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