The Ocean Cleanup Aerial Expedition

The Ocean Cleanup Aerial Expedition

Right here off the coast,
half way between Hawaii and California is the largest accumulation of ocean plastic
in the world. It is our mission at The Ocean Cleanup to clean it all up. In order to do so, it’s very important to know
how much of this plastic is out there. So then we came up with this crazy idea: what if instead of using boats
we actually use an aircraft to cover the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and to find out how much of these largest debris in the ocean is actually out there. The garbage patch is basically as far away
as you can get from land, it’s about a thousand miles offshore So the only way to get there is to have
an aircraft with a very large range. Doors open and we’re ready. This is not what we expected. We were just fast to actually go through the area. There were a lot of objects everywhere. During a period of just two and a half hours, our crew observed more than a thousand
large objects of plastic floating underneath this aircraft. Back door open,
we have this rack with multiple sensors, one of them is probably one of the most
advanced LiDar system in the world. The success of this expedition really brings us
another step closer to initiating the largest cleanup in history.

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36 thoughts on “The Ocean Cleanup Aerial Expedition

  1. I must say something to commemorate the effort. Well done guys. I've heard of a floating Island the size of Manhattan made of mostly plastic somewhere near the Sarggaso Sea to mid North Atlantic caught in a swirl pot of the Atlantic currents. Is this verified ?

  2. I would like to colaborate in Cleaning the Oceans, as I have done a similar work in my industrial plant in Argentina, converting waste crakcase lubricants, contaminated crude oils, residues of plastics (Expanded PolyStyrene, PET bottles, PE films and bags), saw dust, etc. into sustainable energies and chemicals. My processing plant can easily be installed on a barge and begin collecting and processing in a couple of months, at a rate of 30 metric tons per day. Please consider applying part of the funds of your program – fortunes that dazzle intensively – in order to demonstrate and empower this solution for the cleaning of the oceans. Later show said solutions to the whole world. We already have a patent on these subjects and engineering done on much larger processing units and we have equipment and materials to built them. It will not be only "reconnaissance flights" but solutions mainly: Concrete steps ahead. EQS S.R.L. (Energia y Quimicos Sustentables)

  3. I hope that the project has complete success still remembering that in other oceans of the planet plastic garbage problem recurs. It is very important to raise awareness of everyone on the planet to this problem … And we will get! I wish all luck to the team!

  4. What a stupid way to run such an important study… you should have used smaller aircrafts with similar or even larger range and definitely burning less fossil fuel if you're aiming to reduce pollution on earth…try again using real professionals dedicated to our planet… If you want names of people who can provide the same flight performance for 20 times less fossile fuel use I can provide for free…

  5. Music ruined this video. You're talking over the music. Kinda annoying if you're trying to get a point across.

  6. #Plastbusters cleaning the ocaen and helping lokal people to see the big picture. Please follow us. Together we are strong. Teaser out on YouTube, and first episode is to editing. Have a great plastfree day.

  7. This was the most stupid video I have watched on youtube. All the money u guys r spending on this project, and not a single shred of real info abt it or image of any of the actual garbage heaps. Cool, u flew n a expensive-ass, government-funded plane to look at "huge" clumps of trash. Let's hope any further videos show some better use of taxpayer's money if that is indeed who is footing the bill.

  8. I educate my children about the waste in ocean and we live by the sea. But sorry I don’t get it – this is more of a commercial promotion rather than a real green initiative. You lost me.

  9. Why dont you show the patch? You show people looking at "it," but nothing more that a couple photos of fishing nets at sea.

  10. Ok….where is the famous patch? I heard is bigger than Texas but I am yet to see a single picture. I think this is BS.

  11. Because of the way this film is edited and portrayed like its all acted and absolutely no areal photos that would give every one evidential proof of the rubbish islands existence, I have to conclude that this is all fake and not the huge concern it is made out to be

  12. this shit is fake, they are just taking your fucking money to play around. Amatuers. Shit doesnt matter we will all die and the earth will restart like it has done for billions of years.

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