The SC State Fair – Show Chicken and Rabbit

The SC State Fair – Show Chicken and Rabbit

And Libby Templeton
is a AgEd teacher at Batesburg –
Leesville. And not everybody knows what a AgEd
teacher does. Yes ma’am. I’m an agricultural education teacher and FFA adviser at Batesburg-Leesville High
School. And I have been for the past sixteen
years. And my job is to teach agriculture
education classes to high school
students who will pursue a passion for agriculture.
They elect to take these classes. We now have a
hundred and ten programs in our state across the
state of South Carolina. And we, that was put
on by Clemson University as not only a state
organization but also a national organization. And
I brought two of my students with me this evening. My
president Abby Blume of the Batesburg-Leesville FFA chapter and my Vice President Tabitha Swygert of he Batesburg-Leesville FFA chapter. And they’re
here to share some information with you
about their animals they’ve been showing all
across the state. At state and local, state, local
county fairs with you tonight. All right. Well Taitha come up here with your unusual companion. And I asker her if she picked this chicken out because it matched her
hair. I just think the color is remarkable. There’s
a white silky. That’s what I’d have to get to
get to match my hair now. But tell me who this is. You want to get down…? This is Mango. She is a twenty two week old Golden Comet hen. Golden Comet… She’s beautiful.
And how was she when you got her. She was about a
day old. Skay and we noticed that she likes
shiny objects. But of course she’s not going to do it when we
want her to. She was just a day old. And so did you have to teach her how to feed? Yes. ma’am. You have to show us
how you do it. When you get
a chicken, if it’s not with it’s mother, you have
to teach you have to teach it how to feed. So you do it like this. You go (making chicken sounds) And that way they learn
how to bend down. Yeah. Now we are really,
the poultry industry is huge in South Carolina.
And we don’t want when we have all these birds here
to be spreading diseases. Tell me some of the steps
we take to protect our poultry industry. Before I
took her to the South Carolina State Fair, she got blood
tested to make sure that you didn’t have any
diseases. And she has a clip on her wing that
shows she got tested here.
So that that being said she we know that she is a
disease free chicken. Yes ma’am. Isn’t that exciting. Has she laid any eggs for you yet? Yes ma’am she is. She lays about one a day. And do you have other chickens at home. Yes ma’am we have
more of the Golden Comets and we also have
Silkies and some Bantam chicken. You have the silkies. Yes. And if y’all haven’t been to see the chicken exhibit, it will
brighten your heart. And because they are
fascinating animals there and they are they make
wonderful pets. And I want to thank you so much for
sharing it with us. And I think that Abby Blume
was going to come up with her rabbit. Awwe! They’re different. What a fancy belt buckle you
have on too. Abby you look like the State Fair. And
so you are senior this year. Yes ma’am. Okay and who do
we have here? This is my Mini Rex rabbit, Elsa.
Mini Rex. Okay. Hello, little rabbit. This is very different
from a chicken. And so why do you
I mean why do you have these animals that are?
Well this is a pet. Let’s be honest. And the chicken
can be a pet. Why is that part of your process with 4-H
and FFA? Rabbits are my 4-H
project. So I have a record book that
I have to fill out at the end. Oh you do? Yeah! And
it’s based on my shows and all the expenses that
I spend on her. And also for FFA the officers at our school have to have an S.A.E which is supervised
agriculture experience. And my family does not
have a lot of land for big animals like
cattle and swine. So I picked small animals like
rabbits. Now when you take her to a show,
how do you present her to the judge? I start
from her nose and work her way down and then I
flip over and show her teeth and her her feet. You want show us a little bit about her? Sure.
So we start with her eyes and
show that there’s no matter.
And then we we go to the ears and
tell them that there’s no mites. And then we feel her stomachs and sides for there’s no
abscesses. And then we show the tail, that the
tail’s not broken. There’s her tail. Hello little bunny rabbit. And then we flip her over. And we show her nose and
her mouth. Look at that And then we count her
feet or her toes. And we feel her belly for
abscesses. And then we showed the straightness of the legs. And then we show the gender of the rabbit.
There’s a lot involved. And what is this flap of
skin that I see under some of the rabbits in
the rabbit display? The flap of skin is called
the dewlap and all female rabbits have them.
Thank you so very much. And her name is Elsa. Alrighty. Well Libby, your girls and your students
have been up here all week showing and participating in
agricultural things. Is there a way for these
people who think they may want to pursue careers in
agriculture to perhaps get some
financial support for their college career? There is
very much so. Yes ma’am. Well to get involved
they need join 4-H at a young age. And then
once they get into high school they can join FFA.
And then the financial support side. Both of my
girls behind me have applied for scholarships
and won. Both both of my actually won scholarships up
here. Abby won a five hundred dollars
scholarship for region four for the South
Carolina Association of Fairs scholarship for
FFA this week. (applause)
Congratulations. And then showing swine
today, Tabitha won a fifteen hundred dollar
scholarship for showing her pigs. (applause) And it does go a lot more than just showing these animals. They
not only have to take care of em and you know
train them and things like that. And haul to all these
shows but these girls have to do like they were
talking about the record books and things. Like Tabitha
had to do a quiz today, an essay, an interview
besides just showing and things like that. So that
goes a lot into these and the applications and
things like that. So these girls work very very hard and I’m very proud of both of em. And so do all my
students. I have sixty one members into my chapter
and we do a little bit of everything and basically.
I knew AgEd teachers do it all But we want to thank you so very much for being with us. Yeah. Alright!

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