THE SCULPTED FOREST of Patagonia, Argentina 🌲 | Where Burnt Trees Were Turned to Art in El Bolson

the good morning good morning world morning
guys another beautiful day in el bolson not a cloud in the sky and I say it
seems to be the theme today is an outdoorsy adventure day we’re going to
be doing some hiking actually this particular hike is probably considered
the most like must hike must experience most experience is hiked with el bolson yes it’s called Cerro Piltriquitrón thrown yes a bit of a tongue twister
apparently the name means mountains hanging from the clouds very poetic we
took a rural road to get here is a 40 minute drive what you do need to know is
that a place that you can’t miss here is El Bosque Tallado which is a forest with
sculptures basically there was a forest fire many years ago and they decided to
bring an artist to create sculptures with these burnt tree trunks so that’s
gonna be our first stop of the day yeah and then some more hiking so let’s be on
our way it’s good so a bit of information for any of you
wanting to do this same excursion kind of independently basically we went to
the tourist office and asked if they had any suggestions on how we could get to
Bosque tallado and they said there’s a shuttle service that happens once in a
while during low season it is everyday if you’re here during the summer but
basically it’s this van that departs from the main square they take you up
the mountain then you have about four or five hours here and they pick you up
again bring you back into town so I mean what is that like eight dollars eight
nine dollars yeah so super easy to arrange the they’ll give you like a
little brochure at the tourist office with a phone number that you have to
message on whatsapp and you just ask the guy like hey are there any departures
for tomorrow or the coming days and he gathers a little group together and when
he has enough people you guys go up the mountain so yeah we just had to wait one
day until they had a departure which isn’t bad considering its low season so
yeah it was a 40-minute drive up two dirt roads super scenic he goes as far
as you can get with the vehicle and we are pretty high up if you can see from
the mountains behind me let’s get going so we’ve got the sign right here
pointing us towards the forest with all the sculptures Bosque Tallado we’ve been
told it’ll take about 40 minutes to get there which isn’t bad
yeah I’m looking forward to this and right away we have more information on
the trail so once again a reminder forty minutes
a hundred pesos per person we are on our way it’s hot today like this yeah so steep
three-quarters of the way there now 250 meters yeah 10 minutes ago
so the path itself is very easy but the the altitude does make you tired if
you’re out of shape like a we are in the forest surrounded by
really cool sculptures so many different styles and messages admission here was
100 pesos I think I mentioned that on the way up yeah it’s kind of like a
little circuit through the forest you just walk around all the sculptures are
numbered and you can see who the artist was where he was from the year of the
sculpture so yeah it’s super super cool and all of
these sculptures are done on trees that burned down during the fire or fell down
or or somehow destroyed you’re gonna buy El Bolson you can’t miss this place so we just finished visiting bosque tallado again this is unbelievable we are now
gonna hike up to a few a fool here being refugio piltriquitron it’s kind of like a little
Hut or you can get some snacks here it says they have artisanal beer hot
chocolate sandwiches homemade bread pizzas Welsh cake and a little kiosk
reeking out some snacks like how hungry are you
I’m ready for it I’m ready for it too so guys we made it we made it to the
little fool here refuge it’s like a little hut
you can sleep overnight here like a lot of people like hardcore backpackers
campers hikers you know with all their gear spend the night here and do more
hikes we’re just here for food yeah first things first we just ordered some
wonderful meat empanadas Welsh cake we haven’t had this since we were in Gaiman
we got a toasted ham and cheese sandwich looks like homie tort is no bread looks
wonderful and one thing I have to mention all the food you see here these
people have to carry it up the mountain they check it out
first of all it’s like a 40-minute drive into the highest point on the mountain
that you can reach with a car yeah it’s about an hour hike here
it’s all on their backs or sometimes with courses when needed so the fact
that we can enjoy a meal here is so appreciate that how are the empanadas
delicious these are homemade like I’m pretty sure these are made right here
and steamed with the bread well this is amazing you can’t get stuff like this in
the city um I’m standard to try this little one
all that cheese I know they do not forget about I think chunk of him this
isn’t like the little son reaches the amiga this is knowing well I guess the
they’re kidding catering towards hikers who’ve been burning a lot of calories
they don’t want a little skimpy little sandwich forget the price for lunch eat
US dollars which isn’t bad considering how much effort has gone into getting
the food here and preparing it for us hungry people plus it’s delicious it’s
wonderful there’s still dessert took time to Charlie the Welsh cake guys I’m
a Welsh cake we like polished off that salmon empanada it did not last long
we were hungry mmm oh yeah miss dense but moist its nutty
I’ve got like a brown sugar opera taste that’s the secret ingredient brown sugar good afternoon we have returned sure
half so we came back into town we had I slept the whole way guy you did I woke
you up and you you you’ve had enough of an
appetite that you just say I’m watching a slice of cake we shared that we went
to Mitsuki I think it called yeah we’ve
been there a couple times it’s been really good and then we came back here
had a siesta and so yeah I guess we thought we’d share some of our thoughts
from the from the hike my thoughts do it do it I will say it’s kind of
challenging not because it’s a long hike or anything it’s just really steep the
whole time so you need to take lots of breaks you’ll want out of put Footwear
you’ll want to bring water sunscreen baseball caps so you need to go prepare
it otherwise they’re gonna be struggling yeah that’s true what I like most about
it in terms of like the transportation we arranged was that we had lots of time
we can’t live – oh great yeah we could take photos we had time to have a nice
leisurely lunch eaten it was just and the senior was just incredible if you
get lucky and half years like we did in terms of the visibility I mean you just
see el bolson and all of the mountain ranges yeah and there were a few people
in our group who actually made it even further than we did like we went up to
the hut and that was it but the trail continues to a different
viewpoint of it wouldn’t look a point of abuddin a couple of people made it there
so yeah you’ve got when people ended up staying overnight as well as yeah so you
can spend the night there you just pack your little backpack bring your gear and
from the hut – there’s a hike that continues another two and a half hours –
like the the summit of that range so yeah overall fantastic a must do how you
can topple some I would agree yeah and we’ll have more adventures from here
coming soon from el bolson

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