The ULTIMATE Easy Video Suite REVIEW (EVS)

The ULTIMATE Easy Video Suite REVIEW (EVS)

Hey guys James Wedmore here you probably ask
your self a question why are you running? so if you
must know i’m using my go pro and i want it to get smash and shot woo ho go pro yeah! Hey guys thanks for joining me my super massy
new york aparment so today i’m really excited to introduce
to you a grand speaken news software platform that is going to revolutionize online video
and video marketing is called EASY VIDEO SUITE what
it is you asked will not show it is powerful online tool
that allows you to take complete control over your videos video players and what they do
and how they can interact your online audience now
that make a description i did does not do did this
incredible just it is off. So why i decided to do after days and days of luckin my self
in my apartment to goin this software is put together
for you the ULTIMATE review guys to easy video suite
let’s take a look. All right so to fully graft and understand
just exactly what is easy video suite cause let me tell
you is a lot of things what i gonna head and done is identified 6 core features and functions
of this software suite and how you can be apply it to
your business so let’s go ahead and take a look.
1. The ability to RECORD and Edit videos yes easy video suite has a desktop software application
included with the package that allows you to record videos automatically using your
computers web cam or a build in screen capture device that actually
record your screen allows you to draw in there couple fun things so you can makes video literally
on the fly now on top on that you can also do some
basic editing how ever when i say basic i mean extremely basic where token all can really
do is trim the adjust of your videos for me personally
i never use this fucntions at all i use screen flow
for all my videos cause it gives me a lot of options for creating editing my videos
putting music and translations and title of all that stuff
so you will not find at me using this however if you
never make videos before if you ever ? that technical stuff there’s no easier and simple
way to get started with this functions right here.
2. The Push Button Convert and Upload Features so here’s the video up until now online marketers
that had huge challenge of having videos on the internet that are not compatible with
mobile devices there not play insert there browsers no play
right they load too slow they crush ect. ect. if you doing private host videos on your webpage
your website you wanna do sell videos or product videos
etc. we’ve been facing this challenge and the worst part is half a time we don’t been
know our videos isn’t working in work our browser but theres
? about there’s browsers locations there mobile devices
that we have to test it on. So the first solution that easy video suite come up with is in automatic
converter the takes you finish video whether you recorded using this software or you recorded
your on video let say using i-movies screen flow sonyvegas fnal cut that’s relevant you
take your final video you drag it you draft it into a litle software
it automatically convert it to a web and ? friendly version that it work across every single platform
imaginable of people can access in the internet on this device or application they can now
watch your video you have no idea how much stress
this ? how much stress this removes from our daily lives you can now have your video automatically
uploaded to the online web base dashboard of easy video suite because in next step show
you where we can start to do you need to get your
video online upload just like you to uploaded to youtube
okay so let’s take a look that now 3. The Insane Player Customization now once
you made a video converted it and uploaded using the
easy video suite software and it now be stored online on your dashboard so you can insanely
customize it i’m only gonna scratch the surface here what you need to realize is when you
click your intention of your video what it to meant
to do is to meant to sell your product is to meant
to able to click the link or the optin or to go to a training program when you know
it the intention of your video is you can apply all
these different features and functions to fully customize
your video to fit your needs to get the best chance of result or desired results for that
selected video so for example you can choice that specific
height and width basic right you can choice if
you want to auto-play video there’s something called cookied auto-play which means if they
seen once is auto-play again little functions is that
you can choice a cover image for what people see
when it scroll down to the video you can make that be a light box so pop ups to bigger video
then we can customize the frame our video what is gonna look like a what is the actual
player design look like so we can make look like an ipod
or an iphone or actuall imc computer really cool i’m sure to add
more this on the features the next thing which i raelly enjoyed is the social sharing abilities
that you can integrate with your video in order to make
you go bye row with the drag on features add fb and twitter
? in able to impower your audience to share your content and get to bye row really easy
? feartures and functions that like i said a tune of difference
things that we can do to customize our players base on needs any intensions of our videos.
4. Making your video Timeline Comes to Life now what is your video time line basically
like reading a book from left to right start to finish
that’s your video timeline it’s from the second your video search
the second stop what easy video suite does is it created two things Events and Chapters
and with events and chapters you can literally have different engagement points have different
actions all kinds of cool things take play at any
moment along with your timeline let’s talk about chapters
first let say you make a 40 minutes long video super long video and it’s a training video
for your audience let say in this 40 minutes video
you have 7 different steps tips etc. with great now we can
put little markers or chapters of each one of those tips so people can fastford or rewine
or skip very easy kind of like having going from having
tapes to cd player when you can skip truck with click
the little button very cool very patience and users gonna love that now talk about Events
there’s a limitless apportunity with events in any
moment of your video you can have a image a link html and
optin form a buy button and social sharing button pop up in appear in the video so in
middle of the video you can see a in the video you gonna
see a link to buy you can literally have the link
put pop up right there to people can click that making can go download by purchase ect.
Very very cool and i love it there’s ever a function in there events called get way
what’s get way it’s really cool it allows it required
your viewers to take and actions before they can continue
watching your video maybe want time to like this video on fb or twitted out there on twitter
they can watch that video until they can perform that action pretty cool pretty powerful
5. The Customize Web Pages now if you got this finish video you looks like ? and sexy
what you wanna do with it will i still highly highly recomended
using your oun websites, webpages, bloggs ect. but
easy video suite does allow you to convenience of automatically creating these highly customize
web pages that they can use they ? there’s no set up extra ? anything like this it’s
pretty cool you can draft and drag headlines text images
optin form buy buttons even things fb comment to list
? there’s your video setting there i like it i’m a fun but you probably you can’t see
me using these very optin cause at end of the day i
gonna keep my stuff on my server. And finally 6. Tha most Insane Analytics ever
your basically having a iphone series talking to you telling you
24/7 what should you doing to ? video it’s pretty cool your videos gathering views it’s
collecting a lot of da da it not putting right on the screen
and figure it out is actually ? that da da for you
gonna message ? video reasonally it says you should check the section between 29 and 58
seconds as this is the ways you lossing your viewers
wow i love this so there’s a lot of analytics that’s
track from how many people have seen this video how many people seen it the entire week
but the average completion whatever total sales income
how many people sharing this video where the average
people draft off this video and a tone of additional informations base upon your needs
and intentions of the videos guys these very valuable information
that you need if you want to grow more results you
needs to know what is working and there’s no better way to do that then with this software
will they have my sex favorites features covered with easy video suite i’ll be ask with you
it does much more than ? really this ? surface if your watching this video on my blog make
sure to scrool down cause i’m doing much more detail
on all these i give video examples and tutorials and more
behind the scene look at this software in actions with lot i’m so excited using this
in my business and happy to you to using it as well
so go to my blog if you watching this on youtube go to
my blog in the likns on the description and learn more about this now even to form your
self on this software easy video suite the only question
that remain is this software right for you ? i can answer
that question that is up to you but i can say these if you on a business ans you using
the internet in order to market it in order to collect new
leads and in order to sell products services software
etc. then you need to be using a video and if you using video this is the absolute hands
down essential tool that’s you need in order to fully harness
the power of what video can do in your business so make sense to
you the link to invest in easy video suite below in the description box for watching
my blog there’s a link on my blog if you have any questions
leave them on the comment box and i do my best to answer those
a quickly as possible. Thank you so much for watching have a fantastic day!

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