There Are Rare Diamonds on the Bottom of the Ocean

There Are Rare Diamonds on the Bottom of the Ocean

You know, When it comes to finding diamonds
in the ocean, you probably think about sunken treasures that went down with pirate ships
and Spanish galleons. Maybe you’d like to find the Flor de la Mar, which sank in 1511
and took with it 200 chests of treasure, including diamonds the size of your fist! If you’re set on looking for underwater
fortunes, there’s just two problems: First: finding sunken treasure is no easy
feat. People have been looking for the Flor de la Mar for over 500 years!
Second: “Finders keepers, losers weepers” doesn’t apply here. You may have to give
the diamonds back. I don’t mean drop them back into the ocean to avoid Davy Jones’s
curse – I mean return them to the country of origin. International law is tricky. The
only people sure to get rich are the lawyers. (That’s why mom wants you to go to law school!) But there are lots of diamonds at the bottom
of the sea that didn’t go down with a ship. How did they get there? Well, natural diamonds – not the ones we
make (but more on those later) – come from the Earth’s mantle, 100 miles or more beneath
our planet’s surface. If you could hop in your car and drive that distance, it’d take
you 2 hours at highway speeds! That’s a long way, a much longer trip than, say, going
to the deepest anyone has ever drilled into the Earth’s crust – that’d be less than
8 miles! Not even a tenth of the way to the diamonds! So, if they form so deep, how do any end up
here with us on the surface? If you guessed—Boom! —Volcanos! —Nice
job! You get brownie points! When volcanos erupt, it’s a lot like when
you burp. Seriously, imagine you’re standing in a hole with just your head sticking out.
Your head is the visible mountainous part of a volcano. Your buried body is all the
stuff bubbling underground. When you burp, hot gasses from deep in the Earth—or your
stomach—rise up. With a volcano, if the lava spews up from a deep enough layer (like
100 miles down), then diamonds shoot out! Ok, but what about the diamonds in the ocean?
Are there volcanos underwater? Why, yes – yes, there are! Volcanos erupt when the tectonic plates beneath
them move around. This releases all kinds of hot stuff underneath (those lava “burps”).
When the same thing happens underwater, it’s called a “subduction zone.” That’s a
term you won’t hear much outside of geology. If it reminds you of the word “submarine,”
there’s a good reason for that. You see, “sub” means “under,” and “marine”
means “water.” That’s why some people call the seafloor type of diamonds the “marine”
kind. A subduction zone is a place where huge tectonic
plates shift around underwater. When one plate slides under another, it’s kind of like
sticking a shovel into the mud and lifting up the dirt. Worms pop out! They do that because you disturbed them. Disturb
a sleeping dog, it wakes up and moves. Disturb sleeping diamonds, and they move too. Some
diamonds will sink deeper into the Earth, just like some of those worms might. But other
diamonds will move up, especially if the tectonic plate releases hot gas and lava. The reason?
Because heat rises and carries the diamonds up with it! But how do diamond-hunters find subduction
zones all the way at the bottom of the ocean? Good question because it’s not easy, even
for scientists! So, some people save themselves the trouble and make their own diamonds! You can make a diamond from anything with
carbon in it. Yep, even burnt toast! Just gotta add heat and pressure. But you can’t
do it at home because, well, your toaster isn’t hot enough. Your pressure cooker won’t
work either. In a lab, they make diamonds using something
called H. P. H. T. That stands for High Pressure, High Temperature. And “high” is an understatement.
The pressure they use is 725,000 pounds per square inch. It’d be like having a mountain
drop on your foot. Ouch! As for the temperature, does 2,000°F sound high enough to warrant
that “H” in H.T.? And, yeah, that’s as hot as lava, which makes sense – diamonds
come from volcanos, right? While nowhere near as pretty as natural diamonds,
these human-made, or “industrial” diamonds have plenty of uses: If you’ve seen fake diamonds, they might
be made of glass. That glass was probably cut with an industrial diamond. Whether it’s
artificial or au-natural, diamond is one of the hardest substances on Earth – it can
cut just about anything. From the drills that your dentist uses on your teeth to the saws
that cut through trees and metal, all sorts of blades are made with industrial diamonds. Diamonds are also great conductors of heat,
and they can withstand high temperatures. Think about it: you can’t put anything on
the stove. A piece of wood will catch fire. Plastic will melt. If you’ve cooked eggs
in a pan, you can be sure that pan was made of metal because metal conducts heat. That
means it absorbs heat into itself and spreads it around nice and even so that your eggs
cook just right! But diamonds do this even better! That’s why you can find them inside
electrical equipment, and—yep—the coating on cookware! Some facial exfoliators even have ground-up
diamonds in them! The crushed gems work like sandpaper to scrape off rough skin and reveal
a fresh new complexion! Ok, let’s reel it in here. The seafloor
is teeming with diamonds. Next question: is it possible to get them? If so, how can I
do it?! Oh yeah, it’s possible alright. People are
harvesting diamonds from under the sea right now as you watch this video! But most of them
don’t come from deep tectonic subduction zones. They come from rivers. You see, rivers run through all kinds of terrain,
and they carry a little of whatever they wash over with them as they flow along. This hitchhiking
passenger is called sediment. It’s the stuff at the bottom of a river. Sediment is mostly
made up of shells, grit, and silt: the usual things you’ll find underwater. The river’s
current carries sediment downstream. And if the river washes through a diamond
mine? The sediment will have diamonds! The river washes those diamonds downstream until,
at last, it dumps them into the sea. These diamonds are easier to find than pirate treasure
or a subduction zone. Just look for sparkles where the river mouth empties into the ocean! How did they figure this out? The first clue probably came from the Orange
River in South Africa. This body of water meanders through all kinds of rock and has
been famous for diamonds since the 1800s. That’s when people started finding dazzlers
like the Eureka Diamond— originally weighing over 21 carats —on its banks. The Eureka wasn’t the only one. People kept
finding more, and they still do today! Treasure hunters have been digging up the banks of
the Orange River for 200 years, which is why diamonds are getting harder to find. You might
imagine scuba divers with flashlights toilfully hunting for prismatic gleams. (Ohh, somebody’s
been using their thesaurus!) That might work for a diver who only wanted
one diamond and maybe a shell, but companies like De Beers, a big shot in the diamond industry,
have found a more efficient method. Think of it this way: if you spilled some
sand on your shag carpet and you wanted to get it up, you wouldn’t use a broom. The
bristles would only drive the grains deeper into the carpet’s fibers. If you tried to
sweep up diamonds, you’d just push them under the ocean floor. You could crawl around your carpet with a
flashlight and a pair of tweezers, like our scuba diver, carefully extracting each grain
one at a time. That would work, and you would … eventually … collect a few grains. But
you’d miss your soccer game…and dinner…and probably bedtime. And maybe next year! It
would take forever, and you’d miss a lot of that “precious” sand! But you wouldn’t do that! You’d simply
vacuum the carpet and have that stuff up in no time! And that’s what the people at De
Beers are doing. They figure out where the river spills its sand—make that, diamonds—on
the ocean floor. Then, they send out ships that look something like oil tankers. But
instead of carrying oil, these vessels have giant vacuums that reach through the water
and suck up those sparklers! Of course, they suck up a lot of other stuff
too, but they don’t mind sifting through it. I mean, if you’d swept up diamonds (instead
of sand), you’d happily open up your vacuum cleaner bag and sort through the dirt and
dog hair to find them. It might be yucky, but it’d be worth it! In fact, maybe you should go vacuum the living
room right now, you know, for practice. After all, there are a lot more diamonds at the
bottom of the ocean just waiting to be claimed! Ah, I can hear the new Beatles song now: Lucy
in the Muck with Diamonds… nah. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other cool videos
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