This Fluoride Battery Could Mean Phone Batteries That Last a Week

This Fluoride Battery Could Mean Phone Batteries That Last a Week

Lithium ion batteries changed our world by
delivering us hours of energy in a small lightweight package. But ya know what, my phone battery only lasts
a day and THAT’S NOT ENOUGH! I NEED MORE!!! Luckily, scientists are already on it, and
have been working for decades on a new battery design that could could last up to 8 times
longer, leaving lithium in the dust. Introducing: Fluoride batteries!! Okay, before you yell at me in the comments-
NO these aren’t ready yet. You’re not going to be able to watch this
video and then buy a fluoride battery online. Science is slow, everything takes time, BUT
this is a huge exciting breakthrough and I have the right to be excited. First, a quick vocab breakdown: Fluoride is
the negative ion of the element fluorine, that’s also why compounds containing fluorine
(like the sodium fluoride in toothpaste) are called fluorides. Fluoride batteries have been of interest since
the 1970s when researchers first started experimenting with the material in solid state designs. And though the tests only worked under extremely
high temperatures, fluoride held their interest due to its capacity to create a battery with
a high energy density- it could store more charge in the same amount of space. A typical lithium-ion battery has 3 parts. An anode and a cathode separated by an electrolyte. As the battery discharges, positive lithium
ions flow from the anode, across the electrolyte, into the cathode. This leaves free electrons in the anode that
create your current. When you charge your lithium battery, the
reverse happens- ions in the cathode flow back into the anode. Fluoride batteries work a little differently. Instead of relying on the transfer of positive
lithium ions, fluoride batteries use negative fluoride ions to generate their current. The reason these batteries have such a high
energy density comes down to the molecular structure of metal fluorides. In a metal fluoride, the ratio of fluorine
atoms to metal atoms is high. For example in copper fluoride, two fluorine
atoms are combined with just one copper atom. That means for every copper atom, you get
two fluoride ions that can move 2 electrons. In a typical lithium battery, however, you
only get 1 lithium atom for every two oxygens 1 cobalt. That means for every two oxygen atoms and
1 cobalt atom there’s only one lithium ion, that can only move 1 electron. The copper fluoride gives you more ions that
can move more electrons– and does it without increasing overall mass. That means batteries of the same weight can
hold more charge, aaaand last up to 8 times longer. On top of improved energy density, replacing
lithium with fluoride might also makes these batteries less likely to overheat. Some scientists also say the materials needed
to make a fluoride battery could be more environmentally friendly to harvest than the lithium and cobalt
we currently use. But all of these great benefits rest on us
being able to get fluoride batteries to work, and until this latest breakthrough- we could
only really do that with solid electrolytes that functioned upwards of 150 degrees celsius. Now though, scientists NASA, Caltech, and
Honda have developed a new flouride-conducting liquid electrolyte that functions at room
temperature. They paired it with a copper lanthanum trifluoride
cathode and a metal anode, and created a prototype fluoride battery that discharged– and recharged(!!)-
at room temperature. It’s a big deal, y’all. Buuut now for the reason why you can’t buy
them yet. This concept proved room temperature fluoride
batteries are possible, but they’ll still need to be tinkered with and streamlined to
get that super high energy density they promise. There are also some other complications that
need to be worked out, like the fact that a complicated coating is required so the electrolyte
doesn’t literally dissolve the metal electrode. All of that aside, it is a HUGE step towards
a functional, scalable fluoride battery. And while it will take time to work out the
kinks, this could be the start of a whole new era for energy storage- and I for one
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100 thoughts on “This Fluoride Battery Could Mean Phone Batteries That Last a Week

  1. This is fucking retarded, 8x capacity of Lithium ion is absolutely ridiculous, and physically impossible. Whoever did the fact checking for this video needs to be fired. Just because something looks good on paper doesn't mean it's accomplishable in the real world.

  2. You should look into sugar batteries. They can store 10 times more power than a lithium battery. The only byproduct is water so no nasty chemicals. It also uses enzymes to break down the sugar and produce electricity. The energy density for a sugar battery is 596 amp hours a kilo!

    If you would like to read more about sugar batteries then follow this link to the article:

  3. Hmmmm let's see, lithium ion batteries are prone to exploding/catching on fire when the output and charging is not well regulated (see fire hoverboards). So at 8x energy that fire would have 8x the power to be fueled. If you stab a AA battery(alkaline) it gets hot and maybe catches on fire if you're lucky, if you stab a lithium battery you will get more heat and more likely a fire(energy density). So what would happen with fluoride?

  4. I think there will be much more important uses for this technology besides keeping your phone charged and finally a legitimate use for fluoride

  5. YouTube has turned into the news where they show you what you want to hear and that's it. They dont show you research or the facts behind how it came to be.. they did make a good video, but give us more

  6. So your saying I could power my PC with a gtx 1060 6gb + I5 8400 with 3 RGB fans, 1 1tb hdd, 1 m.2 ssd, and monitor, keyboard, and mouse off of a UPS and get more than a few hours? YEET wait…

    *presses X to doubt

  7. All you guys do is hype stuff up and blow discoveries out of proportion, a more honest approach would be greatly appericated

  8. in 2035 samsungs Newest 3500 dollar phone explodes but its not just smoke flourine gas is created melting the victims lungs, 3 planes fall out of the sky when samsung flouride batteries fail.

  9. 1 month after this video was released China has designed and developed their own fluoride battery at 1 tenth of the price. Available now on aliexpress for 1 dollar

  10. ………….work had been going on for couple decades on the sodium sulphur battery ,,it required a high temperature. But one day we suddenly had lithium batteries which made the sodium sulphur become history ..However the solid zeolite electrolyte develoed for sodium sulphur may be the impetus that's led to creation of a new solid electrolyte for lithium cells, big promises for this one and cheaper sodium cells will also be possible.Higher energy storage also for two reasons.Higher cycle life also …This one is reality…If you have oil stocks then sell them immediately…..
    …..I remember in late seventies that cheap solar panels were only a few years away..Those few years became thirty years but now we have cheap photo voltaics and that's great….I don't have a good feeling about flouride batteries cos fluorine is a dangerous gas.

  11. Hi, I am running some experiments in developing carbon batteries, , what are your thoughts about this?

  12. It's very exciting & encouraging to see all of the progress being made in battery technology! It seems there are many, many possibilities: solid state, fluoride, diamond nuclear (betavoltaics), etc. I'm gonna have to catch up on all this… tavi.

  13. I wonder which will come first, fluoride batteries or graphene batteries, which do you think?

  14. THIS WoMAN Is a 🇨🇼GeRman SPY seNt by🇺🇸TrUmp🇺🇸!! She wants to put her😳CaThode in Your ANode🤯 and suck yer BRains🧠 out n Such😱 Next thang ya know itz WALKING DEd☠ in this Biatch🧟‍♀️😈👹👽☠HeadShots Only🎯👉👩‍👧‍👦

  15. why are we trying to make battery of toxic stuff!!!! nuclear why not make it bleach and anthrax wtf !!! stop trying to make people take industrial waste products home!

  16. … you need your phone to last more than 24 hrs?
    oh yeah i forgot women dont sleep, you sit in bed on instagram for 8 hrs a night.

  17. Fluoride batteries are a terrible idea, fluoride being one of the worst neurotoxins and poisons the large corporations do not want to tell you, it has the highest Affinity to bond to your nervous system which is an absolute wrong way to go. If you knew the research we've done on fluoride you would know the more you have in your body, the lower your IQ and the more health problems and sicknesses including cancers you will have. I will never use fluoride toothpaste again. TE(FL)ON, and non-stick products consists of 8 atoms of fluoride and is the largest class action lawsuit in history of birth defects and Cancers. Do the darn research yourself people and wake up. There are tons of different Technologies out there that are shelved. Including monatomic based batteries that recharge themselves from radio waves microwaves and other energy that is in the air. You wake up in the morning and your battery is recharged, these technologies will never see the light of day unless we, stop funding the large corporations which are owned and controlled by the Banks. We must work and fund the little companies, who are not corrupt.

  18. WAKE UP PEOPLE, we have had advanced technology since the 1970's, this technology is simply locked up in secret projects and shelved. None of it will see the light of day unless we get mad as hell, and produce these Technologies ourselves. 🌞

  19. all right. could they also make a powerbank with this? like powering 5 laptops at the same time for a whole day??

  20. So eight times the energy density of a lithium ion battery gives you about the energy density of gasoline. If you think it's funny when apple or samsung make spontaneous combustion phones now, just wait.

  21. Fluoride batteries would also be a game changer for electric cars and the soon to arrive VTOL air taxis like the Bell Nexus.

  22. New technology needs about 30 years to hit the consumer market. That means I will be 42 when batterys will finaly last atleast 7 days, instead of 1 day? Great, worth the waiting time 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. I 've never noticed that the evolution of batteries are a complexes factor and are in stock for a 5th generation say good by to 4g

  24. We won't see this for years, maybe even decades, because Big Business has a lot of current technology to sell off first before they will even consider R&D on the new Tech. I wish there was a company that had a philosophy of, "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!". Tesla comes close, but could do more. If businesses gave up their Greedy nature's, maybe we would see more innovation in a timely manner. I mean come On! Solid-state tech has been in the 'R' of R&D since the 1950s (ref: "Who will win the race for an EV solid-state battery", Please, People! A lot of our current technology should have been available decades ago. Profit is the 'Firewall' to true innovation.

  25. @N3dR Yes, someone needs to do a 'Where are they now' technology video. You could get plenty of source material just by going back through the Popular Science archives. Something to think about.

  26. My phone has a Plutonium battery and never runs flat – my tripple headed infant loves to use it too… all those eyes freak people out though 😁

  27. "Science is slow, everything needs time…." You forgot the money…?!

    #resourcebasedeconomy <—- Learn about it @ &

    cool video as always though!

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