This Researcher Found Out Something Incredible, They Are Taking Over Earth

This Researcher Found Out Something Incredible, They Are Taking Over Earth

some of the information I'm going to share is very confronting but we need to hear this information so we get an idea of just how how serious the situation is and and the depth and the scale of this reptilian overlordship and how it impacts literally every aspect of our lives so this is my mentor Barbara Botha like she passed away and actually she died under very unusual circumstances to say the least she was my spiritual mama and she in my opinion is the Dean of alien abduction researchers a lot of focus and attention has been given to people like David Jacobson and Budd Hopkins but what Barbara has done is emphasized the reptilian aspect of a lien abductions she was particularly vocal about the energetic emotional harvesting aspect of of alien abductions and reptilian abductions in particular we are resonators we're resonators of frequency we're resonators of emotions these negative beings are parasitical in nature they feed off of emotions negative emotions in particular what are reptilians there are essentially three kinds if one wants to break it down there there are the extra rest of extraterrestrial reptilians who literally come here from other worlds within our cosmos within our plane of existence they come here in spaceships or they can come here in stargates there's also interdimensional reptilians who spend most of their time if he well in time is most relative of concepts in what David Icke would call the lower fourth dimension they're essentially interdimensional they exist beyond time they have a number of ways to insinuate them themselves and influence our physical 3d reality which I'll get into and another group of reptilians are sub terrestre they have lived here all along they reside in deep underground cavern systems and there are in truth a number of civilizations beneath the surface of the earth not just reptilians and they live in these large underground cavern systems and some of them are quite technologically adept but they are not mutually exclusive some reptilians fall into all three categories there are extraterrestrial they've established underground installations and they are also interdimensional because some reptilians are masters of frequency and resonance they can alter their density also another reptilian is is the infamous Draco or the Drax so these are the winged gargoyle species which many people believe or at or near the top of the heap as far as the hierarchy is concerned there is more than one type of reptilian some are greenish some are dark almost black some are tannish some are brown some are pea soup green certain types of reptilians we call yellow bellies they can vary in color green dark green brownish but their underside very similar to surface reptilian creatures their underside is light colored tannish or whitish should we call some of them yellow bellies DNA is a currency of the universe within the DNA of many humans on the surface our latent metaphysical powers for lack of a better term and the deep black elements of the military aerospace community are aware of this and have been for a long time there have always been priesthoods we live in a essentially patriarchal system and the powers that be know that within the DNA of certain people certain hybrid bloodlines because in truth we are to one degree or another all hybrids and some bloodlines have more of these latent metaphysical abilities than others and these reptilians and other beings are to access and exploit those metaphysical abilities reptilians don't need crafts to travel in they can open portals very commonplace and we've heard these stories from antiquity are they come out from under beds they they open portals and wardrobes closets if you will as Americans would call it a very common place for reptilians to enter into a house from is the stairwell beneath like you have a set of stairs and that of the space beneath of the stairs sometimes there's a storage area but beneath within that's a very common place for these entities to enter from and they will leave some kind of residual traces of their entry and exit the reptilians have asserted control over a number of et groups and they essentially use these reptilian of these other beings to do their bidding because we do reside in a reptilian sphere of influence a lot of the beings that we commonly call greys actually there are factions of Gray's actually do the heavy lifting for the reptilians they do a lot of the medical procedures they do a lot of the abducting when one follows the the the forensic trail if you will of these people and these abductees and how they're passed for one group of ETS to another within the context of a single abduction experience oftentimes their interactions with the reptilians is completely wiped clean from their their conscious memory but a skilled regression Asst can Drudge up the fact that somewhere in this process there were reptilians involved although often as I said they often use greys and and other beings they work also in consonants in cooperation with some of the Mantis groups a friend of mine named Diane Johnson is a female my lab and she lived in the high desert of Southern California quite near China Lake naval weapons center this is in the ridge ridge crest area of Southern California very infamous place as far as reptilian our concern is one time she was taken on board a craft by the greys and there was a ramp that led to the interior of the craft and next thing you know the gray start acting very agitated and becoming very scared next thing you know a large reptilian walked up the ramp and the greys manifested extreme fear these reptilians can affect electronics they can have a ghost in the machine effect they can mimic voices for example if you happen to live in a house that has active portal entries dimensional vortexes which allow these energies to come and go inside your home sometimes they may be coming from a nearby underground base sometimes they may be coming from an entirely different dimension another thing I should point out before we go any further is there's a big debate and a lot of people get agitated when I or one of my colleagues talks about negative experiences and negative energies I know there are a good reptilians there are whole planets full of good reptilians people very close to me have been helped by good reptilians I know they exist so I'm not here to talk about that I'm talking about negative reptilians because they're the ones causing the problems so please keep that in mind because of this ability of theirs to alter their density and alter their frequency they can assume the guides of other ETS such as Nordics Pelagians tall greys even human military or civilian personnel and there's some overlap there because oftentimes the deep out elements of the military aerospace community are working with at least some factions of the reptilians not too long ago a close personal friend of mine had been having reptilian issues as well as being followed by white vans with men and black looking characters and when they would get out of the van they would be wearing the archetypal black suits black slacks black Sonny's looking very much like Tommy Lee Jones okay and what was interesting was my friend had the sudden feeling to look out her balcony and sure enough there was a van in front of her house on the street and there were three men in black their black suits black slacks black sunglasses military-style haircuts and she took well what was interesting was the moment she looked at them and paid attention they seemed to know that they were under observation and then they began walking the the van pulled away away from the curb and parked further down the street and three of these men in black walked along outside of it she took two photos with her mobile phone camera lo and behold when we looked at the images we only saw the van those men and black types who were standing outside of it I almost had craft those those three guys that were standing outside of the van were not visible in the image but she clearly saw them again not unusual for more than one type of energy to be involved in these experiences there are people such as David Jacobs and and and the late Budd Hopkins who would have you believe that there are a greys Grey's and only Grey's I call it the grey areas of alien abduction research David Jacobs goes so far as to say that there are no other ETS there's only grades and and the hybrid variants between grays and human beings and that's utter nonsense there's a bewilderment in a single experience a person can see several different ETS and one of my experiences I saw the reptilian race which were is a hybrid variant between the greys and the reptilians and and these beings had clawed hands they didn't have fingers and then fingernails they just had claws which relate great dr. karla turner the first and foremost protege of barbara barr Kollek referred to you as chicken clawed so that's actually not an uncommon scenario okay Oh another thing some time's reptilians can show up wearing like cloaks hooded cloaks and sometimes they've even been described wearing uniforms with utility belts sometimes they've appeared wearing body armor kind of like the old style like metal armor around their chest like ancient warriors on Earth's surface used in the past so they come into it sometimes they're naked but other times they wear clothes or gallons whatever the case may be some of some places which women have reported being taken by reptilians and males to not just women sometimes this is a theater of the mind sometimes the person is just in there in their home or in their in their bedroom and the reptilians get traded an illusion but sometimes I feel it's a literal place and a very commonly reported place would be what appears to be a small pool of water a hot we would perceive to be a hot tub or a spa sometimes the people describe a very muggy kind of atmosphere kind of a muggy kind of a humid kind of atmosphere some of these reptilians and not just reptilians but other beings too they give off somewhat of a foul odor the reptilian concept of human ownership not everyone who suddenly manifests vertical pupils or manifest any kind of shape-shifting and shape shifting is real you know the lore through the ages people talk about where lions werewolves where Tigers shape-shifting is actually quite normal in the greater universe operationally it's an outstanding capability to have so when it should be important to understand that when if you see someone shape-shifting that doesn't mean of necessity they're a reptilian or a Draco hybrid they could be a feline and I'm one of my best friends was on skype with me I was I was talking to her she shape-shifted into a feline being right in front of me I didn't bat an eyelash I didn't tell her but she she was for a moment she was a full-on feline and again due to the the genetic predisposition that some people have because they are essentially for all intents and purposes the progeny of this that or the other ET race some people because they have more DNA of a certain ET race are more likely to be able to indwell if you will these other races so not only reptilians take people up as hosts which I'm going to talk about but grape greys can take people up as hosts some people can end well Nordic beings Palladian beings right so it's a mixed bag it's not any one thing there's a lot of misunderstanding about that we have to get out of this this witch-hunt mentality oh look at her she's got funny eyes right let's surround her house with torches right no she could just have enough preponderance of not even necessarily reptilian DNA she can have like feline DNA whatever the case may be what's important is the sole quality of the individual the sole quality of the individual that's what is important so just because she has funny eyes doesn't of necessity make her a bad person or some kind of weird shapeshifter no not at all it's the soul quality lot like I mentioned the person who made this slide presentation for me is is descended from the Rothschilds and he is a he is a shapeshifter but he's exposed the reptilian overlordship he's in my lab he's been involved in all kinds of my lab experiences he has there's no love lost between him and the controlling fashion of this planet or factions you

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35 thoughts on “This Researcher Found Out Something Incredible, They Are Taking Over Earth

  1. Which type of alien DNA does Paula Reed of CBS Evening News have? Her head with large forehead is shaped much like the traditional (Gray's head) and she has extra large eyes as well. She talks fast and never makes a mistake or stumbles in her speech. I seriously think she is a hybrid. A quite attractive hybrid. Has anyone else noticed her strange appearance?

  2. Dear Matrix Wisdom People: I love your videos. And the information you open our eyes with. (That's why I've subscribed.) BUT WHY don't you say who Is talking. I cannot recognize all the voices. I don't have so much time to trace them, why can't you just say who Is talking? 😒☹️🙃

  3. if these really exisisted under ground one mile down , the temprature is around 200 degrees's farinheight and would bake like bread at 300 degrees, then really would become crunchy baked lizard meat.

  4. she died because she started investigating demons. not smart. these are demons not aliens. people enthralled with ufo's are incredibly stupid beyond measure. Intradimensional demons as in satan. only Christ's blood is our single chance, all others are liars

  5. All reptilians are Demons!! They can change form to animal of any form anytime and can shapeshift into human form. I have seen this personally. This is in scriptures which also indicate interbreeding. Don’t be fooled … they are evil and want to fool you that Aliens are real!!

  6. The reason that Reptilians Demons aka Fallen angels are able to contact you. Because of the lower part of your brain is part Reptile.

  7. What ever those things are, 'they' are inter-dimensional. We 3D humans can see everything that goes on in 2D cellular structures, we can see their "guts" and everything there is to know about them. Now imagine what those 4D/5D things can see! Only everything that goes on inside and everything there is to know about us of course! Their dimensions are beyond our perception, beyond our comprehension, and beyond our IMAGINATION, much in the same manner as we are to the 2D creatures.

  8. I'm sure aliens are real but I don't buy any of this lunatic fringe nonsense nor some of the replies from the religitards, demons indeed! You people just hinder any serious research!

  9. The Draco's have been removed for the most part with the help of other universal beings.. the fear / hate /negative feeding 4D beings are nearly non existent… the enslavement is coming to an end…

  10. I see them demons in my dreams shapeshift raging angry because masive awakenning has begun, I can tell, I got sacred legit info that allows me to counter those beings, they can never take it away from me because I memorized it all into my soul, I know the awakening has begun, look into the 12 pyramid complex in your proyections, Sofia (Sirius) tells RISE INTO LOVE YOU TRUTHERS!!!


  12. So….. What if a man in Black drives up and stops to talk with you? What if they give you a ten spot for just being where you are?
    Seriously, this happened Just at the city limits of Palm springs in early 2014 after I walked from the Amtrak station into town.

  13. What's with all the commercials, never seen so many,very annoying, makes it hard to watch and concertrate!

  14. Really enjoyed this video. Very and enlightning. It cut off before you finished talking and I'm wondering where I can hear the rest of this documentary?

  15. I wonder how many people here on You Tube have really seen a reptilian alien face to face?
    My second question is why only US people (not all of them, of course) claim that they have been abducted by aliens? I never heard of a single one alien abduction in some other parts of the world. If someone did, please correct me.

  16. Ask yourself, in all your life have you EVER known ANYONE who personally witnessed these demons or were abducted. Truly, honestly. Huh?

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