This Week at Interior August 2, 2019

This Week at Interior August 2, 2019

This Week at Interior President Trump took part in the 400th anniversary
celebration of the Virginia General Assembly this week. It was on July 30th, 1619 that the first twenty
“burgesses,” or delegates, would convene at the Jamestown settlement in the Virginia
Colony. They would become the model for representative
democracy in the New World. In the decades that followed that first legislative
assembly the Democratic tradition established here laid deep roots all across Virginia. It spread up and down the Atlantic Coast. One fact was quickly established for all time. In America we are not ruled from afar, Americans
govern ourselves. Grants to the nation’s Insular Areas are
paying big dividends. Interior has released a report showing that
more than 700-million dollars in grants and payment to these islands areas, has returned
nearly 900-million dollars in benefits… that includes better health care, education,
infrastructure improvements, and nearly 27-thousand jobs. See the full report at Twenty million dollars in federal and matching
funds will benefit migratory birds from coast to coast. There are nearly 400 species of neotropical
migratory birds, birds that travel to and from the United States each year, including
songbirds, shorebirds and birds of prey, and they need wintering grounds to survive. The funds come from the Neotropical Migratory
Bird Conservation Act, get the full story at The Bureau of Land Management this week announced
it had accepted jurisdiction of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse from the U.S. Coast Guard. The lighthouse, which was built in 1860, is
a prominent feature of the 120-acre Outstanding Natural Area. Listed on the National Register of Historic
Places, the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse has more than 80,000 annual visitors. See the whole story at Secretary Bernhardt welcomed more than fifty
students and recent college graduates from the American Conservation Coalition to the
Department Library. The group was in Washington to discuss ‘conservation’
and ‘the environment’ with officials from the Administration – and members of Congress. Welcome aboard to Rob Wallace who started
this week as the Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks. Also to William Perry Pendley who will now
be exercising the authority of the BLM Director as delegated by Secretary Bernhardt in a Secretary’s
Order. Get more information at This week marks the conclusion of the World
Scout Jamboree at Bechtel Summit in West Virginia… a total of seventy-six Interior employees
from the National Park Service, Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Land Management, Fish
and Wildlife Service, and the Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement, worked
tirelessly to support the jamboree, which welcomed more than 45,000 scouts from 160
countries. And our social media picture of the week this
week is a video…and *what* a video…an underwater view of a tropical rainstorm passing
over a coral reef at Palmyra Atoll National Wildlife Refuge, halfway between Hawaii and
American Samoa. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram,
and Twitter. That’s This Week, at Interior.

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  1. 2:23 sagebrush rebel libertarian scumbag Pendley now head of BLM lands – despicable 45 government demolition derby (:-(

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