This Will Leave You Speechless...They're Back on Earth!

This Will Leave You Speechless…They're Back on Earth!

in the land we call Iraq a civilization was born about 5000 BC the land of Sumeria began flourishing it is here that we have the beginnings of agriculture writing temple building as more has become known about Sumeria we discover that the Sumerian people were ruled by a race called the Anunnaki who were the Anunnaki and what was really going on in Sumeria well the Sumerians were one of the first cultures of modern humanity they arose some people think maybe as early as around 5500 BC but their culture really came about in a significant way closer to 3000 3500 BC in some ways they were the founding civilization of Mesopotamia Mesopotamia being that entire region along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers which later included Babylonia Assyria some of these other civilizations that they're very famous but the Sumerians seemed to be the start of all of that and that's generally where they're placed in history yeah if we're talking about an et Society of course there's a very good chance that the ETS have much longer lifespans compared to humans the way humans have much longer lifespans and many other forms of life here on earth is just a very strong variance between different life forms as to how long they live in old Sumeria there's the so-called Kings list the Kings list is just linen stone the stone is today in the British Museum in London and on this Kings list you read that the ten Kings before the great flood they ruled together over 400 thousand years then on the King list they say and then the flood came and destroyed everything and after the destruction other things from heaven descended again they named 23 Kings after the red flood and these 23 things together they again ruled over roughly 25,000 years this are absolutely possible we don't understand it those numbers in the Sumerian texts have actually many layers of information they may be referring to periods that these these ancient priests Kings lived for and ruled for some of them ruled for like fifty thousand years or sixty thousand years absolutely I don't have a problem with it but if you look at those numbers one hundred and forty four thousand years and one hundred and twenty eight thousand years four hundred and thirty two thousand years you start seeing sacred geometry numbers encoded in this and that's what we've been missing for a long time Anunnaki or the unknown our gods as they were known in the Sumerian times and from the Sumerian texts and the clay tablets were beings from another planet who came to earth in search for gold apparently that's what seems to be the main thread of the Anunnaki story so whatever perception people may have of the Anunnaki or the uh no not gods is a broad perspective I believe different people have different views on it they clearly played a very important role in the situation we seem to find ourselves in today on this world of ours they had a very big role to play in cloning activities on this planet different animals different species including our human race which seems to be one of the projects they undertook here to clone a new species the most authentic of the creation stories that we have specifically say that that's exactly what human beings were bio engineered to do to be slaves for the et society they were designed to get agriculture going and they were designed then to build structures for the use of the gods zecharia sitchin takes it a step further he looks into maybe they were intended to do gold mining also so yes you can say that if you take those myths seriously and I use the myth word cautiously because some of these stories that we find in ancient Mesopotamia have been acknowledged by archeology for example the fact that agriculture did start in that very region that gobekli tepe seems to be our first shrine which started where their agriculture started so we can maybe take some of that seriously but they said that that's why humans they were designed to do was to be the slave race to get those things built and get all that going if humans are the creation of the Anunnaki and were created in their image what did the Anunnaki look like well there are some descriptions they definitely seem to be larger than us they're much bigger than what we are possibly three times or four times bigger maybe even larger it seems that someone in our QA larger than other Anunnaki again so it's it's it's quite fuzzy you know some of the elders of the under NOC you may have been a really big ones and then their offspring may have been slightly smaller because they already possibly had mixed DNA who knows so there's mixed signals that we get from from the scriptures and the Anunnaki are the Sumerian texts but Anki for example is described as being much bigger than we are but also having the hair the color of the Sun and eyes the color of the blue sky so clearly it was an Arian like looking dude yeah when you look at the old Mesopotamian stories and you see how the old temples were used they were built for the gods the first temples of Mesopotamia were built as essentially meet-and-greet places for the gods they were tall only a select few could go up and what historians and archaeologists readily acknowledge was their purpose was for the human elite to go up there and wait for the gods to come down from the sky and meet them at on the temple on the top some of the ziggurats even had a platform and there's a theory that one of the uses may have been as a landing pad for some of the crafts so yeah that structure I think is definitely how all this temple building started it was just hey we need a place to meet the gods it needs to be safe and it needs to be high enough where they can come down and people can't attack them because when you look at the old Mesopotamian stories a lot of humans did not like the gods they felt they were maltreated and there was a real risk to them of being attacked by unhappy humans and that might be the whole reason why they're still today apparently taking a backseat in trying to stay disguise because they really came out in the open and people figured out maybe what they've been up to people might get pretty mad at them that's one theory when you look at the ancient Egyptian gods they were so similar to the Mesopotamian gods you find all of this carryover and duplication I look at it as sort of a management system that they just had a management system over earth some were assigned to you know lead the Egyptians some are assigned to leave the Mesopotamians and then that broke up and and so forth so it's it's always been the same gods the ETS today are the same reptoid little greys you find the little greys depicted in 3000 BC in Mesopotamia the Reptoid types also depicted already back in 4000 5000 BC and even insect eyes surprisingly you find rock arts here in this country where you see what looks like the Mantis type even being reported over here in connection with imagery that is suggestive of UFOs the ancient cuneiform tablets found in Iraq show that the Anunnaki have an eternal obsession with gold many other human cultures also share this obsession with gold the Inca in Peru the Aztecs in Mexico and many other people from all over the earth use gold in their statues rituals and of course currency did our obsession with gold come from the Anunnaki is it possible that the human race is still mining gold for the Anunnaki our obsession with the gold today is just really an extension of that quest for gold by a species that doesn't know why we digging the gold and turning it into jewelry and some technology but majority of the gold that we mined in the world is not accounted for it's not sitting in vaults it's just it's nowhere to be found keep in mind that when the gold especially in South Africa hard works in other countries but in South Africa when the gold leaves the gold mine there is no way for anyone to trace it or account for it that's it it's gone we just know that there are hundreds of gold mines in South Africa and all the goal that they ship out once a week is gone we don't know where it's gone and what happens to it I have deep spiritual feelings probably the best description that the anunnaki realized that the higher the the senior members of the anunnaki family whatever that family may be Enki Enlil and and those in that kind of bracket of the Anunnaki realize that they've screwed up maybe not intentionally but they realize that they've created a platform which could be abused by the beings of lower consciousness and that's exactly what happened so whatever the situation that they created on this planet in this world of ours was abuse or was open to abuse by other beings of lower consciousness and I think that's what happened now the anunnaki realized that they actions had actually backfired on them and is affecting their own survival because of the whole prime directive principle right do not mess with a species and their consciousness evolution of consciousness they need you need to allow them to evolve consciously so that they can grow and reunite with source with the source code and realize that we are one with everything in creation and become God's ourselves again Anunnaki credit opportunity for other beings to invade and stop that process so that is effected their level of evolution of consciousness and started possibly an inward spiral of decay and destruction within the Anunnaki breed or species because if you reach the prime directive as Star Trek has showed us for so many decades now you start and begin the process of your own demise and I think that's what's happening to the Anunnaki and they realize if they don't come back here and fix the mistakes or subtle or repair and help humanity to stop the decay and abuse of of the human race they're going to continue decaying and evolving until they they all disappear and they basically get recycled into the great creative process Annunaki are here kicking butt so I believe under Nakia back and doing everything they can from a position of never being physically visible because they were just scared a lot of people just too much so they're doing it from the ROM just outside of our visible perspective helping us to channel us in the right direction and clearing the space of all the dark entities that have made our life in our world so bloody miserable once the human race as a whole realizes that it is not alone in the universe we can then take our place amongst the many species and groups that occupy the galaxies perhaps we have to begin repairing the damage done to our planet stop fighting one another and begin to understand who we really are and what we can accomplish if we desire perhaps if we start there then an extraterrestrial presence will make itself known to all

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  2. I only see melinated black people mining for gold and Caucasian people receiving the increase! White Caucasian people have set up a system of oppressing the whole world, maybe they are the engineered beings! I’m always wondering why they were not created to withstand sunlight without getting burned as if they were not created to live here and their so odd! Smh, no hate just trying to understand the world better. Now the sun is turning up the heat the ozone layer is depleted and who knows what’s going to happen to white people (all people)and the earth! Studies show that the sun can change their dna if in it too long! So idk just observing smh.

  3. fake fake fake documentary when i first heard of the anunaki on the internet they never mentioned south africa and a blond arayan guy who wants and needs all the gold in the world.

  4. That's what they created us for. To mine gold/maual labor/ slavery. Minus mining gold, we still do maual labor and are slaves until we die. Work, take care of family, repeat. Work until our bodies can't anymore then live off shit. Only ones who know about a somewhat decent life without poor issues is the rich. Must be good! These annunaki's bloodline is what's inside of the rich today.

  5. These idiots… so called EXPERTS, is nothing but FreeMasonic con men who can't decode anything past Latin… they only guess what these tablets say, enjoy your life and if Aliens do invade just know you can't stop them…. well unless you're Superman and he doesn't even actually exist

  6. If you were to give me a gold coin:
    I would say that because I know Satan exists, God exists.

    If you were to give me a Gold coin and say you're atheist, then I would say God thanks you for your bet have a nice day.

    No need for faces on the Gold coins, the weight would need to be exact though for shipping & handling purposes though.

  7. Well wouldn't that make sense?
    The ROTHSCHILD'S all the bankers hoarding the gold for the Annunaki

  8. Where's the part about we humans of every race are dinner and they drink the blood of our children? The children don't survive. Nor do we.

  9. 5:32 in which tablet was Enki described as having blond hair and blue eyes? is there a quote with a reference to the source?! because I looked it up quickly in google and found nothing of what he said.

  10. are royal celestial family is here cloak i am glad to this Europeans mental matix systems as well as the orics beings on are black planet all solar carbon beings get ready are transformation will come sooner or later and dont be scare

  11. The one and true God is coming back very soon to take back the world and his son is jesus christ.

  12. Nothing in here has left me speechless. Short of being underwhelming, this is all just a prelude/warmup to the coming worldwide Buddhism turned Star-wars religion, that will be paddled by the Antichrist. Basically, the tired and well worn, "Ye are your own gods mantra." Scrape to the bottom of all is being said here, is what Genesis has already said – Satan's minions procreated with human-women impacting their DNA and produced giants – Hybrid Human-Demon beings of various outlandish sizes, which were mostly wiped out by the flood. Are there still some of them around – albeit in modified stature – like Highlanders, blending in and walking among us? Absolutely. Aside to openly stating that fallen humanity is indwelled by Sin – possessed by wickedness – therefore the depravity, the Bible alludes to that too, which accounts for the persistent and overt God-hatred and mind boggling wickedness throughout history. These have probably been at the apex of several different empires in history – e.g. The Pharaohs, the Stalins, Hitlers and Maos – and CEOs of today's giant corporations, which are singularly ANTICHRIST. Come to think of it, Mark sure looks like one of them, don't you think? Take a closer look … Why is the world, would the word "daemon," greek for Human-Demons hybrids, be so in grained in IT? I wonder. Look it up.

  13. U have to stop saying the first, knowing now about the aratta civilization,gobekli tepe. Especially when the "annunaki" r mentioned in gobelki tepe which now dates to 25 to 30000 bc according to pottery found there. Yes they were Nordic

  14. They are black people and they are tall 15-19 feet tall ….they are not white people at all…and u show us a blond hair white man …kkkkkkkk….GOD is black man ……the et are black people….they will be back soon …

  15. Humanity is very well capable handling contact with other beings at this point in our development, gee if we can put up with all the BS down here on earth, think extraterrestrials that come here to help guide us would be a breeze..

  16. the earliest humans ? get the fuck out , human civilisations have been on this planet atleast 8 times , once every 200 million years . get edumacated

  17. These "experts" don't realize that the "Gods" didn't needed any slaves, this is ridiculous. A "Space Opera" civilization capable interstellar flight wouldn't need people to dig heavy metals on a distant planet for their expansion campaign, they have machines, AI, anti gravity and the AETHER at their disposal for that. I subscribe to the idea that earth is a prison planet, like the one suggested on the alien interview book, by Spence Lawrence

  18. But why an advanced civilization capable of interstellar travel would need to come to earth to find gold? There is an infinite amount in all the universe! I would only believe to these teory if when we will be able to mine asteroids we will not find any gold because it have been already extracted, but even if this happens why would they leave with all these gold still on the planet?
    But if it's all true it would be really cool because of all it involves, even a lot of mytology from other cultures, above all the good "gods" that helps mankind.

  19. Wow!!  I can't believe some of these comments. You believe in a Book, that was written thousands of years ago, like it's the only truth. Your minds are so small and closed. You'll never find the truth and will be stuck in hell until you do. I feel so sorry for people. I wish I could just cast a video on the wall and show you all the real truth. But you wouldn't believe it, if I did. Please, don't send a bunch of moronic comments to my Email. I don't read them and don't really care what you believe. I know the truth and that's all that matters!!

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