Times Higher Education Awards 2014

Times Higher Education Awards 2014

let's hear it for the times higher education for putting on these awards let's hear it for them first of all let's let's do that but there's a lot of celebrates I mean you British universities are going from strength to strength it's a very great event it's an enormous opportunity for people in the sector to get together and to talk about their issues it's a fantastic evening every year quite apart from recognizing all the wonderful things that universities do which deserve recognition it's a great name getting everybody together literally round the table and in the bar afterwards in a super way to celebrate successes what this is all about straight away it was clear that the septum wanted a night to come out and have a have a party I think this is one of the most upbeat events of the calendar now it's becoming like the Oscars of the AG world and people are here too not just celebrate their own achievements but celebrate everybody else's achievements and our collective contribution to world's new knowledge creation it's just fantastic recognition of all the individuals across the higher education sector who work tirelessly to ensure that we are the best second higher education sector in the world incredible excellence across many different fields and dimensions that working together really deliver the achievements and the amazing achievements of higher education in the UK people from our universities are able to come here feel really proud what they've achieved and actually celebrate okay right well let's begin fantastic are we really proud it done something that was with academic and development management teams and actually bring the whole cohort of management together feeling is absolutely tremendous and my team members were with me I just can't stop being excited and no thrilled about what's happened today I'm delighted I'm absolutely over the moon I'm still shaking we have been shortlisted four times in the last seven years and I think we have demonstrated that record of quite dramatic improvement over that time please finish with a round of applause for the winners of the tea you

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