Titan’s Oceans Are Made of Super Cold Methane, and NASA Created Them on Earth!

Titan’s Oceans Are Made of Super Cold Methane, and NASA Created Them on Earth!

Scientists are sending a submarine to Saturn’s
moon Titan to explore its alien oceans in search for life and to possibly understand
how life began on our own planet! Researchers are studying two main oceans on
Titan. The Kraken Mare and Ligeia Mare. Both of which were discovered fairly recently
by the Cassini space probe. Ligeia Mare is less than 200 meters deep. But the Kraken Mare, we don’t know how deep
it is. So sending this Submarine could answer a lot
of questions including the depth. Titan might also answer a lot of geological
Earth questions, because Titan is composed of a nitrogen-rich atmosphere… it also has
seasonal cycles, ocean waves, possible ice water, landscape erosions, and a hot rocky
core… Which all sounds very familiar, it seems to
have a lot in common with with our own planet, Earth. The goal is to have the submarine dive deep
into the oceans and look at heavy metals that might have settled down to the bottom. They’ll use a mass spectrometer to measure
the elements and see what they’re made of. In order to gather data, the submarine will
have to be prepared for these mysterious and icy cold oceans on the moon. And there are a few obstacles to that. The pressure on Titan, for example, is about
60% more than on Earth, about the same pressure as at the bottom of a swimming pool. So, researchers at Washington State University
partnered with NASA to try and re-create the oceans of Titan, but in a lab… here on Earth. They did this by making a pressurized chamber
and filling it with liquid methane, liquid ethane, and nitrogen gas to simulate the environment
on Titan. Then they cooled it to about -150 degrees
C and boom a mini-Titan ocean! Inside they were able to test possible space-going
equipment. For example, they engineered a borescope and
a video camera that could withstand the super cold temperatures and high pressures on Titan. But unlike other probes, we can’t rely on
solar power for this mission, so they’re planning on installing instead an RTG — or
Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator. Basically, this sucker is nuclear. The challenges of engineering a submarine
to head to another moon is just astronomical to use exactly the right word. But hopefully we’re going to answer a lot
of unanswered questions about how life began on our own planet, and possibly life in our
solar system. For more on this submarine, check out our
sister show Space Crafts here! Please take a second and subscribe. Scientists know how geochemistry happens on
Earth, by the way but don’t know how the process went from geo-chem to bio-chem. So hopefully studying Titan could tell us
a lot more about how we got life on our planet. Thanks for watching.

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100 thoughts on “Titan’s Oceans Are Made of Super Cold Methane, and NASA Created Them on Earth!


  2. One thing that is bugging me is that if, lets say that nasa is able to send a probe to Titan, how do thay plan to slow it down upon their arrival on the planet?? Wouldn't the thrustrs for opposite momentum for slowind down for a safe landing, start a chain reaction which would start tha combustion of methane, like lighting natural gas on earth🤔🤔. But given that the atmosphere mostly consists of methane and nitrogen, there wont be that abundent oxygen and the combustion might end it self much like a candle in a closed jar.😏😏 But at this point i have no idea what will happen

  3. At the time of my death I would like to look out into space with a telescope and see human colonial planets other than earth

  4. A nuclear sub on a possibility life bearing world… Weeeee… need better technology, in general.
    (I'm sure some clever engineers will find a very safe way to do this, but 😅🤔)

  5. We no so little about our own ocean so we’re sending a submarine to another planet to investigate there’s……..

  6. Since there is lot of methane available there can’t we use that methane itself as a fuel source ?

  7. Only annoying thing about putting a submarine into that ocean is it can't move over land to get to other oceans.

  8. What if we find a Methan based , sometimes Nitrogen and Hydrogen breathing Aliens which are smart enough to speak and have basic tools


    NASA should stop "creating" things that are already in the public. I can but liquid methane at COUNTRY MAX for my grill, or at target for a small portable grill.

  10. But how long will it take for the sub to be deployed… yikes sounds like it’ll be a few decades.

  11. Please make a series about Clouds. Formation, colors, and more. How clouds differ from planet to planet. What would a world without clouds be? ​I think it'd be very interesting.

  12. What’s the point of these nations still splashing millions if not billions of dollars to go explore life in space. There’s no way you can live out there. Save your money for our beloved earth instead.

  13. We should take some nukes in case the aliens want to give us an attitude about poking around their oceans.

  14. This is hilarious. They are sending a sub to Titan to try and figure out how life started here. How dumb is that! If they cannot figure it out from here they will never know by going millions of miles away.

  15. A nuclear-powered submarine in the oceans of a moon? Sick…
    We have literally hundreds of those here on EARTH who cares if it's dangerous to the environment JUST DO IT!!

  16. But what if the submarine wants to smoke, and while trying to light up its cigarette blows up Titan?


  18. Is there any oxygen or water on titan? Maybe there could be life forms that create water from methane and oxygen, and then another life form can make methane from water and stuff. It would be like our relationship between plants and animals on earth.

  19. Gonna add a nuclear Power Plant and put it on what moon oh the methane rich one kabooooom…. I'm thinking bad idea why not use maythane options

  20. they still telling lies,NASA knows that titan has creatures similar to our whales,and they aren't swimming in cold liquid methane,got to keep those secrets because they may want to squander another worlds resources,no more money should be given to them until they quit hiding the truths about everything.

  21. “This sucker is nuclear” made me chuckle. However, I would have picked a different destination – one from which you could send back 4k Ultra HD images. Basically that’s anywhere that’s not under a dark, hypercold ocean of freezing liquid. This obsession NASA has with “finding life” on other worlds is getting ridiculous.

  22. How life began on our own planet? Why do so many still look for this answer that has been in front of us in the chapter: Genesis – in God's Word ~ His Bible…. "All that was made was made by the Hand of God." For all designs need a great Designer.

  23. So let me get this straight, they're sending a robotic submarine that can possibly produce spark in a massive flammable liquid sea 😮

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