Toward an Urban Ecology Highlights

Toward an Urban Ecology Highlights

in a lot of ways ecological systems are urban they function differently sometimes in a modified way but I think we are just living in the ecosystems that we have made and so that's true whether it's the cold water fishery along the Chattahoochee or if it's the you know invisible water system that runs below the city of Lexington we are responsible for making these ecosystems or maybe our parents are but we are actively making eco systems now urban modified ecosystems we need to kind of wake up to the environmental systems that we've made around us and engage them it doesn't mean that we're gonna be able to you know setback all the levees and reconstruct everything within a generation but I think it's like a perceptual shift that we all have to take you know we we need to kind of like wake up a little bit to landscapes that we live in and understand them as living in dynamic landscapes and even though they might look kerbin they still have all these different qualities of space that is alive and we should be trying to design with that and amplify that as opposed to covered up and burying it [Applause]

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