Trail to the Fair

Trail to the Fair

Should you find yourself in Downtown Des Moines in mid-August, know there is a rather… “untraditional” trail waiting to take you from the State Capital to the Iowa State Fair. To avoid traffic, as well as hike or bike safely, we’ll start our 2.5 mile trek heading east down Walnut st through the Capitol East and Fairground neighborhoods, two of the oldest residential districts in the state. As we traverse the side streets of the Fairgrounds community, Fairgoers will start to appear as well as a familiar sight; homeowners waving flags and walking sticks selling spots on their lawn for quick access to Fair. Finally we reach the western gate. Dan Wardell: I’m just about to enter the Fair, on day one! Woohoo! If you have your ticket ready, you’re but a few moments away from your goal; however if you don’t mind trekking a little further IPTV is waiting for you. Past the first corndogs and historic venues, sits a Fair favorite; The Varied Industries building; well known for its multitude of freebies and air conditioned atmosphere. Just a few feet through the main doors sits your friends from Iowa Public Television. So as you blaze your trail to and through the Fair, make sure to stop in, say hi, but most of all have a great time at the Iowa State Fair.

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