Training Video: ATP Cleaning Verification System for Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Training Video: ATP Cleaning Verification System for Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Welcome to Hygiena’s instructional video on
the ATP cleaning verification system. In this video, we will cover: product details,
storage and shelf life, and how to properly collect, activate and measure the test device.
An ATP Cleaning VerificationSystem is made up of two components. The SystemSURE Plus
luminometer and UltraSnap test device. Together, UltraSnap and SystemSURE Plus measure
the ATP present in a sample and you get results in 15 seconds. ATP is the energy molecule
found in all living cells and the presence of ATP signifies whether or not a surface
is clean.Test results are measured in Relative Light Units or RLUs; so the greater the amount
of ATP, the greater the RLU number, and the dirtier the surface.
Here are some important features about the system:
The pre-moistened swab bud breaks through biofilms to maximize sample collection, so
you get the most accurate test results possible. And the liquid stable chemistry with the patented
snap-valve technology ensures users achieve repeatable results from test to test and user
to user. The luminometer uses a small yet robust internal
sensor that stays in calibration and allows our device to be small, light weight, and
affordable. UltraSnap has a shelf life of 15 months at
refrigerated temperatures and 4 weeks at room temperature.
Now let’s see how it works. The first step is collection.
Remove the swab from the tube. Swab a 4×4 in square area in a zig zag pattern,
swabbing the area with even coverage. Apply sufficient pressure creating flex in
the swab shaft. This maximizes sample collection to improve the accuracy of test results.
Be sure not to touch the swab shaft when collecting sample.
Touching the swab shaft contaminates the test and will produce inaccurate results.
Rotate the swab tip while collecting sample to ensure maximum sample collection.
As you can see in this image, rotating the swab ensures the entire swab tip picks up
sample resulting in more accurate results. When swabbing an irregular surface, such as
a door handle, light switch, bed rail or monitor panel, ensure the swabbing technique remains
consistent and swab a large enough area to collect a representative sample.
After you’ve finished swabbing, replace the swab in the tube.
The second step is activation. Turn on the luminometer. If you’ve programmed
locations, select the location to be tested. The easiest way to activate UltraSnap is to
hold the device in your fist and use the thumb and forefinger to break the Snap-Valve by
bending the bulb forward and backward. Then squeeze the bulb twice to expel liquid
into the tube. Now shake for 5 seconds.
The final step is measurement. Insert the swab into the read chamber within
15 seconds after activation then close the lid.
Hold the luminometer upright and press OK to initiate measurement.
Results will be displayed in 15 seconds. To get the most out of your monitoring system,
and to be able to run charts and graphs with your test results, use SureTrend software
and sync to your meter. You can learn more at
UltraSnap devices may be discarded in the recycle bin.
This concludes our Hygiena tutorial. Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel to
stay up to date on our newest videos. If you have any questions feel free to contact Hygiena
with the information on the screen. With 24/7 customer service and technical support, Hygiena
is here to help.

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