Transforming The Front Garden In My New House! (House Flipper Garden Flipper DLC #3)

Transforming The Front Garden In My New House! (House Flipper Garden Flipper DLC #3)

hey guys and welcome finally back to some more garden flip public slip hope I could possibly come sorry I've been very busy filming seven videos and lots of things going on but we're back and you may see if you watched our episode anyway you will see that we're in this house and you'll see learn to improvements off camera just make this video they weren't stayin in so I have well attempted to turf the whole of the garden so we left it I had done this part here only uh portions here and there well on this bit and I had done nothing I really think so come around and I've just turfed it all prior to recording it would take me like a good 45 minutes so that's why I didn't do it video because this all this all you would be if I if I did this I've hadn't done it sorry this video would only be tough rolling which I mean that's great I mean it makes for a great video so it's our house that's one project were working on and we're trying to flip this making it's a nice house possible and nice its garden possible which will go over to garden at first because I was Leah's garden flip at the LSC Myers he'll do the garden it makes what I was saying really expensive done do you see that what was that give her that sign so it's our house this is what your lights on last time just this little kind of grapple pathway or the life and system flowerbeds on the side and some grass and what's going to do it wasn't i was my purse shed in over here believe it fitted perfectly in his floor and just type in it shared what was it like to find it now um we get dog house then won't eat chicken coops no less stuff no no no it's a thing where would it be tall house might have a nice gray wood look I'm pretty sure if you're getting the right angle yeah the right angled that you can place it down okay like IKEA I can assemble it I'm not so sure well this will see a clear glitch here than there cuz I can't do anything so that's not gonna run change your plan already because that just isn't gonna work so maybe what we'll do is we'll put in let's go little doghouse in that back there why not have a little doggy you know I don't have a dog that just chills back here how big is a nice tiny you has a little area though I get a doghouse back here and then give it a dog bowl and outside nice at blue one blue one blue I go I get a dog as well please that'd be great here so I'm gonna have over here this it would had doggy items we've got yeah okay so for now that's what we added that it's a little dog thing in the background in the back background in the back and so what I do wanna do right now is put a fence in so said only want to access my garden someone from a front gate he can get into my back garden right now which I don't want to have happen so we add in our little fence and well we go this so let's go a Rio fence all right the white one it worked last time and each of these fences is not the easiest thing trot you should go out to drag it may be much better system I think if you watching developers to be great if you could changed her because this systems kind of difficult to understand that was quite good though and then we go back can I put on those gates in like that one I did at the office the first one I ever did you got yes instead ha I saw nominated that's slightly this way please that's what great is it how's that look better isn't it it would do it would do an every offense again track it this way I think I have that's the issue like now what I do I can't even I can't he put half Rio fencing can I had this was good this down a little angle to it there we go that would do it's not the prettiest of things but it works now they have done an update and you can now get axed a country should be good to do what he wrote of these tree I don't know when I'm lucky I think after I do stuff to unlock it I like the perks you know you did that they go no I guess not yet I need to do 30 minutes of million time favor you planted plants lots of weeds removed and to mole-rats limited to unlock could have a point so good it could be a good old wire about to some jobs elsewhere to unlock that SOPA knees gay sex so very simple to get in and out of me out some a garden now that outsides covered off now this side get covered off as well right if you leave it she's got a basis that we think that they have to get past a dog and we can have the dog can save us we've got kind of mentality otherwise would be quite ugly okay so let's have a little look then what else could we have a lot of cool stuff you can get here I really gotta think about it construct I heard love a bridge and some water had Ivan how do you even do that I'd you got to dig a hole so many cool things and it's just like I get a whole gym out there so honestly there's so much stuff it's a bit too much take a nice that's a little think then so realistically in this card how do you have it so you got this area which is just a driveway and you got your dog down there and you should put some stuff over here well should you put with the dog realistically who's gonna have something the dog what would you do maybe you have been in a dock likewise it's always also gonna be near the front of the house they'd be visible for front of house you wouldn't be out there sunbathing with you nor would you sit out there probably would you want your kids playing by the thingy I don't think so you know who good ideas have stuff that out there plants sunny Florence is a suit to see what they were like it's the hard part okay this is the hard I got could you bring xiety I'm struggling so I can't want to do so I feel like we need to light the path for one that's what we're doing today we decided that last time we didn't actually end up doing it in a way you see lights the decorations amps unless you could put us hanging out the lamp on the wall go fine ice alright that oh it's cool put a nice little door on the house doors no glass on the door but just there I don't Windtunnel doors if a white door as a nice store a house like a bit nice a little you know you don't put lights there then you should put flowers there wherever I go I'll just do that guy instincts and then we look at it but I like it later then I'll change it get some white ones in there get some pink ones backing some white ones back in the night in in the right line I can move them out there in a second it's fine lovely it's now you're a nice walk when he comes to the house that you it's pretty low so you supposed to be here I know you have the breach at the front I blasted that I would love you in Little Britain I don't know how that does it dig a hole I got a shovel I hear you get the shovel when you need to my creation Pond Oh yes okay so I wanna have a pond like that then decorations which takes on Neptune Pond oblong form pond round shape pond on Neptune it's all around lovely and then looks let me go decorations and I go Bridge beautiful that issue I wanted right there I'll get done that we'll go to this tree and you come across here oh it's lovely aha no it's great so then do some rocks down decorations sculpt Ostia or something like oh yeah everything go around it he's just chillin and then this talk over this side and then protective house you know like if act like your part is how I have a lives here like three arts are some massive Bolden event at Jesus I do you want I want to same quiet small it's all God and Boulder like that still that's not small ways plan yeah okay we'll wrap this is forget out then one vertex ago I was goof around there oh yeah I could put some flowers and stuff around there decorations like plants going out with knife Wyatt plants I need alimony is a big be quite nice I think my time Barrett just like sporadically for inside around the pond just building up like basic yet fit so if it death makes things look good you just add like more details hopefully in the long run it was a nice okay so it quite nice about these these are like could view that by a porno bit too ugly let's go you strawberry flower Falls that's small there Diddy yeah I've had a little bit more volume – how lovely old pond it's kind of content you get on this channel ooh you see the faces just carry on architect on this channel the garden architect architecture architect oh all right and then maybe we can get all some gazania start looks interesting golly will fit a pink and white thing going on here almost doc by the windmill bridge lovely okay am I asking yet dalia small ah very nice it's perfect very well-maintained garden this one I said looking good artists this is time ornamental grass it it's a tiny oh you're gonna work my look maybe some real backyard to fold you Joe Oh bit too big yeah I wish you could scale it I every single I – up and down a night in one of the games you don't panic home state you know you can just make things bigger and smaller are you perfect to do that okay little garden gnome in there as well in a bit somewhere around yellow in there like we run this by many and her by many of them please boy anyone that big that kind of works there and that one goes there very nice hang one more just to sit in this until that tree get in that tree so that we read of that tree giver that tree I feel like I might give you this flower I might go like that to be honest and then put another stone there and experience outweigh isn't it can you come in go across here like this open open and you were into the garden so I guess he's actually who I found the front guard last week II work and I guess Fidel he worked on his front area making this area that the best acrostic haven't been we've move on to the net like the back garden the next episode so what else did you put well did you have over here sewed up the empty space over here we could use his space well no but I still think clothes you put out here and you don't want your kids out in the front that would you really especially in 2090 who knows what could be out there stranger danger and all that lock they say once of her recreational item out there I hope they'll cinemas for him no garden swing to be nice what about you go decorations Lantern off I he'll get a big fountain over here it's very nice to cover up this mask out that little area so he'll it was like a little bird like a bird feeder so thought I was round two flower beds of stones you make a flowerbed there I see me quite cool this gets us we should you should put it kind of covers up in masks that ugly truth that is there he go that there you go garden plants and he cooked plants in their spherical tree five meters high all right bits who told me don't act her tree he's having young blonde while he's in there you face Avignon ball anyone spotting the whole thing could fit in it was like there okay middle I plant it No all right sending Yan Blanc you are removed so what fuck bloody plants have here melon if you can't put that in there some more animo neighs and stuff well it's just pasta point in this ground thing it's a flower bed flower beds there was a flower I just put a little same plant in there lovely I think fancy-looking that it would be okay I'm proud of this pond area that smoking I'm very proud of we done good job there so only maintain that level of skills throughout now you got a nice tent gazebo some stairs what are some stairs that stairs – what stairs to nowhere of a scarecrow a sprinkler it was printed by the tree yeah from by the trees right this is it was smart I was happy to hear I thought they'd hidden owned by the trees plot those on that now guy that's get all sorts of sprinkled lovely okay and there's that pond looking beautiful so it's now does the case sometimes it's just nice to have grassy area though isn't it you don't always need to have everything decorated but I think it'd be nice to have something that what that something is I don't know a table out there you know you had this in a Seidman house good table like a picnic table might look nice for the white theme why not you know just put a tape over it that English put little pinyin table over here and then if I get like somehow lamps you can probably put you outside fire lamp yeah put that over by the tree okay I do really nicely that I think it's very wire and like very very white and pristine but it looks nice it's it's nice about what you do this side then I'd leave this side just to be very normal first simple Lantern down as on the bridge hi Lambton some lamps to overstep oval stone flower bed backed house the drinker made for some second stains and go across to there and he'll power favors here it cars in a staff and this area is cleaned to look clean you know this herb had little dog down there surely dog wants more company than just that I speak over here as well whereas we got Tom Foster any services no furniture no no plants recreation they're like a kid's sandbox akin yeah as he stays out nice butters no Thank You yo swings for a kid swing or twice ice nice no aah seesaw here why not I look good metal all right look like it looks fine to give you a some kind of play everywhere Mars are given what I want hey go assemble it you're not sure I just rushed down English butters or what which pink I get we're into look a little bit here is I really I don't provide guard and awards and then it goes to here and it's like you just put that down at night doesn't really feel like it meets two requirements at the rest of the house to be honest okay so we get started on a little bit of the house while we're here just you know makes of different progress so this one and I go walls – gasps the nice white start off it'll ask the paint in this game they see where was like it's a brand new home and that foam roller rebuild okay this house looking like it's ready to be forward looking forward to finishing this house you know a proper finish yet one big big project then hadn't asked for a long long time let's get a nice your basecoat downstairs if you want to change it I'll change it but just the say it looks less like a construction site and more like a lease the house that could be something soon listen II so I might build my own walls Tetris all this house in two rooms right now we have like this room here this big room that room and they go upstairs and you literally just have a room like one big room for the whole house it's like I wanna get through there to feel free as always to leave any stretches down below in the comments what you think I should do with this house both outside inside anything you want anything you fall off you've a comment let me know or tweet me what you think might roll down below as always go get that plug in okay for some lights around the pond just realized we can sink that now I guess the evening will show you the most for yeah when it is easy than you'll see like I'd ever need to put some lights around the ponds I've watched to be a dark area lighting goes a long long way of making things that more premium and more expensive Jesus very white in here isn't it all right oh my god foliage is white and then I made the whole end of the house white so far that I can been to asylum okay until I run out of paint on those two buckets which is close I think I was finished you know they're both they're both ready to go taking our seat or God house is like a lot less excited – hi slightly low that's weird is this one step into though there's been a more okay yeah but you guys see like you see the house is looking less and less like good insight now all those bricks have gone for over here got a lovely little decorations going on here we get these lights on these lights are young yeah these outs are on obviously it's how much this lamp over here which i think is come on itself anyway turn off my negative switch so i think we could hide some of those if your lamps again lamps there's little tulip and rose ones it's like a put like a white yeah look there's some lights around the pond like so for like little white roses very nice little decorations going on there look beautiful beautiful making some good progress I like this yeah okay I'll leave it there for today with a shorter one I know but I'm grinding free videos today so you trying as much out as possible so I can take taking too long on each one unfortunately but yeah Oh done the same today we're trying at the front garden now which pink I've done a good job here it's late if you have any improvements means you mutters yes and let me know down below as always got this bit done he had a little doghouse there which is kind of pointless but it also didn't fit there or did to fit there but it wasn't impossible to assemble it there we have this back garden which will be the next episode I need to work out what we're gonna do in this back garden because a big big area to use and used to lie as well so we need to think what gonna do and but yeah you enjoyed it as always you liking it you supporting this like you always have been and I should subscribe to the channel share subscribe make sure you smash the bell video and yeah yeah haters gonna hate you gotta get back

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26 thoughts on “Transforming The Front Garden In My New House! (House Flipper Garden Flipper DLC #3)

  1. Bathroom, cupboards and lounge downstairs?

    Bathroom, bedrooms and office upstairs?

    Couple chairs or a table on the balcony

  2. Please upload more video's of House Flipper & Garden Flipper! Absolutely love coming home from work & watching these videos or when having a duvet day! Pls pls pls!😋

  3. New Sub here. I love your work!! Just where you put the seat and table.. Change it to a seat and a small table. Like a book reading nook outside? Yknow have a cup of coffee outside and look at your beautiful pond. Just a suggestion. Keep up the good work!!

  4. Josh: I'm proud of this pond area
    Me (a guy whose hobby is gardening): AAAAAAHHHH WHAT IS THIS MONSTROSITY!?

  5. I think that the back of the house could be a big kitchen with a mini bar with island counters in the middle but nothing on the back wall and they’re glass doors

  6. Josh You can remove the back wall in the inside and make an indoor-outdoor area and make a nice lounge with glass doors and stuff

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