Trevor Hance - John F. Ahrns Award for Environmental Education

Trevor Hance – John F. Ahrns Award for Environmental Education

we are all looking and wondering the more opportunities we can give teachers to get into spaces and reach kids uniquely based on those particular curiosities that they have the better off we're all going to be this is the Grove this is our natural play space this was an off-limits potts the threat was don't go back there kids there's poison ivy and whether there was or not we don't really know and we thought man we should do something with this space and we said can we make a playground out of it the district said sure just by being in the spaces you understand how to apply those core concepts to the world around you and it gives you the chance to build a foundation to solve problems for the rest of your life I wanted the two things I've been here for seven years and over that time with the way the campus sits next to the Balcones Canyonlands preserve is an obvious point of inspiration and I'm a big nerd and so I do a lot of reading and a lot of my own exploring and so I recognize that there's a ton of benefit from just being outside and learning and engaging the world around us mr. hands loves the wildlife so he's actually hosting like this campout where you can camp here in the Preserve I think we're fortunate I think that we live in a place here in Central Texas that offers such an incredible amount of biodiversity and geo diversity you know that we can explore as dolts and I'm grateful you know for the chances I have to make an impact here at Laurel mountain for nine weeks we had twenty four fourth and fifth graders work with a team of landscape architects to design professional level nature place spaces they learn scale they did the drawings they did the programming usually you just come out here to learn that record thing six one sometimes we learn it and we come out here to learn Matt I really like to work out here a lot because we get to build trails and I really like to get my hands dirty we've been building things all over the preserve to help like animals like birdhouses and we've also made the display cases to show off what we find in the preserve it's like super fun I really think with her hands realness he's like the best teacher ever for this just give us chances to to learn and be flexible and learning the Barbie houses it's an honor and there's no way around it I'm completely surprised and super excited so thanks

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