Trump and Xi at G20, Macron red line on climate, Boris Johnson's bad week and Megan Rapinoe's White

Trump and Xi at G20, Macron red line on climate, Boris Johnson's bad week and Megan Rapinoe's White

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27 thoughts on “Trump and Xi at G20, Macron red line on climate, Boris Johnson's bad week and Megan Rapinoe's White

  1. Kamala Harris is a lier. First, she has not black background, she is from Jamaica from Indian mother and father from English background, she was not poor and her ancestors had property with slaves. She studied in Montreal, Canada, not USA. And regarding her story of being bused to school; at the time supposedly this happened, segregation was over!. So. Another big lie! 🤐

  2. So many people jealous Trump ( come from rich family background and not claiming his salary,
    While they have to work ,ike a dog …) tberefore so many's picking on him

  3. Paris Accord is a piece of baloney, a UN led ruse used as a charm towards Globalization and to continue stealing from USA – that brain can't predict anything! You are asking these losers for predictions? OMG.

  4. Yup. We got to PROTECT America from NATO CHINA JAPAN MEXICO CANADA ISMAMISTS OBAMA EU who owe everything to America and its idiotic marxist impostor Obama and Globalists Bush

  5. French talking about America! 😂😂😂You hate America you despise American you mistreat American turists in France. Learn English, liliputs

  6. Boris Johnson wears that funny hair to keep your eyes away from his fugly face, quite smart if you ask me.

  7. fake news! all your interviewees are assholes…they would shi=t their pan ts if they had to be Trump for half a day…all gay liberal cocksuckers

  8. Trump works for a certain country that keeps building "settlements" outside of their borders. Can't you see? He was saved from bankruptcy by the Rothschild's. Look at the Balfour Declaration.

  9. What I see in this video is a panel of hot air, snowflake globalists who don't like what they see happening to their cozy little world.

  10. The Two Brit Commentators are Glossing over the Fact that Boris is Not the Leader Until he is the Leader.

  11. American stand up for American Christmas Jesus Christ name we pray amen. American people do not need eve dragon head in america snd the world! ! Dragon head eve satan!s !! never be coming peace with around the world okay !!!

  12. I would like to know where these guys are getting their information, there was no Russia interference, the whole story was made up by the democrats.
    How many times do people have to be told this. Mueller found no collusion
    12 private Russians put adds on FB and all of a sudden, Russia is interfering,

  13. Multi millionaire Hippy dippy Mary Ann Williamson, a 'new age' preacher is going to bring love to the White House. LOL How Sweet!

  14. Boris insulting Macron is NOT an insult to the French. In fact, MOST French, upon hearing it, started singing the Marseillaise in his honor. Point being: Macron is 180 degrees opposite the average French citizen!

  15. Most Americans thought it was funny because the Russian Hoax was a hoax…We voted for him because the democrats lies over the years and seeing the results of policies by globalists and democrats. We love him because he hears us. The others did not and did not care. he does care and the proof is the results of his policies. We have tried Liberalism for over forty years and though they were nice ideas, they were horrible for regular working people everywhere. We already cared for others and send still a lot of money to poorer nations. He is NOT a politician. Neither are Americans….so stop spinning the Russia lie

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