100 thoughts on “Tucker: Climate protests are not about the environment

  1. 30 years ago when I was in elementary school I was afraid the world would have frozen over by now. We were warned about the “greenhouse effect” then “global warming” now “climate change”. It sad to manipulate kids like this. It happened to me when I was a kid too.

  2. Climate change obviously is cause for concern. There should be more protests, more violence, more blockades to attain climate change equilibrium whatever that is. Mere marching will not suffice; petrol bombs and other high explosives must be used to cause maximum destruction. Progressively more powerful bombs must be used on a daily basis. Finally, when the time is ripe, nuclear bombs must be detonated in all major metropolitan cities all over the world. This will ensure a huge reduction in the number of meddlesome human beings, the ultimate agent of artificial climate change.

  3. /
    LOL! Why can't FOX News come up with a commentator as smart as a 16 year old girl? HA!! HA! HA! The moon is made of green cheese…because Tucker Carlson has told us so! Our nation put men on the moon..,.using rigorous scientific and engineering skills. And even though NASA has assured us that Climate Change is real…,.and mostly man-made….Tucker Carlson insists that the Earth is flat! Go easy n the alkaloids….you moronic flat-earthers. And if you ever want to know what is really going on…..check out the mainstream media. Impeachment is here. And you are on the losing end of history…because of your disgusting dishonesty!

  4. Greta Thunbergs message is correct. Every criticism on her is a deflection of facts. Hate her. The climate change still is a fact. Ridicule her. The climate change still is a fact. Ignore her. The climate change still is a fact. And we all suffer the consequences of the climate change, no matter how much you try to „put her in her place“.

  5. The problem is religious morons who believe, despite the wealth of knowledge to the contrary, that there is a God who will protect them.. and if God doesn't protect them, they're going to a place called Heaven anyway.. I understand that religion is generally evolutionarily advantageous as it reduces time and effort wasted on existential questions, but in this instance it is detrimental to both the religious and non-religious alike.. We've left the religious alone to their beliefs and now they're causing our extinction!

  6. Democracy is simply mob rule. And quite frankly is turning our country blue. Democracy is bad for them for the same reason it's bad for us.

  7. Skipping class? Where do I sign?

    I'll never forget how happy were teachers I saw on strike once, they were happy because they got a day off.

  8. Its not democracy if one party is chock full of lobbyists, they're supposed to be representing the people not corporations

  9. Plane ticket from USA to England= 400 dollars, and you get some peanuts.
    Boat ticket with Greta, 400,000 dollars, and you earn the right to berate people on topics you are clueless about.

  10. Wow you know not even the children of the California Grape Growers, during the Cesar Chavez Delano Calif. strikes were allowed to participate.These were the children of the those directly effected as well, so this is insane, how many kids just wanted to dish school , lol.

  11. If you all believe in god’s will so much, why can’t you see that god is sending you this child to warn you of future danger? Why can’t you people respect thy neighbor? I do not understand the hate.

  12. Spoilt little rich boy Tucker + FOX NEWS may as well broadcast from EPSTEIN's private island, where scum millionaires + scum billionaires get to practice mental and physical abuse of teenagers.

  13. The answers to many of the challenges we face in sustaining life on our beautiful but fragile planet, lie in making better use of space.

  14. Fox news keeps getting worse and worse now your attacking kids who want to be able to live in a habitable world….you guys are soooo hypocritical you say that we are the laziest generation but when we take action against climate change you guys start attacking us because we want to live

  15. If you are a free thinking conservative who believes in climate change then I hope you see this comment.

    I’m sorry that the many of your fellow conservatives are brainwashed by propaganda. Just know that I will in fact recognize your existence even when your fellow conservatives will not and I will fight for you.

  16. I’m feel a complete moron watching this video but after reading the majority of comments it’s seems that’s who it’s tailored to.

  17. you guys are so uneducated fellows and immature people. you guys put us up In this mess and now you guys criticising Greta and negotiating climate change in a wrong way. f*ck off you guys have no work

    I am just waiting for the moment when no one will be going to school.

  18. I asked myself if I love the nature. The answer was yes. Then I started to finde ways to help the nature and live with "her" and not against it. I've informed myself about the effects which my behavor have to the nature, some of them where pretty clear whitout reaserch. So I changed a lot. Important is, I do not do it because the GOV tell me so, I do not do it because other ppl tell me so. I do it because I want to do it.

  19. She has a mental illness and her parents are exploiting her. Simple, what’s so hard about that🤗 poor child😟

  20. Women have been forced out to work, so that their young can be taken over by left wing brainwashing. ideologies from pre school to high school !! To implement their socialist agenda !! Which is to control productivity through environmental regulation to reduce the West to poverty ,so these regulators can seize power and control !! They fund all this thru your Carbon Taxes ,cripple your nation so it ends up under IMF control and European power structure like IPCC from which you can’t be free…Ask Britain and Greece !!

  21. Ask a gardener, a farmer. Our ability to grow food is being diminished. While 30 gigatons of excess carbon dioxide dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels goes into the atmosphere every year.

  22. Rant, rant, rant. We hate socialism because it has been ranted about for 15+ years on talk radio and Fox News… and yet we have had it since the New Deal.

  23. It's all the adults fault the adults cant go anywhere without their phones and are constantly charging them and adults refuse to walk to school.

  24. Maybe if they learned something from school then they would know that all this climate change push is just a political brain wash.

  25. Satellites find less energy escaping to space in CO2 wavelengths. This is empirical evidence of anthropogenic climate change. Tucker is a buffoon.

  26. NYC home base…what does that tell ya! (Liberal brain washing stronghold.) The only thing GREEN about the GREEN NEW DEAL is the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS it will cost TAX PAYERS FOR DECADES TO COME! Be careful what you wish for young people!!!

  27. Like everything follow the money and you will understand co2 warming planet

    Hedge fund titan George Soros threw his support behind Tesla Inc.'s (TSLA) bonds when they were being heavily shorted. The billionaire's investment firm Soros Fund Management LLC took a $35 million stake in the electric automaker's convertible bonds in the first three months of 2018, according to SEC filings.

  28. Climate change is real and is here. To not act in a major way is to deny our children and our childrens' children a stable world. But people like Tucker Carlson and and his loyal viewers won't get it until their own homes wash away.

  29. Yes they are.
    I think you have a point with lots of solutions behind climate change lean towards the left, problem is what do you do with the taxes from climate stuff for example. They could be spent on things that are not based on climate change.

  30. Fox News is so bias to everything a liberal says. These protests are a product of Negligence due to inaction on climate change. What Tucker is saying is laughably wrong. You conservatives, due your research on climate change; everyone will benefit if people take action. Fox News doesn’t always portray the truth….

  31. Ok kids, just say no to commies. Take a critical thinking class and pay attention to fallacies. It will help you all navigate through all the biased and ignorant arguments out there. Stand up, speak up. Happy protesting to all of the right. The left is just that, they need to be left behind.

  32. Right, there is some sort of organized conspiracy that the kids are in on to control the world. Time to see a head doctor Tucker.

  33. Adults need to be mobilized into the fight for our future & present, as well as the youth, Tucker! What can we accomplish if we always create an "us vs. them" dialogue! C'mon, I know you can be a good person when you try.

  34. More people protest agains vaccination in Poland and NO media coverage… how they pushing this climat agenda its so well played that u know they govs. are planing into something…

  35. Guess what we’re entering a grand solar minimum so get ready for an extended winter. See you next April .or May ,2020

  36. Shocking news for Fox News viewers. There is a thing called science. You might want to look into it rather than listening to smug television personalities like Tucker Carlson.

  37. One more subject where the whole world is against the US, all together we can beat stupidity. Last response of Trump on the subject was this is a hoax and I am rich 😂 what an idiot

  38. was feeling good 4 minutes ago, so I decided to punish myself by watching Tucker Carlson's uncharismatic, bloated lie that climate change isn't real.

    200 countries signed the Paris climate accord. do Americans actually believe that the whole world is conspiring against America? how paranois=d can u be?
    the world leaders and citizens know what climate change will do and they are trying to control it.
    97% of climate scientists believe that global warming is real.
    inform yourself about these things, that cant happen if u watch only one news channel every day.

  39. What a ridiculous turd. I advise you all to google logical fallacies – this guy uses them all lol. Please note he fails to provide any evidence climate change is NOT real and is NOT man-made. All smoke and mirrors and scapegoating to keep the status quo so him and his rich oil buddies can continue to receive SUBSIDIES paid by you and me so they muscle out the WAY more competitive renewable energy companies that are trying to break through. Renewable energy offers well-paying, quality jobs. Many countries are completely renewable now. If no other reason, then to preserve our rich land and prevent pollution and disease. But yes, let's keep digging for coal and oil. What a fool. I advise anyone that reads this to pls check out TYT (The Young Turks) for UNBIASED and FAIR coverage that talks about how the rich are pillaging us, how politicians work for corporate interests, and how the conservative party has been highjacked by neoliberals to do the bidding of the rich and globalists. BERNIE 2020 LET'S DRAIN THE SWAMP FOR REAL.

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