Two Bedroom Coop in Forest Park, Woodhaven.

Two Bedroom Coop in Forest Park, Woodhaven.

Hi its Bart Olszewski Welcome to coops in
Forest Park Today I want to interest you in a beautifully maintained two bedroom unit
But before we go up and take a look at it lets talk about the location. If you lead
an active life style I don’t think there is a better place in Queens to be then right
here. In the middle of Forest Park Woodhaven. If you like golf, tennis, track and field,
if you like to ride horses anything you can think of, if you are an active person, this
is a great location for you. So lets take a look at the apartment lets take a look at
the neighborhood. Follow me lets go.

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3 thoughts on “Two Bedroom Coop in Forest Park, Woodhaven.

  1. No it is not a good deal because the lawyers of forest park cooperative section 1 eventually lock up people in mental institutions and take over their apartment and sell it on the open market that is why it is so cheap

  2. Bart That is the problem they buyers are happy. Ask the sellers or the people that have gotten out of the mental institutions that the lawyers have locked up to take over their apartment to sell on the open market. They have no home to go to because it has been sold to new buyers.

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