Types of Ecosystem – Organisms and Environment 1 – Biology Class 12

Types of Ecosystem – Organisms and Environment 1 – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and Advanced videos. Types Of Ecosystem when I say Ecosystem Eco means ecologic and system means the surrounding now there are various components of ecosystem living or nonliving and this components of ecosystem live in a particular place when I say ecosystem particular place there are four kinds of ecosystem natural that is trill aquatic and artificial which is man-made so ecosystem is nothing but spittle or organizational unit which includes a community of living and nonliving things biotech or biotech things and according to the presence of organisms species as well as the mineral composition ecosystem is divided into four types the first one is natural ecosystems the world says itself natural ecosystem includes plants mountains all those things where natural ecosystem operates on themselves they’ll never allow interference on human beings for example a forest is a natural ecosystem and even your garden is an ecosystem but it is not natural ecosystem it is a ecosystem made by man planted trees are by man next one is tell us your ecosystem when I say tension the word that should click to you all it should be plants that is soul ecosystem basically includes forests and now forests could be different kinds dense forest forest which is has less number of plants forest which in which there are particular to induce clone for example mangrove forest so terraced role ecosystem includes all different kinds of turns it could be hubs shrubs tall trees ecosystem patterns spatial pattern any one of those in Telstra ecosystem the more the denser forest is there are both varieties of endangered or other carnivorous heavy where species can living in that ecosystem the third type of ecosystem aquatic and when I say aquatic it means aqua water aquatic ecosystem basically includes ponds lakes rivers those little form by nature and we just reserved by nature in aquatic ecosystem all the small fishes the variety of fishes as well as plant onyx plants living in water like loaders different kinds of plants and cool in aquatic ecosystem and the flourish in aquatic ecosystem now the last type of ecosystem which is man-made ecosystem example of manual ecosystem would be aquariums fields sometimes gardens all this now in man-made ecosystem everything is artificially human does it some things are provided by nature and some things you do it artificial man-made ecosystems are more organized if taken care they are more preserved but the chances of growth of organism in man mode ecosystem is induced and it takes longer time to grow organisms and man-made ecosystem but once cruel they can be preserved in man-made ecosystem magnetical system is also called as manly engineer or can sit genetically engineer ecosystem an example of this could be when you prepare insulin during preparation of insulin the atmosphere that is used is nothing but genetic engineering during man-made ecosystem nursery could be an example of man medical system types of ecosystem the definition of ecosystem goes ecosystem is an expected organization unit which includes a community of leader that is biotech or a biotic components which interact among themselves for the survival and help each other types of ecosystem the first one is natural ecosystem now in natural ecosystem they operate by themselves without any interference by man and national ecosystems are many [Music] that is silico system and pedestal echo system includes basically forest dense space any kind of on it there’s attic regions and grasses various types of grasses now comes the aquatic ecosystem aquatic ecosystem we include ponds lakes streams and this aquatic ecosystem can be running which is nothing but streams which are continuously flowing or linting which is standing ponds rivers lakes which are basically at a standstill flow at the time of types or at the time of cards the last type of ecosystem is artificial unmanned in Generico system or ecosystem that is made by man simple example of ecosystem made by man could be guidance now this are maintained artificially by man artificial ecosystem includes or by tech as well as by tech components a combination of both guidance an example other than guidance would be aquarium the place of fishes are kept or croplands during the cultivation of crops the field that is used and when you cultivate crops you use photographs you use soil you use water just naturally available apart from that you use tractors use machines which are artificial image so this land is an artificial ecosystem students in this part of the chapter we have studied about various kinds of ecosystem and the importance in nature I hope you are clear about the concept of ecosystem and its steps thank you

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