UCSB Bren School | Donor Recognition Reception 2019

UCSB Bren School | Donor Recognition Reception 2019

From the time that I was a little kid, I always
had an infatuation with the ocean and the more that I grew and learned about the ocean,
the more that I knew that what I wanted to do wasn’t just to enjoy the ocean, but I wanted
to protect it and make sure that it has the same benefits for our society for years to
come. Coming to the Bren School would be a really
great way to move me toward being able to do that. I was in the Navy in the last seven years
and, you know, I’ve traveled around quite a bit but wherever I heard about the Bren
School and the focus they had on communication, and the environmental impact, people that
wanted to make a difference, was something that was very unique. It stood out. And so it kinda drew me in. Saying that, this is where change is going
to happen and we’re going to be the leaders that make that change. We have a lot of fantastic people in our program. We have 87 people currently, the largest class. Everyone else we have, they’re all incredible
people. If it allows more people like these guys to
come, I’m all for it. It really is a special place, whenever you
get to know some of the people around here. The Bren School is special because unlike
my undergrad I have this community that I can talk to. The people are great, the professors are really
approaching and welcoming, so I like the community a lot. To donors that support me, I just wanna say
thank you. It makes going to grad school and hopefully
changing the world that much easier. Environmental science and management is not
necessarily the most lucrative career, but it’s what I feel is most impactful. To donors, I want to say that what you’re
doing here is making it so that the people who study here aren’t just people who can
afford to. To donors, I would say that every dollar that
you spend toward the Bren School is gonna be reciprocated tenfold. I think the solutions that are coming out
of this school and that are coming out of all the incredible students and faculty that
are working here to make things better for the environment as a whole.

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