11 thoughts on “UCSF Researchers Focus On ‘Aging Into Homelessness’ In Bay Area

  1. Meanwhile you morons keep voting for the same politicians that created this mess over the past 30 years. Good job liberals, you have nobody to blame but yourselves.

  2. You don't see this in places that don't hand out free shit. Affordable housing? The bay area won't allow hardly any new construction, and costs are too extreme. The bay area is a cancer that keeps doing the very same things and expecting different results. . . you know what the definition of that is; insanity.

  3. They gave her 30 million for this? Dayum. How many homeless could that have helped?! What is wrong with these people?! Buy some land, set up a committee to establish and run a cooperative, then – WHAM!! Build the damn community. I mean, really. You guys act like you can talk this crisis away. It ain’t happened yet.

  4. Leftist/DemonRat mismanagement… they screw up everything everywhere they govern !!! Where is all the illegals at… cities and counties hook them right up… even refuges from shithole countries are all hooked up with FREE EVERYTHING WITH OUR MONEY… and we dont take of our own SMH !!!

  5. 70% of homeless have deep roots in the same area in which they are currently living. That runs counter to the lies leftists push each and every day.

  6. In 2020 the social security cost of living increase will be a whopping 1.6 percent so much for the cost of living and that's why there is a increase in poverty for seniors and families sad

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