ULTIMATE FLAT FLOORS - S3 EP16 | The Forest v0.73

ULTIMATE FLAT FLOORS – S3 EP16 | The Forest v0.73

hello everyone it's fuckity and in this episode I'm gonna start something new I saved an exit from the last episode so I'm still on the case system what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna upgrade my weapons I haven't actually done there yet so I won't be a good idea and I think in this episode I am definitely going to be doing the floor um putting it off too much a lot my mouse working again so it's much easier to get the precision upgrades keep getting removed it's annoying a max damage an upgraded stick it should be 29 cuz I'll be fixing it eventually just dunno when upgrade the club won't know how much damage I can get out of this bad boy therefore more and place teeth on the rest of them I haven't got many teeth I have placed teeth of the teeth here we go hope you need some caps and crowns I'm a dentist near nice dental work this thing's gonna swing slow is crap look at that damage just seems to be maxed out look at that see when he people say that the club's got the highest damage and it's like exact same as a modern axe he said the modern axes got a lot more speed it just doesn't have the max block but max block don't really need it 9 is enough it's a skull and there that's like a dead body carcass thing I'm gonna clear these few trees so I can increase my vision so I can see what's coming and going I had to stroke her Ted fall trap she gonna have to replace that one cuz that was very useful and get rid of this tree as well I think I'm only gonna go maybe one more I don't know keep it away from those zip lines because I don't want mutants gun near means could kill it I'd never tested it happy birthday traps could block patrol routes would be interesting to see I'm gonna place it over this path I've a feeling they'll cross over oh we will see meantime load my logs up quick hold the other refugees come get off my trap three damn I was rather easy get his attention I love the slingshot one of my new favorite weapons see a grey and he'll charge every time works so well come on don't hit me in the back good come on this is working all too well come on come he's at 7-7 in like a minute and a half one trap you can keep your happy birthday trap boys I've got mr. deadfall looking after me they're just too cheap three logs and three sticks and look at this it's chaos it's a play some lights this is skulls probably turn my back and I'll despawn gives me a shit there you go good thing I store the bone all over for ya I don't know why they make skulls despawn literally if you turn your back they'll despawn not little infant like for instance I'll show you skulls are there I'll go place one in here for the red paint the side bit of light helps see go over have a look at my skulls and they're gone bitch here drop oh that actually got me and it flung me around so the trees fell the wrong way but I was way maybe it rolled my way I would have been it that's a tad annoying sneaky lizard all these lizards they're modeled after a goanna which if you don't know is a very large lizard in Australia not dangerous not that big but there's been stories and I don't know if they're true the old folk tales urn if you stand still go owners can run and climb up you because they think you're a tree and they climb up on top of your head and if you try to pull them out they dig their claws into your skull you're not gonna have a good time I would believe that it has happened before but the chances if you coming across the go in a pretty rare let's here in the country but yeah that hearted I'm meeting a half long I know Komodo dragon but you want to want to mess with them I think I place the correct lizard on the wiki underneath the name check it out if you want to see what it is ear is a very dangerous spot to build I wouldn't recommend it it's a major traffic area for cannibals see for the maneuver very ambitious I shouldn't be doing this okay Oh what was that nice – kicked it don't mess with me boy I was death toll of the straps up to about nine and last songs I'll talk about 22 traps and like 30 kills that's pretty good I'm happy with that I don't on that Becca zo my first is red and I take damage if it hits the red I don't know how much though let's have a look whoa wow that's potent the don't make the same mistakes as I just did oh you could have tripped it what we know it you would have taken out about fucking eight of them silly dear Melissa dear still spawning up here is a little bit worried that I was gonna block him out I've been coming down here occasionally to get fish a bad little spot this is hard survival so it's about three fish each time I come here takes ages to respawn it's usually save and exit better solution later where the red pain is I also grab it such an odd place for though on doesn't make much sense I'm welcome plan always Elly here swear to god there's always Elly here can't even use it need to make some cabinet so I can start dumping some of my stuff in due time though ok time to do the floor now it's essentially doing the the exact same thing as I was doing and that a special episode the one with those zip lines and the flat floors so just making really short floors and what it does is it flattens them so you don't jump around and bounce around when you're walking on it's a godsend so you're just making basically very long rectangles very thin ones it always start them from the same foundation as well otherwise it's going to be uneven aziz are not on the same different heights so it would look different you don't want that so we started from the same one yeah sometimes it can be tricky what you need to do is make sure it's square because my custom foundations are quite long I'm probably going on an angle when I'm sticking them in so I need to pay attention to that okay this one's not wanting to work for some reason keeps going on an angle this is what I'm talking about it's a real pain in the ass let's go start again there we go finally can't believe I'm on the second one I already want to do my head in I'm probably gonna cut a lot of this because this is just the same thing over and over and over again there's something or to say it I'm so glad I don't have to do it anymore and that is update videos I used to hate Odom so much they are the bane of doing this okay the reason I originally started doing just narrating them and I was happy with that but then Broadbent stop doing them broadband makes the best update videos all I mean he does better ones than me there holy crap I just hated Dorner I couldn't find a format I liked it was just painful I should have just stuck to narrating them but people kept asking me to be proper video once and just caved but I'm so glad I don't have to do them again I don't mind doing one for the big release cuz obviously that's very important and I probably will put a lot of effort into that one also to give some context the last video about the idea of me not playing any other games that's a probably though it's from most likely I don't want to start another game like I did with a forest I went above and beyond for this game as you seen with my channel and then I completely fix a wiki I probably spend about the same amount of time making videos as I did on the wiki I just don't know if I would do that again if I picked up another game because I like to provide educational videos I'm not really much into the old lets place because all the Let's Plays have been done to death I even mind I'm trying to keep it unique why you know offering a bit of more of a calming experience so it's a little more relaxing because most it's less play is a very high-energy and this is good you know people like that kind of thing personally I don't I've never really watched Let's Plays I just didn't really stick with me it's why it took me so long to start playing on it's fighting I don't know if you've been following me for a while it took me a long time before I started doing let's play videos but then I realized that at a bit of a journey element and it's a bit of shared experience between me and you as a viewer you have to see my journey as it's going along whereas before I was just doing videos or tutorials so there was no real progression and the thing is and nada this was big when it comes to the Foresters that when you build something as a tutorial you're not living the actual build you're just building it using creative mode for a tutorial but when you're actually playing the game and using it properly that's a different experience so like defense is something I've never really touched on because I'll say I don't know cuz to test defense you need to play it like a good 30 days and see how the cannibals and Newtons go with it but yeah now I'm just rambling though I've also been working on a video I mentioned it quite a few times in last episode as a pain version 0.28 that's version that the dynamite cannibal was released and he was taken out in version 0.28 D so he didn't even last a full whole update I've been playing I finally got him to spawn it just took ages because I there's no console commands it's just being real paying real grind though he is I can understand why he was taken out and he was throwing dynamite like once every five seconds and that's just like normal dynamite he'll take down your defensive walls in no time I'll do a proper video on it I got a test what he does to house boats and tree houses and see if he's going to be brought back hopefully is but they probably need to give him something a little less than dynamite maybe reduce the damage or he only has one stick of dynamite I don't know I have to do something because otherwise you can build in a sky like I've done in videos and the game needs a bit more danger like a flying mutant one that can come visit your base I'll sink in the other day they need a behemoth mutant something that's incredibly large because subnautica has the Leviathan and it's actually really unique I would say the word is probably it's not the is not the best word but when you think of subnautica a lot of people will mention Leviathan because he's unkillable he's absolutely huge and you've just got to stay out of his way and I'm wondering if they put something like that in the forest if it would work providing he doesn't go near your base maybe I don't know they need something a bit bigger than arms ease and Virginia's some of the spawns really late see how it goes you never know what we might get in version 1.0 ok that's finished finally and I just have to check it to make sure it's all good mmm there's one that's sticking out here I flew I can cancel the right one looks like two down kill Lee oh my god just fucking kids oh fuck oh my god I just cancelled like five just to get to 100 I make mistakes boys and girls this is not worth it how did that one over there all right that's all fixed I'm gonna go get some logs now okay time to start building him it's gonna be at 200 logs I want any crane loads it's gonna be I still haven't counted him and he's in here this is really tricky to place them I don't know why but sometimes I can place it really far away and sometimes they just won't let me place it at all I'm really starting the game weight up to 207 I'll sort it out later okay that's one full crane load done instead of loading these up I might just going to work farm break it up with it here we go I only got three trees of that one send them back it's quickly running and do a quick raid get the dynamite here's a dynamite it looks like I got three or four or that one my berries are respawning it's good to know send these ones down we're shells someone on the other hand catching and then I just keep doing this well how would anyone play with me just kidding okay two cannibals here and two dead cannibals here now I can hear mutants I've done three loads I think that's enough for now load them up okay so I put some more from that father axe I had because I didn't completely fill it up from the load I got wasn't a very big load get it huh okay now it's just to finish it off think about using a log cart but I'm gonna get my athleticism up this way be better finish the whites here might as well okay garden lights and it's done flat floor base looks good I'm happy with this that's what I want to go with but I'll go figure out how I'm gonna build with this I've just got foundation basically now and it's pretty boring looking it's just a big square so I'm gonna have to be quite creative but that's a story for another episode and the next one I probably will start building on this because I need to I start making rooms and start placing some storage stuff because I'm just placing my storage stuff on the grass and it's wasteful because I'll have to demolish it later on so I'll work something out got to work on some good furniture techniques to really maximize storage in this build see how I go but if you liked this video make sure you like and subscribe Cheers

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21 thoughts on “ULTIMATE FLAT FLOORS – S3 EP16 | The Forest v0.73

  1. Skyrim subnautica those would be nice, I'm actually using your videos on my PS4 I might make videos on it as well testing out your guides, houseboat worked like a charm

  2. Hi Farket, I just want to ask a question.

    If my journal shows something like "Explore hanging caves" crossed out, does that mean I've covered the whole cave and taken the important story items and loot?
    And if it shows "Keep exploring Something cave" does that mean I've been in there but didn't quite get everything?

    Love your vids btw, thanks for reading!

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