although everyone it's fuckit here and in this video I'm going to cover the new update version 1.1 1 it's quite small usually the small patches are made for hot fixes guys it's not a hot fix because I actually changed some things was it worth doing a dedicated video so I'm just gonna cover it my season while I do some stuff now this doesn't apply to Playstation 4 though should be coming out soon now they've added a new option for increased player versus player damage in multiplayer games this options off by default but if turned on will allow players to more easily kill each other so it sounds like there I bring up the PvP side of things I doubt they'll have a PvP mode I think they're just going to add features to allow you to do PvP a lot more effectively I'll probably add another feature where you can turn off player names so you can't see where other players are so I'm assuming that will be in the gameplay options that one also in multiplayer players can now set each other on fire with fire weapons so I'm assuming that's lit fire weapons if you want to tip for engaging in PvP hit them with a poison arrow because it causes them to flinch alight now get some infected instantly not long after they release a freshly released version 1.1 1b and I'll cover that after a couple of first one they fixed snow stumps popping in too soon I don't know what that's about a fixed missing pick up icon on rabbit in a cage I noticed this the other day they fixed the hang glider being unusable after completing alternative ending they fixed the performance issue when transitioning from day to night when using high or very high shadow options I would never even noticed anything about this it seemed fine they fixed the chance plants growing gardens could be removed randomly didn't even know about that one in multiplayer they fixed a performance issue of rock paths and big saves so games they've got a lot of stuff on them and one of the other changes they've made is that they've added another balance they've tweaked the amount of damage one of the late-game creatures can do to structures and I'm willing to place my money on it being I knew it would get nerfed too many people in complaining about it though on the final one for version one one one not the bee is a creepy armors our movies have been significantly reduced okay gonna test that out to see what it actually is so one piece of Yama now gives eighty Harbor holy crap now that's a balanced change in a half isn't it it was too powerful but eighty holy crap what he's doing who's bowing are Magus forty-six only twice as much as bone armor I think it's fair actually like this change it was too overpowered it basically made you a vulnerable though for version 1.1 1b or 1.11 me they added a fix of some players experiencing freezing on loading new or save games after downloading latest patch most of us probably missed out on that I know I did they fixed small menu translation issue I don't that means the translations they fixed an issue where the player could take extra bomb damage in single-player if multiplayer increased damage was enabled and that is all it and of course make sure you restart your dedicated servers if you have them after a patch is being released so you're not much but uh it's some matter storage spaces my diskens I shouldn't be building it here that post don't care I kill a lot of things are in here especially dear so maybe I could store my deerskin here for now it's gonna build a tannery later on gotcha through a lot of space you know what might move some of this meat up if I can I'm getting long made up the top end at the main also I'm having issues with my audio editing at the moment nothing major it's just I tried a new editing technique to overcome the fact I'm using a dynamic microphone it didn't work out as planned so it's caused some distorting and some of the things that he's saying I've been trying to use a speech volume level to try and bring up some of the less volume notes it wasn't bringing up some of the other notes so I just have to play around with it as otherwise I have to individually edit some parts where did I speak his lair it's annoying the benefit of a condenser microphone is that it picks up everything but that's also negative because it picks up echoes and everything else in between I think so anyway I'm not an audio engineer so talking shit on even though yes I don't know I thought about playing a little bit without recording so I could get resources cuz this is quite far the trouble and it does take a long time to bring logs over otherwise it's just gonna turn into me getting logs and killing at the same time unless I just cut it but then I'll be recording for a lot longer lot more to edit but the hell damn it I'm not sure of this at all okay she was a good idea or not so rabbit doing what if he'll go in stand and watch alright I think he's gonna go in he probably would if I waited a bit longer but I'm running on patience I feel sorry for game developers sometimes like you try to add something or fix something then it will break something else there must be such a pain to deal with I got one dynamite left you should worry in my son I got four suppose that's alright can't complain Jesus I what are you doing it's attacking my floor was at one what I should have done to prevent them being able to damage it is just remove it but then it would be floating and they wouldn't look so realistic I wonder if they fix a fire damage thing I should check but I'll save and exit before I do that I had a thought for a new item and that could be reinforced rope and what it does is that it can use to make rope that's more stronger obviously so maybe it could be used to upgrade the crafted bow and what it could also be used to do is build long a zip lines hey when you place the zipline press R on it and it will turn it into a reinforced supply now that wouldn't make sense because you're placing it maybe as you're going over a distance it will change to reinforced rope I don't know just an idea and it could be used to make climbing ropes longer as well I don't get into a point with my ideas that I should just make my own game but um I don't know I don't really know anything about make making a game now to make videos or good touch mean that the first person up trying to dodge this there goes my bones are there exploding here okay so there you go don't build fire in there oh oh oh well we scared him away Jesus that makes five rabbits there so they'll stop reading so I'll kill that fire and use this one instead hopefully doesn't make the bones go everywhere I can't remember where I killed Jacob's where's his body oh there it is so I'm hoping gonna find bones everywhere again okay I saved and what I'm gonna do is test out and see if this fire buggers back stupid rocket halfway dammit let's go now they haven't fixed it that killed me instantly at nine pieces of bone armor and a creepy hammer you have no idea how much cooler it is not using a headset and this weather it's just not suitable using a headset headsets a hot man I think it's your head and feet you lose like 70% of your body heat through that I'm guessing you gonna gain through that as well so I'm gonna quickly run into the main cannibal village and get me my dynamite I've got this rope in here too Oh Patek dynomite love it love it right right so how many full ropes and me dynamite gaining weight I don't even care my Fleur de systems almost max so that's the main thing like 210 or 215 is when you start struggling to raise athleticism they must have destroyed my meat rack yeah I'm just gonna take these rabbits back I can't see where the rockers to jump on it oh my god these are breeding Oh got a rabbit well rabbit breeding is going really well for me and this one I'm gonna have to build a spa very quickly cuz otherwise things and I'll have to place them all again in the barn you know what I'm thinking I'm thinking about killing this and then what I'm gonna do I'm gonna build a bridge over the thing only issue is I don't know if I'll be able to place the logs is that weird thing who knows that trick might work again I might be able to go to the Sinhala elevation I'll replace it what do you just spawn right in front of me I'm not complaining this is a good spot hit tear got a lot has been here what's with me accidentally rhyming things he's a parrot and he doesn't know it well he thinks to use so I'm just gonna use this to get down here a bit quicker that's and then okay how much is gonna cost to get a bridge over should save I don't care always do what a rock walls height and that way you can line it up on the other side okay where can I place it I just have to place it here I don't want to place it too far away what I'm gonna do is use a custom foundation like this and then I can connect it up anyway I'll just have to manually place it and I need that blueprint so I can't cancel it but I want to place this eight logs that goes into the cliff that's okay I just don't want them to be able to destroy it from midair I'm also curious if they're gonna use this bridge that's what I want to test out as well so what I might do I'll scrape some sticks and a rabbit so I'm not just running over there empty-handed why did that break Park a low card over the sticks trees that might make them explode I don't know if that has a use though so rabbit and grab some bones head back damn it I should go rope while I was over there there's a save and exit what a respawn yeah I can't see where this rock is behind the wrong spot is it over here I've got your friend yeah there it is there one who actually looks quite cool from up here I like that style never done it before yeah look at it looks cool looks a little bit too stylish to be a lumber mill maybe there we go new home now buried buried buried as fast as you can there we go no to the bridge I'll just fast travel again you cannot fast travel with their enemies nearby I should be able to let go soon of it don't take the risk okay to ensure I've got this straight what I might do let's do this I sit like that actually I don't know how I placed it on the other side I'll use a stuff that oh I'll get it sorted so like that yeah like that now cancel these manual placements a lot harder than the automatic placement that's why I went and did it in that long reach over cross the map I did it automatically so it automatically placed a blueprint both have their pros and cons I think automatic placement results in less legwork you might have to cancel a lot of these rock walls I was placing on the edge here I want to make it too wide I should test the width of these things wanna test the width to see how wide you can go without it increasing the cost or the cost too much because you can move it over 1mill and it might increase price of it dramatically god I'm such a tight-ass okay how is that sitting sitting above I don't want that so what I might do I'll start from this side simply brought over again though damnit I can't remember which side I placed it on why is it placing on the corner like that alright time to I can't believe I didn't keep that in mind damn it yeah I placed it on the wrong side stuff that I'm gonna do it in the morning I can cancel that caught another rabbit this is what building this bridge make this clear damn rabbits costed me logs now also when I test if they'll use it oh no oh no oh dear God I wasn't expecting to see this should have went out the other way just gonna walk around them can't really see anything it's too dark too grey arms I couldn't see anything else it might have been a Virginia skinny cannibals there their little Scouts I don't even care one of them braided okay I'm back over here let's try that again I might make this bridge a little wider than my want across the map because it's not as long and I don't really want at risk falling off it I said I'm a got wider they might find it easier to travel on I really wanted to take it it's my attempt at peace negotiations with enemies maybe can't ease in the mutant so remember which side I placed it on this side it's doing this weird thing I don't know why it's doing that there we go it's a can't place a blueprint from here I don't know how expensive it is and we both arrived at the cannibal village at the same time ah damn it I just want to go in and get this thing hey gown up hurry got the right over to the right heart I stay until my chainsaw fuel I don't think it responds like keep I hate it I just I do your tennis racket as rabbit was involved in our racketeering operation so just go take a zip line over that's the bridge there I can't drop off here I could I'll just take damage I don't really want it Oh looks like I can place it here sweet I don't know how the placement thing works say XD logs that could have been a lot cheaper if I made a thinner but I don't care might use the logs from over here and cancel these two left after this should be grabbing them cuz I'll fall off curious as to how much fuel a chainsaw uses in idle mode you know while since I actually used one yeah I think I already lost one of the logs oh there it is ah no feeling that sharp here eventually now this is interesting it fires that faster they can't really get close here I should check where that other countable went in case he's gone back to my base started destroying things Chuck and attention because he didn't get his own way they built effigies over here just to be expected one more log and it's done run over there we go nice little breach take some of these things back with me rabbit some bones why the hell not for a bridge now I fix up the other end against water at this Inn remember that countable have spawn there I'm worried that's gonna happen again oh they're running over the horizon keep going I'm not interested not dealing with you right now I was a lot quicker to do that run I thought I heard a raccoon can't see it's too dark maybe I should recharge this maybe battery still have birdie I've no idea where this raccoons gone and it rabbit it was just so dark I just couldn't see where he went that brightness filter will make it clear but I cut you said now well stuff it you can live to fight another day I don't need you anyway technically do I just laid it I'll sleep am I seem in the morning I keep getting asked in the comments about calories people wondering if it's a mod no it's exclusively for hard survival all right I'm gonna finish this bridge them rather than this episode that's a lot clearing out I've taken down some of these trees like oh now perfect okay so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna remove this rock wall because my last placement was on that thing over there so I can remove this side okay I still on that funny flashing thing with the hole cutter it's not really what I wanted and a line about first might be easier to do it this way there we go perfectly squared now how's that look eight logs damn it it's gonna work like a good ramp that's for sure ah okay that's the ropes done I might finish that as well okay there we go don't even make a sound when I'm walking on this it's too flat I might clear these trees around here it's gotta figure out a way to get them up you should be able to carry two rabbits want an e chain should be two up they could just use two right hands up forgive them for that now I don't have to work on the elevation so much this is a lot quicker doing it this way might add some trouble for me we'll see they might not use it they might he knows most likely they will but I won't catch him in the act okay time to use these spare logs to finish off this set one yeah two more logs and it's done oh it didn't mean to actually use it but why not test it out I guess oh dear Lord cannibal patrol routes it's a long walk back up I have to make another zip like oh did you come from God I need to work on my strength we're going to keep using melee weapons ah seblak bug so I think I know what causes it you're gonna attack them lock while you're getting here I was gonna kill them not going to use their vines punishment for glitching this let's talk deal with him couldn't destroy that stub earlier now I could think we're invisible tree stumps this one's invisible – yeah well I could always take log cuts to enthrone ow but it's it lies much quicker I've got that they got some more stuff and the last rabbit I'm gonna Claire all these trees around here I'm sick of looking at him want to keep it nice and clear and open I did plan to use the sticks but it's too tedious they don't always spawn and I'm not that desperate desperate could be a different question anyway that's enough for one episode in the next one what I'm gonna do is build that with all these logs only point I mentioned in an earlier episode that it's gonna be a lot cheaper than the one I did in the video well I think it's gonna be a lot cheaper I'll see how we go with that anyway if you liked this video make sure you like and subscribe Cheers

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