Urban Agriculture Blooms

Urban Agriculture Blooms

hi I'm Matt Dan's go with Discovery News we're here in New York City at the science barge to learn about sustainable urban agriculture sustainable urban agriculture is a way to grow food in the city either on buildings or in vacant lots and available space to reduce food transport into cities and really grow food where people live for a more carbon neutral fresh flavorful nutritious product the science barge floats in the Hudson River in New York City and is the only working example of a sustainable urban farm in the area their mission is to not only grow food without damaging the environment around them but also to educate people on the benefits of sustainability sustainability is really reducing the impact on the environment with choices you make what you decide as a consumer to purchase as a food product you're really voting with your food dollars of what you believe in the sustainable production methods that we're looking at our controlled environment agriculture so we're looking at greenhouses coupled with recirculating hydroponic systems powered by renewable energy sources and irrigated by rainwater collection on the barge these renewable energy systems consist of solar panels wind generators and a bio diesel generator that energy is used to power pumps that help grow plants through water-based technologies and it can even help grow fish you won't you can't really see them but because the water has all this compost tea in it but we have tilapia in this tank and so what we're doing is all the plant material that we have leftover that we're not eating will compost that and we compost it with worms and then those worms we feed to our fish our fish waste goes through a biological filter to convert some of the elements then that will go to feed our plants and then the plants will take up those nutrients to clean the water for the fish so this is just a continuous cycle and then that lets us do produce fish and plants in the same space still using controlled environment agriculture but eliminating some of those other inputs that we're using like fertilizers to get water for these systems we have two ways we get water from the rain and from the river so these are our rainwater storage tanks we have 1200 gallons of storage capacity here we get the rain from the greenhouse roof the greenhouse is 1300 square feet so in a 1 inch rain event we can collect about 800 gallons of water and with the collection of this water that will be used and reused before being dumped back out into the environment without hazardous wastes the cycle of sustainability is complete this type of sustainable farming works for the barge in New York but Jen Nelkin urges people to think about the best sustainable process for their area sustainability is important for every decision that you make and that decision that you do make is dependent on where you are and what is available to you for Discovery News I'm Matt Danzig Oh you

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46 thoughts on “Urban Agriculture Blooms

  1. Ahh, the word "sustainable" again. To say something is "sustainable" may be unscientific because on a sufficiently short time scale, all practices can be continued, and on a sufficiently long time scale, nothing can be. Any claim of "sustainability" must specify a time scale with evidence justifying the specified time scale.

  2. if you're interested in urban agriculture and vertical farming, be sure to check out the vertical farm blog and spread the word. the way we eat determines how the world is used, said wendell berry. we've got to come up with a better food system than our current one, which leaves 1 billion people hungry every year. we can do better.

  3. @jjsjeffjjsjeff City folk are aware of these 'fields' you talk about , the trouble is these 'fields' are not in the city. In the real world food is shipped in from hundreds of miles away from 'fields' using 'oil' as fuel. This 'oil' will not be around in 40 years and so people in the city will have no access to 'fields' and so no access to food.

  4. Here in the country we have these things called "fields" and you can grow plants in them without using all of the solar panels, bioreactors, greenhouses, wind turbines, etc. Some of you people should drive 60 miles in any direction and see what goes on in the real world.

  5. Than please express your positive opinion and argument it in a literate way. I will be very pleased to read and maybe answer it.

  6. "CO2,CO and NO2 NO… as simple as that!"
    Do you REALLY believe these are the only substances in the air/rivers/rain in big towns of XXI-th century???
    Well, they are not. These would be merely the substances in a town in… let's say… maybe XVIII-th century or even earlier.
    Let's be optimistic, BUT not naive.

  7. water comes from the rain , she shows it how, and what is in the rain harmful to us is needed by the plants like CO2,CO and NO2 NO..as simple as that!

  8. It's no surprise that people who post negative comments about innovative and positive matters are almost always barely literate.

  9. you've already said that, and i said, that everything that somebody says maybe not be a fact but a opinion and opinion aren't reality! and wtf wuth that hate with nazis, althougt the image of negative is very bad, theyve bring wonders to this world, like anesthesy and pain killers!
    communism aint nazism, nazism is similar to capitalism!

  10. you obviously dont know or read about politics, if you read, you would see that communism aint nazism! they are completly diferent, and wtf obcession with churchill?! what he said doesnt mean its truth! its like the bible! bible aint the thruth

  11. communism aint fascism, capitalist societies are more likely to be anarchy or the opposite a fascism goverment, look at nazis, they werent communist! they were capitalists!

  12. wtf?! "my heart beats at left side" i like carl marx communism, your a capitalist! your the cancer of the planet, destroy everything just for money! shame on you!

  13. i was talking about america, but those count too. im pacifist unless something threats me! thats why the world is in this state, cuz there are dumbasses like you!

  14. finally, the environmentalists figured SOMETHING RIGHT… Flora live off of CO2, and given the current economy, food may become a bit out of reach in time so it probably a good idea to grow and preserve one's own produce (vegetables are already horrifyingly expensive)

  15. wtf?! im an atheist!!! of course people create wars but people with nuclear weapons are more likely to abuse of their power!!!!

  16. if it is costly now and it is, is a mere matter of low economies of scale and nothing else. If our survival as species demands that we move away from petrol,gas, LG etc, we must develop techniques like these…forget nuclear energy dont be idiots

  17. think as a demonstration project, the barge is a great way to get people thinking abstractly about sustainable agriculture.

    It is that the carbon footprint of city dwellers is less than suburban and rural residents.

    Who eats 2.2 pounds of potatoes a day!!!! To use this premise is nonsense. I garden on a plot that is about 20 by 20 and it provides about half my veggies for the year.

    Frankly, I think most people in this country have just gotten too soft to try it.

  18. soo where are the wastes from the nuclear plants going? have i mencioned that it last thousounds of years! nuclear aint safe! nuclear energy originates polution and wars!

  19. yea, ok, solar cells, wind turbines? sounds costly. is costly. Even after they're boughten and will "pay for themselves" they'll eventually break down. good idea though, there will probably be lots of red tape for making such an operation happen in the city rather than out on the water.

  20. this is really fantastic….
    i am from italy and here the food quality on the market is good at the least, and still everybody has tomatos and onions, potatos, and other stuff, the mentality is very positive. From what i see in this video and rumorms i hear that in america people have stareted to value earth in its best way possible…
    Just great keep it on!

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