USDA Helps Families Achieve the American Dream

USDA Helps Families Achieve the American Dream

Hundreds of thousands of low to moderate income families in small-town America would like to own their home, but are unable to save enough for the down payment. Their paycheck is taken up by the necessities of food, transportation, childcare and rent with little left over. And, even when enough is finally saved, life can get in the way. The United States Department of Agriculture lends a hand to these families though our home loan programs by helping them buy their own homes. USDA does not require the homebuyer to put money down and keeps loan payments fixed and affordable. Families often find their mortgage payments are less than the rent they were paying before USDA’s help buying their new home. So that now, a family who is just making ends meet can start to build well and better manage life’s surprises. USDA Rural Development supports the American Dream and helps small town families find home. [Closing music]

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6 thoughts on “USDA Helps Families Achieve the American Dream

  1. When i bought my house they made me put up 10 percent up front ,but they refunded it after closing. You also have to have at least a 645 credit rating average and be employeed at the same place more than 2 years. I bought my house from the usda property inventory, but they will finance a new house that you build.

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