UWM researcher looks at children who are caregivers

UWM researcher looks at children who are caregivers

Come on in. My main area of research
is looking at the role that children and youth play as
caregivers to family members. Children and youth who are
caregivers do a variety of different tasks,
everything from coming home after school and just
making sure that mom or dad or grandma doesn’t fall,
doesn’t choke on their food. And the second most common task that they participated in was medication management. And these are children as young as 9. Those tasks are very stressful. The overwhelming majority of
children in all of my research have not received any sort of training. All of the research I have done has been really clearly pointing to
the need for peer support. I have received the majority
of my research funding through the ALS Association.
Without their funding, I would not be doing a large portion
of the work I’m doing now. So I’ve been able to get
undergraduate students to work with me on my projects. The research I’m doing is groundbreaking. It’s research to, to do something about an issue that gets no attention. I love the absolute joy
when you get to hang out with a child and hear them
be able to open up to you and share with you the things that they can’t share with other people.

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