VERY IMPRESSIVE "REAL BIGFOOT" EVIDENCE!! - Researcher Films Solid Real Proof of "Real Sasquatch"

VERY IMPRESSIVE "REAL BIGFOOT" EVIDENCE!! – Researcher Films Solid Real Proof of "Real Sasquatch"

[Applause] noticing some flattening down here on the side so I thought I'd get a little bit of movie here and it just hadn't over see so all them she said she saw them along here somewhere it's a little kind of a semi road deal here between two fields something's been walking along the edge here for sure not noticing any bloke had broken limbs in these trees here so we shall see once I get to the opening up here I'll be back okay camera was working but I've definitely got something here I got the measuring tape monitor I can't see in this viewfinder in this camera so it looks to be well I see 12 inches or so as it definitely told definitely definitely definitely told was you see those toes I'm telling you let's see how wide it is here six inches five and a half inches or so this is definitely a young if it is 105 inches dead-on five inches that's across from toe to little toe well I'm assuming a little too I'm only seeing four tools oh no there's a fifth one here there's definitely a fifth one right here his it was moving whatever it was it's definitely there's only one but there's a definite path right here into the bush right here and there's some look and stuff right here going up here okay we're gonna take a look here this wheat it goes right no see let's take a look I'll be back well it's looking more and more there's a good print there that I measured the cake is there this one here that's a definite print there that's a freaking lutely they're only about 12 inches long I'm gonna give it a whirl okay I'm gonna try to cast this yeah might as well yeah but it went right up in through here now that branch right there she said it had to duck almost in half to pass under that because she came here and she said it was right there but the other one she said went off in this direction now I guess it must have went I would say I don't want to step on any of these prints I'm gonna measure up here on this branch – I got more ground disturbance here – right here wait cow well this is really interesting it's nice when you come up to a colonist something now she says it went off in this direction no she saw one go under this branch which is she said it almost got the folding bow she says one went off in this direction there's definitely ground disturbance there it passes through here almost folded in half and directing the grounds disturb all up here there's another footprint right there right there hold it crop these are long strides man look at that oh very cool very very cool holy cow total strides there there over four feet I'll tell you that I'm gonna have to get some measurements for sure I'll be back I've set this camera up and get some measurements this is very cool right here this branch here it's not that old and old enough where it's dead but it's this year and look at this it's sitting here and it's just balanced in here it can't naturally fall like that it can't fall underneath this that's impossible it had to be placed there and it's broke off this is very cool that's some sort of a marker absolutely no doubt about it this is a well-worn trail – I got footprints all the way up it that's very cool okay I'll be back I'm gonna set this camera up while I take some measurements here I'm gonna try to cast a track here it's got to be one here I can cast okay I set the tape measure up from the ground right up I'm looking we're looking at spokes 70 inches 68 inches or sold to the two here now if that thing had to bend in half let's say it was 40 inches that puts it at 80 inches I have to find out if this was the big one here or two and one went in this direction here I'm assuming it went after this it what's the pass through here first and went off up in that direction there after passing this in here I don't see any palm prints but there's skid marks all over the place so it very well could've touched the ground but I don't see any there it was big that's for sure this stick here is very cool balance it like that that's very very very cool they've marked that hold it cow you definitely they're definitely here no doubt about it there's no doubt in my mind I'm getting casting now I'm gonna set this camera up for you this one's pretty good track here grateful right foot laughs what right this is a smaller cap right here this is gonna be good God Almighty it must have all right that's only few inches apart here I don't see you in here till way up there though the gap there inside of these 60 80 inches I'll measure here to here is a huge gap my god that's strike is big big friend here I've only seen one better parent what am I not seeing two-six puts this fight from toe to heel 60 inches I'm gonna kill myself up and down this hill here it's slippery and see why they slipped a bit okay right here I'm told the heel on this one is 38 let's Wharton turn well it's 40 40 inches this one here is only 2 24 inches you step in between you that's the Rachel there has to be a between so 60 is just 30 inches that puts this it's a young one that's why it's not that old it's not stuff it's only got it three now what's 30 inch span or so these tracks are around 12 inches around 12 it's just in the 5 inches right it ain't human there's no way I see the tarsal break here they're not shaped like the humans at all there's one flat footed human if it is I'm only seeing one set of tracks Oh what's he got over here oh yeah that's why dead one once I'm ordered through here and let some water right through here I got a track here this is seven inches wide see this one's bigger this one's at least 15 inches 15 inches here see one that direction it must come here break there there's skid mark right here to us or was that me after looking in I don't think I walked on that side dog oh god no no no no that's Stefan oh you're kidding that was on standby I just saw something black I didn't get it in the camera but oh my god you have to be joking Oh big black and it was freaking out I got vocals like crazy jeez well I'm gonna attempt to cast this this is on the flattest piece of ground there is this track I'm not sure how it's gonna work out had a real problem to get it thick enough but not too thick so I wanted to at least show the print I'm giving it a world anyway I haven't found anything else see there's where the younger one was right there see this track look right here there's a smaller one with it it's got to be a female and a small one means there's got to be a male around she didn't have that baby by herself that's a young one oh yeah but it's just definitely definitely definitely definitely reader that's why one went off in the other direction she said this one had to bend and have to go through there I'm thinking that maybe the young one went through there that's what I'm thinking cuz good God Almighty this track here is Jesus only about the size of my hand he's barely you

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47 thoughts on “VERY IMPRESSIVE "REAL BIGFOOT" EVIDENCE!! – Researcher Films Solid Real Proof of "Real Sasquatch"

  1. Great video NV TV.The guy did great tracking the footprints.I only wish he was listening and looking in and around the surrounding areas.Many signs to be seen and heard.Great job to all involved

  2. Foot print on gravel? Something 2000 lbs wouldn't leave a print in gravel I don't believe. Nothing there but dirt. Either his foot picked up all the rocks except between his toes or some one moved the rocks out of the way in order to make that

  3. It seems to be the same story from that video of some alleged Bigfoot seekers …

    A single poorly demarcated footprint is not any solid evidence that a Big Foot passed by. If it really were, it would be a deeper trace since that creature is very large and heavy. In addition to deep the footprint must have the heel strike to demonstrate the march of the creature and contain a little dirty water.

    It is the classic seventies fake of depthless traces. Good try guys, better luck next time!

  4. I hope someone is helping this dude. He’s a bit shacky on his pins. I bet the Sasquatch are measuring his tracks saying this ones all over the place . 🤣🤣🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  5. I think people that are serious about getting an image should use an old technology film camera. There would be no electronics to get zapped. The guy still did a great job.

  6. Did anyone see those crazy looking beings in this footage? That was crazy… cloaked but not really!! Its crazy how they was all in the dirt as a cover… there was a few pissed off ones! I dont think these guys were related to sasquatch! Aliens all the f'ing way!! How was this guy? Anyone know the name if his channel?

  7. Why would someone be that upset about someone being on their property enough to chase them down.Like whats the damn big deal anyway?!…Ppl get so worked up for nothing anymore.I wish the bigfoots would have turned around and started chasing her.Maybe she needs to eat a damn humble pie cuz it looks like thats bigfoots property and YOU lady are trespassing.smdh!!!

  8. Awesome job on going back to investigate! No doubt about it that they are there ! Anyone else hear the squirrel let him no by the predator call it did !? The animals know!

  9. 2:23 there was some little ones on the left and I thought I saw a gray head as the camera pans up but then I couldn't find that one. Around 4:00 dark ones on the ground on the right. 5:29 looks like 2 juveniles on the right, maybe the ones who left the prints. 6:20–6:54 you can see one sitting back in the trees.

  10. Damn if this ain't some BS it is hands down the best video I've seen !! Great job on documenting everything, very thorough !!!

  11. 3:39 JACKPOT! wow! 3-4 rite in front of this guy! And he's clueless! If mom and baby was there, he'd got the $hit smacked out of him!

  12. This is how people get hurt! Walking into spots just like this one and not a clue as to what their doing! There was a few cloaked where that person entered into the forest line!
    They do get pissed off!

  13. That " footprint" is fake as it gets. No weight, no movement. Simply pressed straight down. Not a real print. Nice try.

  14. Very very cool, yes, but he is crazy!! Get out of the woods and don’t go back in there because you don’t belong in there. That’s how you get yourself killed.

  15. You shouldn't be alone I get so scared for you when I see people alone out there are in a place like that that's really dangerous you do not know these things what they are or how dangerous they could be I don't think they like to be seen

  16. Real squatcher there. His handy tape measure and wearing pajama bottoms. Definitely an amateur. Definitely.

  17. i live very remote. we do have a 600 acre ranch next to us but hundreds of miles of forest to the point i could cross two state lines and only minimal roads on dirt roads going hundreds of miles. nearest small town is miles away we used to have sightings here very frequently
    the owners of the ranch did a fire reduction and logged the hell out of the hill behind us and havent really seen anything since…
    until today i found about a 15" foot print in my yard. been here 19 years and this is the first foot print i have seen.
    our "locals" have been very friendly but it is still unnerving as hell to look out at night and have two big red eyes 6 inches apart lookinig in midwindow on a window that the bottom is 7 feet off the gound.
    i dont talk about our experiences very oftem because face it, most folks will just say you're crazy but there absolutely is something out there. my wife and i have seen a family of three in the past and found a nest that was very well built on the hill behind us that was subsequently logged by the ranch. that was when we would see them a couple times a week. since then it will be months or even a year between any sightings. last night i saw snow falling which turned to rain but i had the uneasy feeling something was out there. to find that print this morning was very odd… didnt smeell them or anything which we do fairly often when they are around.
    just thought i would pass this on dont care if no one believes me or not its just how it is here

  18. Interesting video, nice tracking.
    A hidden camera should be set up on that trail, definetly get them on film.

  19. Why in all the videos i watch there is only one foot print. Each time they show a foot print its only one. Do these things hop on one foot.

  20. As an amateur tracker, here you see no streaking of the dirt or gravel. It's clear that whatever was here was placed down vertically, vs coming in from a step on an angle, which is how animals or humans walk. Also, the little pebbles are moved out of the way rather than pressed down naturally into the mud from a real foot. There are no imprinted toes nor the heel, which would go down into the mud slightly deeper than the rest of the foot.
    His clay "imprint" didn't match up in shape to the fake foot print on the ground, nor did it work, because this is not real.
    I still believe in BF, but this one is clearly a hoax.

  21. Starting at 4:17..I am seeing bunch of old pictures of people scattered all over like someone burnt them or and rripped them ..Anyone else see these weird faces, photographs or whatever?

  22. walking around those bushes and not knowing what could be hiding, crouched down ready to jump on you, rip off your head which someone mite find later up in a tree and you just became the main course of the day. should keep a safe distance in your souroundings. stay safe! 😳

  23. Am I seeing things? When he is measuring the foot prints on the slope, look at the bottom right side of the screen in the bushes. I see two glowing eyes and face then the younger one sitting on her lap moving?????

  24. There is an area just outside The Dalles Oregon and it's kinda like a little housing development with the homes built on a steep incline that half way up it goes strait up and very high around maybe 700 to 1000 feet, anyway I've heard stories of BF looking in windows and taking things from some of the homes. I've never seen him there but going there , it kinda explains it's self. Perfect area for BF to live. Also on the back side of that there is what's called eagles caves and again at a high elevation.

  25. My biggest problem with most Bigfoot YouTube video is it's so far and as blurry as it can be. I've only seen a few clear pictures. I kinda think there are people making tracks and then like this guy , the camera has a malfunction of some kind. They are real but the guy is kinda hinting that the camera was malfunctioning because of the spooky Bigfoot . It's insulting

  26. Very good investigation. Makes sightings more believable when research is done after the fact. THANKYOU!

  27. I've been in the woods and seen tree limbs balanced like that. They just get broken and fall. Nothing squatchy about that!

  28. it is not wise to give Chase to a bigfoot.There was a incident where a man was kiddknapped by a family of Bigfoot. He escaped ,…but he was about to be ate I would say

  29. who carries a tape measure around with them? i like the 'i'll be back' and then a footprint ,lol, really he should say 'i'll be back after i lay some fake footprints',, problem with videos from fanatics and believers, is they want everything they see to be bigfoot evidence and sightings and is why he took a tape measure with him, he didnt know there was prints apparently by his reactions so why take a tape measure unless your purposely going to measure something and why does he have plaster of paris at hand? its all too convenient for me,, the videos from non believers are more credible.

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