VITE - A High Performance Decentralized Ecosystem! Exchange, Wallet, Ecommerce in 1 Platform

VITE – A High Performance Decentralized Ecosystem! Exchange, Wallet, Ecommerce in 1 Platform

hello everyone welcome back to my channel today in this video I will be talking about our great established pewter project and that project name is right-left right-left is not an IC o HT o ieo or any kind of talking cell project rather Ratliff's is established and right-left screen is already trading on some major exchanges ok so let me show you what is might laughs and why this project is very much good and why everyone should support replied lives project let's start so hot is right left right left is a high performance isn't realizing system red left has several products and their platform is very much established and holiday running and therefore white labs will have decentralized exchange I mean the vitex and because decentralized exchange is the future in crypto industry right right let's platform it is hyperbolas and decentralized platform and it is very secure because the instant short chain technology introduced by height is meant to address inherent secured efficiency of deck structure so the right Labs has own deck structure and it will ensure the fast and security wireless platform is strong and it is easy ability is very much good because right ecosystem provides services of contract scheduling and upgrading and therefore it will have the naming services the solidity double-plus and all of these features are tremendously improving the usability of the right platform so White Labs has some unique feature and some unique technology the white lab perform has no transaction fee and trading only consume which can be occurred by running poll I mean the poor folk rock this is a very good move in the hip industry where Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies takes a very high fees that time Ratliff's has no transaction fee so let me show you at laughs products because all of the white lives products is running now Ratliff's has multi took him all it here we can add multi-tow cane and here we can use my lips wallet to make payment receive payment and 2pi right left products okay and headless wallet has zero transaction fee and this is ultra fostering system and this always supports multiple tokens and you can call it right Rios throw the pipe left all it and wet leaves has a very good opportunity for newcomers or for capacitors because smaller might live wallet you can earn right left token as a are dope okay and therefore you can play invite let's deb games in this wallet too right now right left has all of kinds of waters like for Windows for Linux for wave for Android for iOS every kind so everyone can download and use that right left wallet so hide Labs has that is until a success as I already mentioned early that this intelligence is the future in crypto industry because it really faces a lot of actions heck but the centralized access is not able to hit because your front is only your you don't need any kind of medium for any kind of signal a success it is safer than centralized success and there's my most of the big HS and most of the big projects in kit row they are they're launching their own recent elections and right laughs has on okay so by invite left isn't elections its name by takes this is true recent opposition I mean this is not a semi or medium decentralized mitosis chance is fully decentralized and it is secure and you can si any can manage or assist very easily and therefore vitex will have all netted coin and that will be VX symbol and the explorers can collect dividends so this is another opportunity for death they take slaps in the store and supporters and you can make payment throw the white lab coat and throw the fight levelers and you can buy the right lab products because White Labs has own shop so let me show you what is that so bright lab payment method is active and this is all the big products from the white labs and because it is secure convenient and low-cost payment system and in a stream confirmation you don't need to wait too much like a larva quince because my lips has no transition and because my twin has no transition fee and it is very fast okay and the premium system is secure it is on chain order information and right Chen to not consume gas like those on ethereum ok and you can make payment to buy items perks from the white lab shops so this is the vital a beast or you can buy the fight left in charge the right cap or mock you can see here that a lot of my class products available in the white leprous store and you can buy all of them throws up I accept coins so this is another a good opportunity for the vital in the store because vital F has already products where it lives has ecommerce website and right left has a lease until a success so a lot of good things in own platform right if you want to a proud red coin holder then you can buy from the HS so right left right now buy it lab is studying on Beatrix okx calm and upbeat exchanges and we know that all of the sections are very much good and their mettle keep a transition so in head left a bright future is waiting for everyone so I suggest you have a look at vide laughs and you may buy Bitcoin and you become a proud holder up at levaquin ok so take this opportunity and be are proud pine cone holder together we can go a new hair in bed lifts ok I will make more videos about my atlas project so this is for now guys thank you for watching thank you everyone

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  1. Thanks a lot for the review ! I am a vite holder already, everything is perfect in Vite. Man, this is a great project

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