Volume Light with Vray Environment Fog

Volume Light with Vray Environment Fog

hey everyone in this lesson you're going to learn how to create awesome volume light using v-ray environment phone so I've got you this nice model of Vedas of oils you can see I'm using very glamorous for this and v-ray Sun and sky in the environment slot I'm using the very sky so let's jump into the camera view in this stage I'm fairly happy with this angle and the angle of the light so I have rendered already the beauty pass that you can see here it has no forget all this moment and that's what we're going to do right now so first of all going to go to the environment and add a very environment fog as you can see it has quite a lot of features but for our purpose we are only going to use very few of them so first I'm going to add an override material it's going to be completely black and doing so to speed up the render of the fog you this way I'm going to render out only the fog separately the separate paths and add it to the beauty render at this moment the fog is very low as you can see in this area because the default height is a set to one meter so we need to raise it so from one meter I'm going to make it to the cover the whole image for that I'm going to place a box thoroughly at the end just to check how tight is it so it's about 20 meters right down 20 meters let's check how it looks now so as you can see the image it's completely black as for now the fog is too dense so very little light can go through to the camera so to make it less dense we need to increase the fog distance so I'm going to check with a 1000 units as you can see we're starting to see light coming into the camera and I'm going to turn it up to ten thousand centimeters that should be right for now ok so we can see our ray of light coming in from the sound direction the fog itself look a bit grainy for now but that's we're going to improve it later on so I'm going to change the fall color to completely white so the Rays will be much more clear to see and the subjects I'm going to enter something hi oh good amount of subdivision like 2 5 6 should be enough to get rid of all this grainy look so let's make a test render in here much better results now I'm going to add a very atmosphere pass this is how it looks when it's render out this is our fog pass eventually and let's jump into Photoshop and see how we merge it with a beauty pass maybe play a little with the color of the fog make it more blueish maybe like in a winter situation you okay that looks good you and now I can drag it on top our real beauty render and I'm going to change the mode to screen reduce the opacity until it looks right for me okay so that was it if you liked this video don't forget to subscribe and I see you next time

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38 thoughts on “Volume Light with Vray Environment Fog

  1. Hi, does it only work with VraySun?
    Cause I can't get your result using VrayLight, BUT I have fog in the scene. I can't see it when I override the materials to flat black, but there is fog in the scene. The more I increase it the thicker the fog becomes.

  2. нахрена создавать туман, чтобы отдельно его накладывать в фотошопе? в фотошопе я могу наложить туман и без макса, скачав его с интернета

  3. Could you please tell me the computer specification required to this kind of rendering? The one I have can't do this kind of thing.

  4. Thank you for this tutorial. Only one question: How did you manage to get wider dialog windows (Render setuo, Environment etc.) than in the standard GUI. I searched sometimes where to edit this without success.

  5. This might be the six time I watch this vid. 🙂 It's great. Mind telling me how you deal with precission on such a large scene? What system units you use also (like what precission and stuff) Hugs from Argentina

  6. when i put trees models in my file it make file so heavy and take to much time to render what can i do plz help me sir?

  7. Arch Viz Camp
    I did what you teached us but the results are not good. What am I doing wrong? The sun rays are not visible like they are in your final image. Help please !

  8. Any easy way to do this in an animation? I have around 20 seconds of footage, and I can't do this for every single picture…

  9. fantastic tutorial, only one question- lets say i have a foggy street with lit lanterns (vray sphere lights) and hdr dome and i want the fog to scatter the light from the lanterns- how can i do that?

  10. Great tutorial. I'm curious how it would work with HDRI lighting? I tried in a scene with HDRI and didn't get any "god rays".

  11. Nice quick tip 🙂

    Btw, if you drag and hold Shift in PS when you move an
    image from 1 window to the other, and then release your mouse button,
    it will drop it into place so you don't have to manually align it.

  12. This is great! I've been looking for a good quick tutorial on this subject! Will try it out. Is it the same approach when rendering interiors with light rays coming in through a window?

  13. Very nice sir. I will try this now. Just one question, can you show us if we can bound the fog effects in a specific area/ space.

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