6 thoughts on “Wake Forest cancels Christmas parade due to violence concerns

  1. These people who are threatening violence are the real bigots not the confederate sons or whatever, we live in a free country and the fact that we can disagree makes it one of the best countries in world(I’ve been to 18) sad thing is this is just happening more and more, I’m afraid to think of what the world will be like when my kids grow up

  2. Notice they never have to cancel a liberal themed parade due to violence. That is because the violence is not coming from conservatives.

  3. Disrespecting soldiers of any kind is there right. I know these were Americans in a budding nation and I know it’s not the same but i disrespect anybody who praises the Nazis, again I know it’s far different situation however our right to free assembly and free speech allows me and them as well to do so. The outrage is that they would use that platform and encourage violence. If the cards were reversed and it was the confederate sons protesting say the “lives matter movement” or the helping hands group it would be national news

  4. the only problems arise at parades and community events occur when these extremist radical Leftist groups come in and stir things up. The radical Leftist groups that have infested the Democratic party are also why I changed my voting from Democrat to Republican, for the first time since 1982. These radical groups are worse and more dangerous and intolerant than what they claim to "protest".

  5. What the hades is the rebel flag and fake soldiers doing in a Christmas parade? IT'S FREAKIN' CHRISTMAS!

    The only Confederate flag of concern is the white flag of surrender. YOU TRAITORS TO THE USA LOST. YOU WERE CRUSHED AND SLAVERY ELIMINATED.

    Geez, get over yourself and come into the 21st century.

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