Wake Forest – From the Ground Up

Wake Forest – From the Ground Up

This is all about our
Facilities Department trying to let people get a good idea of what we do each and every
day and how we perform. I’m just really pumped up. I’m really rejuvenated about my job about the people I work with. I’ve had a good chance to
get to know a lot of people at other departments
because we’ve been spending a lot of time rehearsing,
first as individuals and then this week as a group. And I’m just in awe of what we’ve created. – To see the people
mingling with each other that’s what it’s all about. We’re a group of 300 people and if you didn’t have people like we have the campus wouldn’t survive. These people are genuine, they’re sincere and probably some of
the most talented people that I’ve ever worked with. So to see them come together
to put on a performance to showcase Wake Forest was amazing. – There was a lot of stories to tell here. Facilities is a very
distinct, diverse work group. There are so many different
kinds of jobs that are done and there were a number of issues that were important to the staff that they felt like they got to talk about so we spent a lot of time
thinking about what was said and how to say it. And when it comes down to it our job is really to help people see the human being more fully. – Having a lot of fun with my coworkers. That was probably one of the
things that stands out the most and probably will be a great
memory for years to come and hopefully at a
retirement party one day I can say, “You know, “We’re going to play the
video of this.” (laughs) – When I was in the back
and I was watching it there were a couple moments
I was pretty teary-eyed. To see the dedication and the hard work. That’s something that I’ll bring through the rest of my career. And more importantly there
were people in this production that are going to be
retiring in the spring and this was like a
legacy kick off for them. This is a send-off that
we’ll be able to play back over and over and over and say, “Wow, “what a memorable moment.” – I think a lot of unexpected
things for me have happened like I’ve met employees like Gary and custodial Hugh is a carpenter that were here when I was here. Elizabeth, Paul Sheff. What a wonderful thing. I feel so grateful that I’ve
gotten to come back Wake Forest and connect with the people in Facilities because they have given
me a whole other reason to love this campus. (relaxed brass music)

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