Waltonchain Bullrun Shows Start Of Crypto Revolution in business ecosystem

Waltonchain Bullrun Shows Start Of Crypto Revolution in business ecosystem

Walton chained baby making some of them gains and definitely interested of course big coin at eleven thousand 127 now today is of course seven five two thousand nineteen how's it goin everybody welcome to a brand new episode of crypto clout I'm here your host phase crypto to talk about Walton chain and the global leader in blockchain IOT and of course it's interesting to look at that Walton chain again haven't made a video about Walton chain in quite a while but for those of you who are regular viewers of the channel you're of course aware that this has been one of the most focused on projects in my portfolio I've been accumulating Walton channel I don't always tell you guys what I'm doing behind the scenes sort of anybody's you can do whatever they want but I mean one of the things that I'd be most interested in Walton chain from the beginning is of course I mean knows juicy $42.00 all-time highs I mean really one of those cryptos that's proven itself time time again and the fact that I mean we saw the rally that recently occurred with Bitcoin and all the other Kryptos sort of making a smash hit back into the scene getting people talking about crypto I think that anybody could have you know it's anybody's guess what's gonna happen next but I mean definitely one of those interesting technologies and I always like to look at what these technologies are going to be operating in the real world how they're going to look I mean reading Walton chains a white paper that gives you sort of an idea of where we're going to be seeing this crypto basically you know making its mark on that a lot of different aspects and this was an interesting chart as well so if we passed that 225 now with heavy volume show go up like a rocket ship now I'm talking about the RSI getting high then no essentially the different things that will need to happen but I mean long-term definitely an interesting project to recommend at all you go and do some research and if you haven't already wallet and chain definitely very interesting crypto and it's good to see the getting the attention that it deserves and now just congratulations to everybody out there in the cryptocurrency community I mean I know that it's been a pretty interesting couple of months I'm you know especially the latter part of the end of June and all these different things we've been seeing some very interesting developments in the cryptocurrency space and gonna be getting back at it with regular videos but I just wanted to you know just make this quick update video haven't spoken about Walt and chaining quite some time and now I think that it's a damn shame that Walt and Shane doesn't get a lot of the attention that it deserves so I figured that it was good to just contribute this video to the overall cryptocurrency community and you know who could argue I mean 19.95 percent gains is definitely pretty awesome and I think that we're going to be seeing some pretty interesting momentous events happening in the cryptocurrency space in particular Bitcoin sorry about that that kind of a cough but yeah that's gonna be it you know remember this video is for entertainment educational purposes only you know of course not financial advice I'm not your dad but I'll be making a video when I'm my throat clears up and I'm able to really talk but all that being said I hope you guys have enjoyed this little video see you guys next one have a good one

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9 thoughts on “Waltonchain Bullrun Shows Start Of Crypto Revolution in business ecosystem

  1. Waltonchains partnerships



    ZDNet Korea


    Dongdaemun Fashion Town



    Korean Food and LiveStock Association

    Korean Standards Association

    GOME Finance

    Alibaba Cloud

    China Mobile IoT Alliance

    Xiamen Branch of China Telecom Corporation Limited

    Zhangzhou Branch of China Telecom Corporation Limited

    Fujian IoT Industry Association

    "Smart Oceans" blockchain R&D project with Fujian Provincial Government

    Air purification and smart monitoring project with Jinhu Provincial Government

    Building "Blockchain Silicon Valley" with Taiwan Cloud and Fujian Provincial Government


    Huodull Technology



    Shenzhen Card Cube Smart Technology co., Ltd

    NIDS Sensor Technology



    Yunnan Yunshanghuaxia Trading co., Ltd.

    JU&KE Creative Design

    Fanfangxiang Culture & Media co., Ltd.

    Shenzhen M&A Association of Listed Companies





    Lipson Plastic

    Xiangyu Group



    Guangdong Original Clothing Trading Center


    Direct delivery

    Fujian Soonbox Logistics Park

    KISA and Korean IoT research centre

    Korea University engineering department

    Sungkyun Technologies

    NH Tech

    NC Technologies

    NanKang City Furniture industry

    Taiwan Cloud Association






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