War Fighter Helmet Developed by Researchers at USM

War Fighter Helmet Developed by Researchers at USM

This is what it sounds like when tremendous
force strikes the surface of this recently developed war fighter helmet. But it’s what’s inside this head protection
technology that is attracting attention from leaders of the U.S. armed services. Rather than traditional foam material, researchers
at Southern Miss are using temperature resistant cushioning materials to improve helmets for
use by U.S. war fighters. It’s an exciting time to actually be involved
in soldier and athlete protection of head injury. Dr. Wiggins lead the research effort that
recently developed athletic helmets for sporting goods company Rawlings, which has manufactured
the helmets for hundreds of pro and collegiate athletes. Now that same cushioning technology is being
tested for use by the U.S. army. Anything that we can do to better protect
the war fighter is obviously a positive attribute of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. And to be involved with these types of developments
in such an important area of national need is really exciting. During each stage of research, students have
played a crucial role in the development and testing of the protection system. I think it really helped me even with my classes
because I kind of saw where everything was tying together early on, you know, in the
beginning of my college career to kind of see okay this is where it goes and this is
why this is important, and was able to use it immediately in the research. And while the helmet technology is attracting
international attention for the school of polymers, Dr. Wiggins says the departments
greatest asset is its’ students like Krebbs. To have these opportunities to create next
generation scientists who are aware of contemporary, national issues such as soldier and athlete
protection is allowing Southern Miss to put future scientists and researchers out that
are going to continue to drive the advancement of these protection systems. From the University of Southern Mississippi,
I’m Layla Essary.

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