11 thoughts on “What Does Too Much Sugar Do to the Body?

  1. Dang..I'm definitely cutting down on sugar. I never wanted to know or care but as I'm growing I'm learning it's so bad for you 😫

  2. why would you ever take extra sugar these days when you have stevia/truvia? 0 calories, doesn't increase blood sugar, not stored in the body, taste as good as sugar, not artificial etc…

  3. Everything has sugar. Eating a burger every day will still cause you to crave sugar. It's not what you eat…its when and how much. You want sugar everyday…eat it..just not too much…if you want oreos… eat em…just not 10 cookies.

  4. Adding sugar causes u to age? HA ! I’m only 26 yes but I get told I look 19 all the time and I’m a sugar addict. Take that drs lol

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