What If a Coin Sized Black Hole Appeared On Earth?

What If a Coin Sized Black Hole Appeared On Earth?

black holes are one of our universe's greatest and most destructive mysteries their true power is difficult to fully comprehend but to take a step in the right direction it may help to think about what might happen if a black hole appeared really really close to home just a small one the size of a coin even at this size things get real crazy real fast fasten your galactic seatbelts as I take you on a spacetime bending journey of mystery and destruction the first thing to note is that black holes aren't really holes in fact that the densest objects in the known universe most black holes are created when huge stars collapse and in mere moments the cores of gas giants many times more massive than our Sun are compressed to a tiny fraction of their original size despite their relatively small size the sheer amount of mass contained within the black holes gives them an enormous gravitational pull it's the same principle that pulls us towards the ground of the earth only if Earth's mass were comparable to a black hole jumping to score a slam dunk would be permanently out of the question as a matter of fact so would all sports and any movement or life in general but I'll get into the destructive details in a while black holes are often described as blank spots in the universe and are detected only by the effect they have on what surrounds them the event horizon of a black hole is the distance which no known matter not even light can escape its pull light is a kind of electromagnetic radiation and exists as little energy packets called photons photons have no mass but they're still affected by gravity to understand how this is possible it's useful to know that the commonly held idea of gravity is just a pole is a simplification it's actually wave weirder all objects with or without mass warp the very fabric of the universe which is known as space-time as black holes have such enormous masses they distort space-time substantially enough that they are able to noticeably alter the path of light light simply follows the distorted curve of space-time created by the black hole becoming trapped inside well give you a moment to process all of that ready to carry on great and even so even light is drawn towards black holes hence the name but the complexity doesn't end there Stephen Hawking put forward the theory that black holes emit something called Hawking radiation this means that black holes may be giving our energy as well as drawing it in meaning they'll eventually use up their resources and die black holes are both fascinating and scare most of the world's prominent physicists agree that there's a supermassive black hole at the center of her own galaxy and that in the same way Earth orbits around the Sun our solar system orbits this dark beast but despite the hundreds of positive theories and the reams of research we've managed to accumulate we are really only just beginning to understand black holes we do know however that they're one of the most destructive forces in the universe so what would happen if a black hole appeared on earth a supermassive black hole would eliminate the solar system immediately but what about a slightly more reasonably sized one a tiny one even say that little guy I mentioned before the one the size of a coin for this thought experiment it's necessary to define exactly what is meant by the size of a coin namely mass or diameter as black holes are incredibly dense if one were to have the mass of a coin it would be very very tiny so tiny in fact that it wouldn't be stable enough to stick around very long not that this would make it safe and harmless though a black hole with a diameter of a coin would be a different story let's explore both if a black hole had the mass of a coin like a nickel which is 5 grams or approximately 1/5 of an ounce it would decay into Hawking radiation extremely quickly basically all black holes eventually evaporate after reaching a certain size and this evaporation gets faster and faster the smaller the black hole gets a tiny 5th ounce black hole would be near the end of its lifespan and the rapid decay would release a huge amount of energy in fact it would release energy three times that released by the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined equal to approximately 110 kilo tons of explosives if it spawned in San Francisco this little terror would be enough to destroy most of the city if the black holes in the ocean were very close to a tectonic plate within the earth the consequences could be more extreme it would be equivalent to a substantial nuclear blast and so could potentially cause earthquakes and even tsunamis humanity would survive most likely but the destruction and death toll would be considerable cities or entire islands could be destroyed if it were a major international center like New York London or Tokyo than the geopolitical and financial consequences could ripple throughout the rest of the world after the blast rubble debris and dust from the explosion could be flown for miles causing electrical issues and respiratory difficulties among countless other problems and imagine the widespread horror and social unrest when we all realized black holes are just a hearing out of thin air this is apocalyptic stuff and there would be no way to prepare for it or know whether or not it would happen again the one upside maybe is that it would be a real boon for physicists graduate physicists employment with sky rocket as we put everything into trying to figure out what the heck is going on and as horrifying as all of that sounds the spontaneous black hole with the coins mass is the better option a black hole with the diameter of a coin would cause an absurd amount of damage this little black hole would be stable enough to stick around and that means it would do what a black hole does best crush if it were the size of a nickel the black hole would have a mass almost exactly equal to that of the earth if it were the size of a quarter it'd have almost twice the mass of Venus and all of that mass in a black hole is actually concentrated at its center when we visualize a black hole we usually include everything up to its event horizon but all its physical mass is actually thought to be found in a singular tiny point this is known as a singularity for the purposes of this video however the diameter refers to the distance between the opposite edges of the black hole's event horizon the placement of this black hole of ours matters the side of our planet closest to the black hole would have the most gravitational pull exerted on it and would be pulled first into the abyss followed by well the rest rock by rock pebble bipedal atom-by-atom the earth and everything on it would be pulled into the black hole once past the black hole's event horizon everything would be crushed into absolute oblivion every atom of everything person and animal inside the black hole would be compressed into a space more claustrophobic and unpleasant than a sweaty rush-hour subway train as a nickel sized black hole would have an almost identical mass and hence gravitational force to earth the two would form a mutual orbit like a face sucking teenage couple at the school dance the two celestial bodies would perform a disturbing final dance the close proximity of the two would cause the black hole to physically pass through the earth during its orbit pulling enormous chunks of our planet beyond its event horizon as it went with every movement the little black hole would be eating our planet eventually there would be nothing but a hollow disk of rock where our earth once stood orbiting the black hole and the moon orbiting that we of course would be all long gone along with all of their life on our former planet so everything gets pulled into a black hole what happens to it there let's imagine you sat there on the bus minding your own business when our coin diameter black hole comes into being insider as if small change wasn't annoying enough every nanometer of your being would be dragged into the black hole partially because of the closeness between its center of mass and your body but another factor equally important any part of you in direct contact with the ever-growing mini monster would soon find itself in the basically infinite pool beyond its event horizon and being pulled into a black hole happens in a totally mind-bending way the parts of you closest to the black hole will be pulled towards it with a greater acceleration due to gravity this means the bits of you closest to your wallet your legs and groin would be stretched into long lines of atomic and subatomic particles these would lead the way as you were tugged into the black hole or as those in the know put it spaghettified the rest of you would follow suit in the nanoseconds following I don't know about you but I think spaghettification deserves a place on the list of most bizarre physics terms alongside charm quarks and leptons what would all this look like to the guy unlucky enough to be sat next to you in the bus if they were able to view it all in a super slow action replay well as the gravitational field of a black hole bends space-time and consequently light everything around the black hole including you will appear smudged and distorted in a circular pattern around that coin in your wallet the curvature of space-time caused by a black hole means that to any outsider looking in time appears to slow down for the person next to you the closer the stringy missed that once was your body gets to the black hole the slower it'll appear to be moving until it eventually reaches the little black hole's event horizon here you would appear to stop and then slowly fade out of existence as a matter of fact you'd gradually become Pinker as the wavelengths of light reflecting back into the ice the viewer become increasingly shifted towards the red end of the spectrum all of this happens because of the space-time bending effects of the black hole pretty weird bus ride for the guy next to you but not for long because you'd be sharing an almost infinitely small one-room apartment in less than a nanosecond anything in the universe theoretically can become a black hole with enough force luckily for us though it seems that the necessary compression only usually happens to very very big things the stars we believe become black holes are usually around 25 times greater than the mass of our Sun a little smaller around 10 times our Sun and you get a neutron star even smaller stars will simply cool down and become dwarf stars but those stars that are massive enough collapse with an unimaginable amount of energy compressing their cores and expelling stellar materials across the universe and explosive events known as super novae so considering the mass usually required to form a black hole it's not likely to happen on or near earth especially in your pocket but the truth is there's a lot we don't know about black holes certainly we don't know much about what's in the center of them apart from being spaghettified does what fall into a black hole retain physical form does it break all the laws of physics by ceasing to exist are black holes pathways to alternate universes these and many other theories have been posited as for finding out for ourselves the tiny meat suits we occupy would be pulled apart pretty early in our journey so unless we can get around that issue it'll be difficult to know for sure what goes on beyond the event horizon we may never know everything about black holes but we're finding out more every day and advances like the imagery from the event horizon telescope are helping us to do so one thing's for sure though enough is known for me to advise you that you should probably stay away from them and if you suspect one is materializing in your wallet don't try to spend it on a soda throw it as far as you can and hope for the best are you mesmerised by the cosmic mystery that is black holes or are you just plain terrified what crazy theories do you have about them let me know in the comment section down below thanks for watching you

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48 thoughts on “What If a Coin Sized Black Hole Appeared On Earth?

  1. What if we put a spaghetti in black holes?? Would that be spaghetti spaghettified? My mind is gone right now.

  2. Well if a black hole crash in to our place that is the size is a coin the earth will become ur anus bro

  3. You know that the scientists at the CERN particle accelerator are creating black holes that have twice the mass of a 1 euro coin and nothing is happening. Scientifically proven wrong! Next time do your research properly.

  4. This was published just 2 days ago, and yet the information in it is dated. A lot of the "facts" are pure speculation based in part on just mathematical "what ifs", some of which have been out of favor in the physics community for at least 3 years. In the case of "black holes" the answers are often " we don't know" and "the field of study is changing so fast that what we thought we knew last month is already being updated and modified". Remember that 80% of this is just theory with NO EXPERIMENTAL PROOF. Just because you can bend the Math to fit your theory, does not make it a fact!

  5. Honestly, it's terrifying how easily something could send our entire planet into mass panic and kill us all within seconds

  6. Let's get to the point of me not understanding a fucking word of that in a sec..
    Dude, you didn't take a god damn breath!!! 😕😂 Lol
    Are you super human? Or did you just record yourself in short bursts of found knowledge and gel it together?? 😂🤣🤔🤨
    Every time I watch this kind of thing, I'm like errrrrm…???!! 🤔
    I'm a pretty intelligent person, but this stuff ~ Sheesh!!.. Goes right through me. 😕🙄
    Was interesting to try and keep up though, in between listening to the material, and you not taking a breath.
    Making me want to breath for you.. like when you see someone on TV under water for a long time. 💦😳😂

  7. The size doesn’t matter it can still wreck our planet. Even if it’s like 1 cm high.

    Unless we use flex tape.

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