What If The Amazon Rainforest Never Existed?

What If The Amazon Rainforest Never Existed?

the Amazon rainforest is a sprawling
jungle stretching across 5.5 million square kilometers an area over half the
size of Europe the Amazon has existed for an estimated 55 million years but
what if it never existed hello and welcome back to life’s biggest questions
a channel that looks to answer a plethora of queries from reality to
fiction from science to history to pop culture we are one of the og homes of
the what if discussion video I’m your host Rebecca Phil gates and today I am
asking true to form what if the Amazon rainforest never existed before we get
into this video I want to know what your favorite animal is that lives in the
rainforest you can google it if you want I’m gonna go with pink river dolphins
because you know dolphins let a pink doing that thing it’s just good stuff
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what say you the Amazon is big it’s around fifty six
percent of the size of the United States of America or thirteen times bigger than
this state of California answering a question that asks what the world would
have been like without 0.04% of his entire land masters house plant and
animal life for millions of years I mean honestly truly who knows but I
will tell you what I do know and we’ll make a bit of an estimation firstly let
me start with my beloved pink dolphins because honey’s would not be there inaud
an Absolut platter of life-forms the Amazon is home to 10% of all of the
wildlife species that we know about and plenty that we don’t a new species is
found in the Amazon every three days the Amazon is the known home of 1300 bird
species three thousands types of fish 430
2.5 million different insects according to the World Wildlife Fund the Amazon
has more types of ant on one tree than some entire countries the Amazon also
contains 1/3 of the world’s known plant species which have been used to generate
important medicines over our human history these days medicines to treat or
cure inflammation rheumatism diabetes malaria heart conditions
skin diseases arthritis glaucoma and more are made with Amazonian plant life
without these ingredients Western medicine would not be where it is today
and that in itself has many many different far-reaching consequences in a
butterfly effect it spawns that the Amazon is a valuable resource for rubber
varnish paint and wood finishings as well as cosmetics such as soap and
shampoos perfumes detergents and the like sure these plate less of a role in
human survival than medicine but they have generated industry and boosted
global economies better – that the Amazon has given the world wood
furniture and structures made from teak mahogany rosewood balsa and Sandler
would come from the Amazon although its extraction has become unsustainable that
has had a big impact in the way that we’ve built structures the most –
precious resources that Amazon has offered to the world over the years are
oxygen produced from the rainforest and freshwater by the enormous Amazon River
it is largely quoted that the Amazon rainforest creates 20% of the Earth’s
oxygen although a recent article on the BBC claimed it was more like 10% either
way it’s a significant amount of oxygen and
without it perhaps the air quality would have been altered the rainforest and the
river are part and parcel of one would struggle to exist without the other and
the massive river with all of its tributaries contain 20 percent of the
world’s flowing freshwater without this settlements in South America countries
like Brazil Peru and Bolivia could not be what they are today in general could
we have even out of Brazil without the Amazon the short answer is probably no
the long answer would look at a lot of factors like
Kleinert water fuels fibers economy and would still get back to no so one of the
most important functions of the rainforests is climate and weather
control their rainforest affects rainfall patterns across South America
and even beyond that in fact beyond that it’s suggested that the Amazon
influences rainfall in Central America and the western United States without
the rain forest it’s likely that the land would be dry and arid with knock-on
effects across two continents South America and North America remember the
man’s it’s suspected that one of the main reasons that they died out is
because they over logs that area too much deforestation led to droughts which
is why people are so concerned about the loss of the rainforests today if the
Amazon rainforest never existed human life in South America would historically
be very different today the Amazon is home to more than 30 million people some
1.6 million of these Amazon dwellers are indigenous ancient tribes who is to say
how civilizations would have risen and fallen if the inhabitants land hadn’t
been there while I might be finding it hard to definitively answer what would
happen if the Amazon rainforest had never existed perhaps we will know what
it will be like in our time without it’s while the forest has spent millions of
years blooming in just a few generations of human life we’ve begun killing it off
since the 1950s the Amazon rainforest has lost 18% of its original forest
cover and up to 50% of the forest has been partially destroyed the reason the
rainforest is being felled at such an alarming rate is to make way for
agricultural practices such as farming Castle and soybeans for the extraction
of oil and gas for mining and for logging if we continue at our current
rates the entire forest could be lost in 150 years so where will we be without it
there will be more carbon dioxide in the air that’s for sure the forest stores 86
billion tons of carbon temperatures would rise which would bring about a
chance of more fires the I would be significantly more polluted
which could contribute to global health issues and of course with a dip in
medication from eradicated Amazon resources they could be feeling pretty
sick it is estimated that there would be significantly less rain in the west of
the United States which means less water for the population there down south
things would be even worse people would be thirsty and very hungry without the
rain forest the Amazon River would significantly shrink which means less
water and less food millions of people would get hungry because the river and
its tributaries are a huge source of protein across Brazil with the fish
so yeah in my opinion not great to be honest with you so that is enough of
that let me know what you think the world would be like without the Amazon
rainforest I’m honestly very curious to know for now though that is all I have
on this video please do once again click that thumbs up button and share this
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you in the next one please do stay curious Taylor and never ever stop

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  1. Then you p a t h e t i c n o r m i e t r a s h who cut down trees will d e s t r o y humanity by cutting oxygen and being haterz of de wae. I will dab on you with thelegend27 in Thanos Car while Nyan Cat and 360noscoping are playing on the radio!

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    Plus The Amazon gives the world….WOOD….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😉😏.

  3. This is a big problem and no one cares, something tells me humans will make ALL life go extinct or just hurt VERY high amounts of it.

  4. The Amazon rainforest is very important because it provides oxygen for humans and animals provides 20% oxygen for earth

  5. Humans want to replace this unimaginably rich ecosystem with soy plantations and farms for cattle… Humans are worse than vermin! It's really time for a raging, global pandemic to wipe out 90% of the human population !

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