What If There Were No Whales on Earth

What If There Were No Whales on Earth

Hey there! Whales are the biggest creatures
in the history of our planet. Their influence on not only nature but also humanity and our
culture is equally as huge. I think their cool! I love ‘em so much in fact, you could
call me the “Prince of Whales”. Or not. Anyway, you wouldn’t think their existence
would affect our life, but let’s see what the world would look like if there were no
whales! Whale, let’s take a moment to appreciate
the coolest representative of this species. The blue whale is the largest and heaviest
creature that’s ever lived on Earth. Yes, much bigger than any dinosaur you can imagine.
It’s as long as a Boeing 737 and as heavy as 4 of them! The longest blue whale ever measured was just
shy of 110 ft – longer than the distance between the bases on a baseball diamond. It
weighs up to 200 tons. That’s about 30 African elephants, the largest land creature today.
Just the tongue of a whale weighs as much as 2 hippos, and 100 people could fit inside
its mouth. Um, we tried that once at the company party,
but we could only get 74 people in the whale’s mouth before, you know, he swallowed them.
Man. Lost the whole sales team too. No, not really. Actually, with such a huge size, the blue
whale is one of the most harmless creatures in the ocean. There haven’t been any blue
whale attacks on humans recorded in the past hundred years. So you’d probably be safe
swimming next to one, and I know you’d be surprised by how small their eyes are compared
to that massive body – they’re only about the size of a grapefruit! There are all kinds of whale species, and
they’re all divided into two groups: baleen and toothed. Obviously, the toothed kind have
teeth, and they tend to be hunters. Baleen whales have toothbrush-like combs instead
of teeth, and they live on tiny organisms like plankton and krill. So, again, if you’re
ever swimming next to a whale and checking out its eyeballs, please check if it has teeth
first! Alright, whales are fascinating, but let’s
get back to the question at hand. A world without all whales entirely, starting with
our own history… In ancient times, and I wasn’t around then,
people believed that three huge whales carry our planet on their backs. The whales swam
across the endless ocean of life. Of course, that was before astronomers discovered that
the earth floats in space and revolves around the sun thanks solely to our star’s gravitational
pull. But still, the concept of three whales has become a popular fairy tale. And if there
were no whales, then what would people come up with? Does the earth stand on huge walruses?
Sharks? Three elephants on a turtle? Oh yeah, that one also existed. Well, anyway… What about those tales of sailors coming to
an island only to find out it’s the back of a whale? The concept and visuals make for
a great plot in all kinds of films and books. On that note, if there were no whales, the
whaling ship “Essex” would never have encountered an enormous sperm whale. These events wouldn’t
have inspired Herman Melville to write one of the greatest books of the 19th century:
Moby-Dick. “So what? It’s just an old book!” Hey,
not so fast! Did you know that Starbucks is named after one of the novel’s characters?
Remember Starbuck, the first mate on the ship and one of the main characters in the story?
Skipped that day in Literature class, eh? Well, no whales, no Starbucks. Ok, fine, maybe
the coffee shop would go by a different name… It wasn’t only the true story of the Essex
that inspired Melville to write Moby-Dick. The author actually worked on a whaling ship
and caught whales for a long time. Why? Because humanity had been doing it for thousands of
years, and nobody thought any different. People began hunting whales for their fat, which
was used for fuel in oil lamps. That oil was also used to make soaps and cosmetics. Without
whales, would humanity have found a different source, or would we have never discovered
soap at all? Pee-yew… Baleen was a must-have back in the whaling
days. Also known as whalebone, those bristly things were used to make ropes, nets, dishes,
clothes – it was pretty much as popular as plastic is today. Fashion could’ve taken a completely different
path. Without whalebone, we wouldn’t have come up with corsets! Hmm, perhaps the hour-glass
silhouette would’ve never become the fashionable trend. Maybe pear-shapes would be the beauty
standard. Let me know down in the comments any other ways you imagine the world would
change if we didn’t have whales! But mostly, it’d have to be the effect on
the food chain and the rich sea life. Without orcas, we’d have a lot more sea lions, squids,
and walruses. And if there are more sea lions, then the number of all crustaceans and mollusks
will noticeably decrease, since these blubbery creatures live on that crunchy stuff. A lobster
lunch is already pricey, but without whales, it’ll become even more expensive. Seafood
will be a luxury. Even ordinary fish will feel the consequences.
Blue whales feed on tiny krill. When a whale goes to the bathroom – (let’s stop for
second to imagine that. Whoa that’s a big one.) Anyway, it provides phytoplankton with
their food source. Phytoplankton feed ordinary fish. Those little fish get eaten by bigger
fish, and so on. Circle of life, right? Phytoplankton also play a major role in keeping
greenhouse gases at bay. They help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In a world
without whales, this entire planet could be a lot hotter! If whales disappear, the ocean will also lose
… singing! Whales, birds, bats, and humans are the only creatures on earth who can sing.
Male whales sing songs to attract females, and females sing lullabies to reassure their
offspring. The incredible thing is that each song is unique, it’s never repeated. The sound
of these songs span thousands of miles all around! There are so few sounds in the ocean,
so without whales, it’ll become one of the quietest places on the planet! By the way, if there weren’t any whales,
there couldn’t be dolphins either… if we’re talking about whales never having
even existed. Dolphins, as well as porpoises, are a type of whale! In fact, they’re that
“toothed” kind, meaning orcas are actually large dolphins! If there are no whales, then who will become
the largest creature on Earth? That’s right, the African elephant. However, if whales had
never existed as a species, then the African elephant would probably have competitors!
Or bigger family reunions. Yep, elephants and whales are related… I’m sure you know whales aren’t fish – they’re
mammals that happen to live in the ocean. They don’t have gills, and they can’t breathe
underwater. These animals take in air through the blowhole on their heads every 15-30 minutes
depending on the species. By the way, the toothed kind only have 1 blowhole, but baleen
whales have 2. There’s another way you can tell the difference! Anyway, here’s the theory: millions of years
ago (I wasn’t around then), the animals that whales would later come from actually
walked on land! They looked like huge pigs or hippos, and the hippos you know today do
share a common ancient ancestor with whales! (Along with other hooved beings like cows,
deer, giraffes, and sheep!) These pre-whale “pigs” lived near the ocean. They kept
getting driven closer and closer to the water by dangerous predators coming into their territory.
Well, eventually, they had no other choice than to jump into the water and start a new
life as aquatic mammals! Ok, it didn’t quite go like that. It took
millions and millions of years for this evolutionary process to happen. But over time, their hooves
and limbs would be replaced with fins. In fact, whales and dolphins still have hip bones
today! They don’t use them or anything, they’re just there and slowly disappearing,
much like tailbones on humans! And what if those prehistoric piggies hadn’t
taken to the water? We could have pigs the size of a house rolling around out in the
mud! Humungous hippos would be kings of all the savannas. It’s hard to say, but probably
unlikely that they’d be any bigger than they are now… And that’s because gravity isn’t as strong
when you’re in water. Whales don’t feel their enormous weight because they don’t rely
on their limbs to hold them up. This factor allowed these animals to become so huge. That,
and metabolism slows down in cold water versus on land. As a result, whales accumulated more
fat and became so massive. As for the last factor, there were probably fewer dangers
for whales in the water. So, they could multiply and evolve almost without obstacles. And wasn’t that a whale of a tale? Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other cool videos
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