What If You Had to Live Underwater for Years

What If You Had to Live Underwater for Years

So, how long can you hold your breath underwater? I bet not as long as Aleix Segura Vendrell
from Spain! A professional free diver, he managed to hold
his breath for 24 minutes and 4 seconds, and I just can’t wrap my head around this fact! But it got me wondering: could people live
underwater? Come to think of it, living underwater would
have loads of advantages. For example, hurricanes and tsunamis wouldn’t
be dangerous anymore: in a deep-water house, you wouldn’t even feel the raging waves. People wouldn’t need aquariums anymore, what
with fish swimming around everywhere. You wouldn’t need a swimming pool if you decided
to throw a pool party. There would be more space for guests, and
you’d be able to play hide-and-seek among the corals. On a more serious note though, people, unfortunately,
aren’t designed for living underwater. Remember how your fingers get wrinkled when
you spend too much time in the water? Now imagine your whole body looking like that! Eww! Plus, your muscles are built to help you move
on land. That’s why, if you spent all your time underwater,
they would atrophy, and you’d become incredibly weak. What I mean is that if people had to spend
their lives in the water, they’d have to evolve and turn into a completely different
species. And if you think growing gills would be enough,
think again! Let’s be honest, your limbs aren’t the most
effective implements when it comes to swimming. That’s why you’d also have to grow fins. You don’t have enough body hair or body fat
to stay in the water for a long time and not get hypothermia. So, you’d probably need scales. Plus, if you decided to live in a lake or
river, you wouldn’t be able to see clearly because the water wouldn’t be that transparent. But even if you chose the ocean as your new
home, you’d have the same problem. Yes, closer to the ocean surface, the water
is much clearer than in any lake. And your gills would supply you with oxygen,
which would prevent you from blacking out as you move deeper. But at a depth of 650 ft, it would already
be too dark for you to see anything. And don’t forget about the water pressure! Let’s say you decide to avoid these problems
altogether and settle in the shallows where you wouldn’t need any pressurized airspace. But then, how would you communicate with those
around you? Your ears and eyes have been developing for
thousands of years to work in the air. That’s why underwater communication would
be a huge challenge. You’d be able to talk if you saved some
air in your lungs. But sooner or later, you’d run out of any
way to make your vocal cords vibrate, producing sound. Electronics wouldn’t work underwater (which
you probably know if you’ve ever dropped your smartphone in the toilet. I have). That means that you’d have to communicate
with the help of hand signals. But I guess darkness, along with murky water,
would make communication difficult. Also, have you ever tried to munch on a hot
dog at the bottom of a river? Yeah? Tell about it in the comments! Then you know that eating underwater would
be one of the most challenging things. And finally, the biggest organ of your body,
meaning your skin, would have to go through the toughest trial. Returning to those wrinkled fingers: this
effect is created by tiny bubbles of water that get trapped between the two layers of
your skin. And the most shocking thing is that it doesn’t
happen because your body absorbs liquid! On the contrary, it’s a particular way your
skin changes to be able to grip stuff when it’s wet! In other words, if your fingers didn’t get
pruney, they’d be too slippery for you to hold onto anything! This coping mechanism sounds cool, but, in
fact, it isn’t. Scientists still don’t understand the reasons
completely, but when you spend too much time in the water, your skin starts to break down. That means developing wounds and infections
until eventually, it falls off completely. Then they call you Lefty. So, if you lived underwater all the time,
you’d need to replace your good old skin with something completely different! However, scientists don’t deny that one day,
genetics might go as far as to modify humans so that they’re able to live underwater! Write down in the comments below which modification
you’d be looking forward to if you had to live underwater! Me, definitely gills! But wait! What if people didn’t have to change? What if they just adapted to the existing
circumstances? Nowadays, the idea of the colonization of
Mars comes up more and more often. Meanwhile, people forget that the ocean is
much closer and even more livable! And since the surface of our planet is 71%
water, and oceans hold more than 96% of all this water, why not make it a new home for
future generations? Of course, people would have to deal with
a number of serious challenges, like I mentioned before. Underwater cities and colonies wouldn’t be
built deeper than 1,000 feet. Any deeper than that and the structures, along
with their inhabitants, would collapse under the incredible pressure. See for yourself: if you went out of the 1,000-ft-deep
underwater city without some kind of protection, like an atmospheric diving suit, you’d be
affected by the pressure of 30 atmospheres. It means that the pressure you’d feel would
be 30 times stronger than that on land at sea level. Granted, humans are tough creatures and can
withstand the pressure of 71 atmospheres. But only for a short time and not without
bad things happening to our bodies. Yes, the ocean would definitely have a crush
on you! Anyway, even at the depth of 1,000 feet, the
walls of the buildings in an underwater city would have to be super thick and massive. Only this way would they manage to withstand
the water pressure and protect the people inside. The colonies would also have to be pressurized. If they weren’t, who knows how it would influence
their bodies! Plus, people wouldn’t only have to solve
the problem of oxygen supply, but also figure out how to maintain the correct ratio of various
air components. That’s why there would be a lot of plants
in underwater cities. And special artificial light would help those
plants produce oxygen. One of the main problems in underwater colonies
would be an infection. If someone got sick in such an enclosed space,
the virus would spread very fast. That’s why cities would be equipped with huge
machines filtering, cleaning, and disinfecting the air inside. But at least underwater colonies wouldn’t
suffer from a lack of food! Living on the ocean floor, you’d get access
to all the seafood you can find there (and that’s a lot!). People would eat fresh fish, shellfish, and
edible kinds of seaweed. Other traditional foods, like grains, vegetables,
or fruit, as well as fresh water, would be transported to underwater cities through tunnels
connected with the surface. On the other hand, the inhabitants of the
ocean colonies would most likely learn new ways of farming. They’d probably start to grow salt-tolerant
crops! For example, some plants that grow in salty
soil absorb freshwater by making themselves saltier than their surroundings. And such plants bring more harvest per acre
than, for example, sunflowers. Or people could set up farms raising shrimp
and fish, which are perfect sources of protein. Thanks to saltwater farming, people would
use less freshwater. No droughts would affect the harvest. Plus, it would be possible to grow special
plants for making ecologically friendly fuel, such as biodiesel, more cheaply. There would be a lot of scientists living
in underwater colonies. It would help them to get a better understanding
of the processes going on in the ocean. Also, they’d be researching the ocean floor,
looking for new, yet undiscovered resources. The metals and minerals they might find could
be used later in the construction of new underwater colonies. And now, I have some good news: the technology
to make underwater colonies possible already exists! These colonies can easily support up to 100
people, and scientists are working on ways to make this number bigger. The main problems so far are creating working
evacuation routes, figuring out how to get enough air, and how to make the environment
humid enough (oh, the irony!). Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other videos I think you’ll
enjoy. Just click to the left or right, and stay
on the Bright Side of life!

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