What Is Water Pollution – Organisms and Environment 2 – Biology Class 12

What Is Water Pollution – Organisms and Environment 2 – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering, HSC and IIT-JEE Mains an Advance videos. Hello students today we are studying chapter organisms and environment in that we are studying topic water pollution, when i say water pollution it means the water is dirty it contains harmful substance let us study water pollution and found out why and how does it happen. water pollution when I talk about water pollution we all have studied in our lower classes that what the pollution is nothing but contamination of water bodies when I say water body it could be legs, reverse small ponds or your nearby village is situated just beside your house how does this water bodies get contaminated what is the reason for their contamination we all know that whenever we say if there is a water body people in villages particularly worse there in utensils they go for body purposes in this water bodies it should be clean people put their detergents after washing clothes put their soap or leather in that water bodies many industries such as chemical industries agricultural industries medicinal industries your leather bag industries which emit a lot of dye and coloring agent let out their waste into this water body which further adds up to their concentration levels that is harmful substances get added to this metabolism one of the most harmful substances that is added to water bodies nowadays is mercuric oxide or length we know that length is a harmful substance now imagine this leg going inside water bodies this leg will cause bio fortification or you can say it will lead to the death of that particular water body so sometimes then it leave waste substances are deposited into water bodies and sometimes in the reclamation substances I deposit in water bodies eutrophication the deposition of green algae on the surface of water bodies are some of the common signals will be observed when a water body is dead in India one of the classes examples of dying water bodies could be the Ganga river which is slowly and steadily dying due to certain religious practices and certain industrial practices any death of water body is amalgamation of two forces one is the mankind and another is the industrial source the Ganga action plan is slowly instead he trying to clean the river but I bet that we have to clean water bodies clean continuously so that future generations could use it what a pollution when I talk about what a pollution the simple definition for this goes as contamination of water bodies the water body could be lake river ocean even your simple pond now many substances from industries household that is the visibility to do cleaning cooking bathing or tackle waste for that matter even human waste is the leading cost of contamination of water bodies in India water pollution basically occurs to do directly either with them our household waste directly into the water body or indirectly discharge of harmful waste inside water bodies when I say indirectly discharge it means industrial waste which should be treated and discharged inside what what is but they never treat the industrial waste and typically this child the waste in water bodies whenever improper treatment of water is done this wastewater is added inside water Moody’s and this wastewater basically contains toxic metals like mercury we all know that mercury is present inside thermometer which is used to check out temperatures this mercury is added inside wastewater even let let out by certain industries which are chemical industries or pharmaceutical industries which Willie’s led as the wage grown-up is without treatment active water bodies die which gives color to our clothes our bags and shoes the by-product of dye is directly added to water Morris students then all the Swiss is added inside water body what happens is then that water is not fit for our consumption that is one fact the another fact is that whenever our search waste is added to the water bodies all the flora and fauna balance in flora and fauna it means the plants animals or the sea fishes everything that is slowly and steadily and at one point that particular sea or that particular Lake will be dead containing no living organism in itself due to over the position of waste water I hope we are clear with this concept of water pollution thank you

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