Where is Scandinavia?

Where is Scandinavia?

Scan-duh-nay-vee-ah! Look at this Arctic wonderland — fjords,
saunas, fjords, lutefisk, blondes, vikings, blond vikings?, fjords, Ikea, babies in government
issued boxes, Santa, death metal, and fjords. But like, where exactly are the borders of
Scandinavia — because not off of this stuff is in it. Scandinavia is just three countries
exactly: Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Three kingdoms to be more precise, all of which
are on the Scandinavian peninsula — well, except Denmark, and errrr plus Finland. Wait,
this doesn’t help at all. Forget that. The three countries on this peninsula can
be collectively called Fennoscandia — but if you do everyone will look at you weird
because no one except the nerdiest of geography nerds uses that word. *Fennoscandia*. So, Scandinavia is a term that’s one part
geography, one part history, and one part linguistics — which is why people will argue
about who exactly is included. Finland is normally excluded because she used to be considered
one of the Baltic sisters with historical ties to mother Russia. And Denmark, though
on the other side of the sea is included because of her relationship ‘it’s complicated’ with
Sweden. They’ve had something like 15 to 21 wars between them depending on how you want
to count it. And it’s complicated-er because they mostly fought over Norway. And who wouldn’t?
She beautiful — and rich. Anyway, when outsiders say Scandinavia they
probably mean The Nordic Countries. That’s these three *plus* Finland *and* Iceland. Though you can hardly blame people for confusion
when organizations like the American Scandinavia Foundation lists everyone as members. And
all the Nordic Countries sometimes advertise abroad under the banner of Scandinavia anyway.
This is the ‘Holland’ approach to international relations: if there is a fun name that everyone
likes and keeps using wrongly, just go with it. The Nordic countries get along well enough
that they’ve made an official union: The Nordic Council, a Viking cool kids club, that other
Northern European places occasionally unrealistically dream of joining. Though the Baltic sisters
do get to sit with them, but not actually vote on anything. The Nordic Council is largely a collection
of committees that tries to get its members to cooperate on common problems like the Arctic
environment and social welfare, and business in the region. And also finds time to make
a surprisingly long and hilariously specific list rules for how their logo can be used.
Including a ‘respect distance’ the sovereignty of which must not be violated. But the biggest
deal of the Nordic Council is that citizens of these five countries get to live and work
in any of the others. (Which, if you’ve seen the EU video — adds
yet another semi-overlapping bubble of complexity to an already complex region) The immigration rule, however, doesn’t apply
to Icelandic horses which are 1. Super adorables And 2. Banished from returning to Iceland
should they ever leave. But that’s a story for another time. Now, it wouldn’t be a political union in Europe
without some special territorial weirdness to mention, mainly: – Aland: an autonomous region of Finland,
that speaks Swedish. – And The Faeroe Islands and Greenland, both
countries in the Kingdom of Denmark. Greenland is really the odd girl out in the
Nordic club, given that she’s in the wrong hemisphere and that Greenlanders aren’t historically
or linguistically related to Nords. Also, her flag ruins the otherwise consistent design
motif. But she’s part of Denmark because Vikings. Lastly there’s Svalbard, an unincorporated
territory of Norway, that must be mentioned because it has prepared for the apocalypse
with a seed bank of every plant to rebuild all of agriculture should it be necessary.
And it’s also guarded by armored bears. So that’s that — next time you say Scandinavia,
and you’re not 100% sure who that includes, just say the The Nordic Countries instead. Hello Internet, this is my first sponsored
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100 thoughts on “Where is Scandinavia?

  1. What the f word is wrong with ALMOST everbody

    Finland and Iceland are Nordic BUT NOT SCANDINAVIAN!!!

    But if knew that

    (Use google translate)

  2. Lets make it 22…

    You god dang Danes and your delicious wienerbrød, smørrebrød and your nice tuborg classic…. Dang you 😉😂

  3. Im from Denmark 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰

  4. Scandinavia = Norway, Sweden & Denmark

    The Nordic countries = Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland & Iceland

    It's not that hard, goys.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention the Faroe Islands which, like Greenland, are part of the Danish Kingdom.

  5. As a Canadian, Denmark and Greenland you have your notice. We are sending Santa and the reindeer to drop maple syrup on all of Greenland and it will be really gross. Just give up now, please and thank you. This is our hemisphere

  6. What's the most popular gameshow in Norway? Two men enter a room, one leaves and the other has to guess who just left the room.

  7. Finland has a bigger history with Sweden than with Russia. Finland was udner swedish rule over 600 years. Under Russia 100 years.

  8. Baltic countries are Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Nordic countries are Sweden, Norway,Denmark and Finland. This is offical.
    Finland was NEVER a communist country like baltic countries were.

  9. It's not what it used to be, it's now resembling a refugee centre for the entirety of northern africa, and I can't even speak out against it because of the risk of being labelled as a racist and a xenophobe. What a sad, sad, sensitive place the world has become.

  10. Omg. Finland and mother Russia. No way. Definetly Finland is a nordic country and the difference with Russia is like night and day. There is a saying nordic co-operation. That means forinstance Sweden and Finland had the military training together. Never with Russia. Finland is an independent nordic country with Sweden,Norway,Denmark and Iceland. Our standard of living is the same. UN ranked Finland the happiest country 2018 and 2019.World economic forum conference in Switzerland Davos ranked Finland the best country 2019.
    The best freedom off press
    The best personal freedom.
    The best freedom off religion
    Most generous off charity
    One off the best education system
    Very high standard off living
    Cleanist air and water
    . Finland's official languages are finnish and swedish.
    Welcome to Rosala viking centre in Hiittinen in Finland by the way.

  11. The "Scandinavian peninsula" outline at 0:27 is a bit misleading. The common definition of the peninsula only includes the part of Finland that's between Sweden and Norway.

  12. it's not a fucking arctic wonderland, like less than 1/7th of it is above the actual arctic circle, and that's the northmost part of Norway and a comparatively minor slice of Sweden. No we don't live in igloos and ride polar bears wearing horned helmets and chugging mead for either. Odd as it may seem.

  13. Would have been hilarious if you talked a bit about the Scandinavian mountain range that the British isles are part of aswell. Confusion is the name of the game.

  14. Greenland is not a part of Denmark because of vikings. Greenland is part of Denmark because they stole it from Norway. Greenland was a part of Norway because of vikings.

  15. finlanbd isnt accualy part of skandinavia only the northern part (part of lappi) that map u showed in the start isnt real map of skandinavia so finns arent skandinavian finlanf is nordic not skandinavia

  16. And now our noridc countries are DESTROYED thanks to the muslim and immigrantloving TRAITORS in our governments! what our ancestors did to build these nations are being mocked, slowly but surely we are being overrun by PC feminazi blind idiots kneeling for islam….

  17. Me reading comments: Can everyone just please behave? No? Ok. And stop forgetting Iceland from the Nords please. – A Finn

  18. I did a DNA test through 23 and me and ancestry.com and most of my DNA is from that area. From all over that area. I'm a blacksmith and specialized in Heathen things long before I knew where my roots came form. Must be in my blood.

  19. I always get so exited when I see something danish related, because I feel like Denmark is just irrelevant and boring, plus I’m danish

  20. I always get so exited when I see something danish related, because I feel like Denmark is just irrelevant and boring, plus I’m danish

  21. Scandinavia is NOT named after Scania, but after the Scandinavian mountain range ("Skanderna"). Pretty poor research.

  22. Interestingly, Scandinavia is not a term that we Scandinavians often use. As Norwegians, we may have a somewhat special relationship to söta bror (Sweden) and Denmark, but we don't often talk about a common Scandinavian identity.

    I have the same issue when I am in American and I realise that people think of me as a European. I may technically be from Europa, but I don't really self identify as European. I haven't spent much time on the continent, nor do I know much more about those countries than an American would.

    Being referred to as Scandinavian or European is kinda like what it must be like for a Scotsman to be called British.

  23. But what about Schleswig and or Holstein in the north of germany? It was danish for a long time, it had am important viking settlement called Haithabuand was fought over by germans and scandinavians.

  24. DnD oneshot where you must journey to the seed-vault in the post-apocalypse, only to be challenged by armoured bears and norsemen spirits.

  25. as a finnish person i get mildly tRIGGEREd when someone says incorrectly that finland belongs to scandinavia. Here i am like f e n n o s c a n d i a, repeat after me 💀💀💀

  26. Actually it’s not the Nordic countries it’s the north because in Sweden (where I’m from) we say Norden and that translates into the north.

  27. Denmark was included because of Sweden??? YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT #CGPGREY …..A GIANT IDIOT….but typical American stupidity! Why would you put out false info like this you fucking asshole!!!

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