Why Congress Must Declare a Climate Emergency, Says Adam McKay | Opinions | NowThis

Why Congress Must Declare a Climate Emergency, Says Adam McKay | Opinions | NowThis

we're here to call on Congress to declare a climate emergency today and why are we using the word emergency because it's an emergency it's an emergency that's happening right now climate change is happening much faster than most people realize and it's accelerating I think we all had this idea this fantasy that climate catastrophe might be happening years from now maybe to our children's children's children well you're wrong I was wrong we're all wrong it's happening today it's already killing approximately a thousand kids every day and roughly 400,000 people a year and that will only get exponentially worse if we don't all start telling the truth right now and working together to stop it were you alive in 1988 that's the year when global warming made the front page of the New York Times and presidential hopeful George HW Bush promised he would fight the greenhouse effect this greenhouse effect with the White House effect the White House effect well as it turns out more than half of all the co2 that man has created was dumped into our atmosphere in the 30 years since then that's after we were all definitively told by a Republican that climate change was happening and today scientists have confirmed that carbon dioxide is at its highest level in human history this is a threat to our livable atmosphere we have to change the way we think about this and here's how humans are social animals before I founded the climate mobilization I was a clinical psychologist for years psychologists have studied how humans evaluate risk whether a situation is dangerous and that is primarily by observing the behavior of other people it's called the bystander effect so if our room starts filling up with smoke but everyone is sitting around acting normally people will just follow the crowd stay in their seats thinking it must be fine everyone's acting normal and basically that's what's happening now there is a climate emergency but we're all acting like everything's normal the news runs TV shows go on sports happen but the house is on fire and it's time to take bold action right now the good news is we've got a plan a plan for world war ii scale mobilization to cancel the apocalypse and reverse climate change and it's working this is now a real political possibility and we need you to be part of taking it to the next level and actually making it happen I feel incredibly stressed and upset and I'm wondering what the plan is thanks for asking Adam it's a big plan for starters we need an immediate ban on all new fossil fuel infrastructure and a ten year early retirement of the fossil fuel infrastructure we have now combined with a huge investment and deployment of renewable energy to keep the lights on we need to transition to all regenerative farming in five years build high-speed rail and take fossil fuel power vehicles off the road we need to overhaul every sector of our economy in society for zero emissions and make a giant unprecedented effort to draw down existing carbon from the atmosphere all right I'm in but with all the gridlock we see politically in this country how do we make this happen first we need to go into emergency mode emergency mode is contagious if we tell the truth about the climate emergency and mobilize to stop it more and more people will join us and we can build an unstoppable movement luckily this is already happening more than a hundred and four members of the House and nine members of the Senate support representative Alexandria Cassio Cortes and the sunrise movements green New Deal presidential candidates have committed to supporting it and all the Democrats are vying to show who's strongest on the climate crisis which is a nice change I mean better late than never but Democrats have been slow to deal with the climate crisis Republicans have outright denied it this can't be a right versus left issue we need both parties to step up for all of mankind and get to work starting in 2017 cities across the u.s. past climate emergency declarations because of organizing by the climate mobilization Hoboken New Jersey Montgomery County Maryland Berkeley Oakland San Francisco and New York City and thanks to our allies extinction rebellion and the school strikers bringing the street heat we've now seen climate emergency declarations in over 700 cities across the world the United Kingdom Canada and Ireland have all declared a climate emergency and now we're demanding that Congress join this global movement and pass a declaration of climate emergency now we need you get loud tell the truth break the silence and please please don't act normal normal has not worked six feet of ice dumping on Guadalajara in the middle of June isn't normal fire is burning entire towns to the foundation isn't normal Farms throughout the Midwest unable to plant because of sustained flooding isn't normal I think it's time to raise the alarm because if people don't understand the urgency and scale of this crisis we'll never solve it that means telling the truth about the climate emergency to everyone you know you don't have to be a scientist or an expert to disrupt the bystander effect and go to climate emergency dot us and sign our petition to demand that Congress declare a climate emergency right now we all should be on board with this no one is coming to save us we have to do it ourselves I don't think it's too much to ask for that our children have a future so please join us in this fight today

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41 thoughts on “Why Congress Must Declare a Climate Emergency, Says Adam McKay | Opinions | NowThis

  1. We should have acted 30 years ago not now it's too late we can try and we will try but it's too late mass extinction will happen

  2. 1. Ok what a second here. You’re calling for a moratorium on all new fossil fuel infrastructure and a 10 year elimination of existing fossil fuel infrastructure. How in the world do you possibly imagine you’re going to replace the petrochemical industry here in this timeframe?

    Why is this important?
    Because regenerative farming includes organic fertilizer, of which makes up less than .01% of all fertilizer manufactured in this country. 99% of it is inorganic ammonia based fertilizer created with petrochemicals. That’s not a scale that you can transition to in 10 years.

    Also I find it really interesting that your entire message never once brings up biofuels and biomass, which are the ONLY renewable substitute for petrochemicals. Solar and wind can not produce ethanol.
    2. High speed rail. First of all clearly you haven’t talked to anyone involved with urban development, city management or urban design as high speed rail systems are typically used in monocentric cities, whereas the grand majority of US cities are polycentric with higher concentrations of suburbs than any other country in the world.

    This plan doesn’t make any sense.

    Also I don’t think you appreciate how immensely expensive this would be, compared to increasing investment in EVs and PHEVs.

    If this is plan to replace airplanes or diesel powered trains, you’re going to run into some further issues. For the airline industry, the fastest high speed rail in the world still cannot compete with airlines for distance traveled over time. Sure it works in some countries, but you may notice that the distance between major cities in those countries is drastically shorter than in the USA.

    Lastly I want to point out the fact that high speed rail throughout the entire country is going to require immense heavy civil construction and metal manufacturing, which is not environmentally friendly and there aren’t really an substitutes at scale.
    3. You’re going to drawdown carbon from the atmosphere. Ok so this is an actual solution, but there are some pretty glaring issues based on the economics of existing projects developed to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Currently the most successful projects have only been able to get contracts because they then sell their retriever emissions as compacted or gaseous product for use by fossil fuel companies. But if you’re going to ban new fossil fuel infrastructure then they will no longer have a customer to buy their product.
    4. You talk a lot about action yet everyone you have included in this video has made zero direct changes to solving this problem. Why are you showing me a rally and not a construction team building a wind farm?
    Why are you showing me AOC and her non-legally binding resolution instead of a scientist at a US National laboratory developing lingo-cellustic biomass?

    You keep talking about taking action, but that’s all this movement really is- just talk. You don’t have plan supported by scientific studies on energy transitions. You haven’t talked to field experts in areas that are essential for this transition. You haven’t thought this through, and it really shows, because all you can do to increase support is provide political platitudes and buzz words about change.

    If I ask how much solar capacity do you plan to build per year, can you even answer this question?

    If you had a real plan, you should be able to.

  3. You do realize that in our WW2 Mobilization overall environmental and labor regulations were thrown out the window…

    Also according to the CBO, the net cost with adjusted inflation for WW2 mobilization and WW2 combined was $4.4 trillion. Published 100% renewable studies for completion in 2050 range from $12 to $25 trillion, and these studies solely focus on the electrical generation industry and transportation.

    So if you actually want to solve this problem the scope required would actually be astronomically greater than what was accomplished in the WW2 mobilization.

  4. Just like a bullfrog Trump is too dim-witted to realize he's boiling in a pot of water if you put a frog in a cold pot of water then put it on the stove and get it to Boiling the Frog will never react as though he's boiling he'll just enjoy it until he is dead the same as Trump will just sit there and enjoy it until we're all dead !

  5. How can these greedy racist enslaving pigs make a climate threat change reality when their reality is an unreality?

  6. Our democracy, our individual opportunity only exists because those who came before us had the wisdom and the courage to recognize that our ideals will only endure if we see our self-interest in the success of other peoples and other nations.

  7. Maybe one of these geniuses could answer these questions: How much heat has been introduced into the oceans by mid-Atlantic and mid-Pacific thermal vents over the past few million years? Has the earth been moving closer to the sun? Is the sun getting hotter? Has the temperature of the earth's inner core increased? It may be true that our house is on fire, but humans are not responsible for it. If you care about the earth please watch our informative video "House on Fire" @0s_E

  8. Its already to late the ipccs original dont pass line for temperature was 1 c above pre industrial then they said 1.5 then they said 2 and now they've shifted the baseline from 1750 (the beginning of the industrial revolution) to the 1920s 40's 50's so weve already passed tipping points therss no way to stop the ice from melting or make new ice in the arctic

  9. PLEASE give deniers what they want & allow the climate change scientists to finally say their global crisis is proven 100% before it is too late to say it otherwise global denial will kill any chance for climate action & kill our planet.
    You can't have a "could be" crisis.

  10. Goof's…. The Climate has been happening since DAY ONE! What's new? Let's Play GOD and Stop the change…. The CO2 Level FOLLOWS the heat.. NOT Cause it. That's a Scientific Fact, but let's not let FACTS get in the way….

  11. It always ends up being that we lose our freedom and the government gets MORE authority over our lives.

  12. The people and corporations who are causing or contributing to the climate crisis aren’t worried about their grandchildren or great-grandchildren. Partially because of pure greed and because ultra rich people will usually be fine no matter what happens to our planet 🌎 . They’ll be able to purchase water during droughts, move to another house if there are fires, floods and hurricanes etc. and they’ll be able to buy just about anything they might need that won’t be available to the middle class and poor.

  13. Immigrants destroy 3 million acres of land every year just building themselves homes., 2 miles of Florida swampland every week. Use 35 million Barrels of oil every month, Please help Donald Trump save the planet. No more immigrants please.

  14. when i fist learned about climate change it was real. but then my christian family hit me and said it wassent. and then i become a denier 😀

  15. Beautiful comedy. they act like they knew Trump is just a market puppet to sell every most drop of usa oil. What was your plan again? To make use of us?! We are 100% sure trumps win 2020, while your role is to act like good hearted americans. The democracy failed when the mega companies sold their roots to china on behalf of all hard working american men and wemen ,for more profits and influence. Be onest and stop controled chaos policy for more benefit .
    Nobody buys you in this manner again. Everybody here know about climate change(im pretty sure google informed everyone), why your plans are always extreme? This type of plans is politicly deluded… i dont care about future of this kind of world.


  17. One suggestion, don’t outright ban oil right away, that will cause those oil barrens to panic and double down their efforts to reject climate change, find a way to become carbon neutral, than phase out oil. Use things like algae to recycle co2 emissions and turn it into other products, like biofuel or bioplastic.

  18. Help !! Help !! We are all going to die !! Stop progress, stop technology, give us more taxes ! The lunatic lefties 😲 on a rampage.

  19. So we will all just slowly boil like a frog in a pot… Cause we don't feel the change, but as soon as we do, it's to late. We need to just learn to live shorter unhealthy lives, whatever. We will drown in our own filth.

  20. There is an serious emergency because the United States was among the worst for Greenhouse gasses that is affecting the Earth. How much can the Democrats do if the Republican party want help. Remember Republicans controls the Senate not the Democrats.

  21. So, you want to hand over any tech advances to the government? They can't ballance a checkbook, let alone handle something like this.
    Not to mention you're asking the US to pay trillions of dollars to fight something we only contribute a fraction to. The biggest polluters are all in Asia. Maybe get them to step up and fix their issues before asking for me to pay for their mistakes.

  22. I had a theory that it was because of Atomic tests like Bikini Atoll they evaporated millions of tons of water cause in the clouds to keep heat in and the temperature has spiked since 1975 when we became mor aware of our impact. which means it shouldn’t have spiked

  23. Im mad cause ive only been an adult for 5 years. Still dont know my place in this world. Was told about climate change in school. We all wanted to freak out but teachers told us it was a century away. I feel ripped off. But im still gonna fight for this.

  24. All you brainwashed IDIOTS wont say a word about 5g towers and NANO smart dust though. Such hypocrisy. I realized TRUMP was a GLOBALIST puppet just like OBAMA when he started pushing for 5g. 5g will destroy us all climate change is no big deal there has always been climate change the earth is actually cooling and has been cooling since the 90s. Do your pwn research educate and inform yourself and stop letting other people tell you how to think.

  25. Should have done so 20 years ago when I was 16. But most believed in the lies more back then. Less are these days but still enough do to not get up and demand change. The technology IS there and it does NOT need to cost a lot.

  26. This is merely a politically driven force cloaked in the morality of “saving the planet” that will be the totalitarian jurisdiction used to control our lives from cradle to grave.

  27. Solar and wind energy are the Instagram of green energies, but nuclear is the real world green alternative to coal and gas power plants.

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