100 thoughts on “Why People Are Freaking Out About This LIFETIME BAN, Jarvis, KSI, Logan Paul, Popeyes, & More

  1. Your dad's not coming back but healthy carbon levels can! Happy Tuesday! Here's your timecodes: Internety Quickies (00:08), TIA (4:26), Popeyes (6:11), Paris Climate Agreement (7:48)

  2. Yeah no Epic should keep that lifetime ban. He knew he wasn’t supposed to do it and he got caught. If there are no consequences for your actions then rules mean nothing.

  3. Thank you Phil, for saying the sandwich is just ok! I had it and was super underwhelmed. It tastes NOTHING like Chick-fil-A. It's not bad? It's just not great. It's a chicken sandwich.

  4. 7:41 thank you Phill, I never tried it, only cuz Popeye's struck out for me the first time a tried it👍👍👍👍👊.

  5. I think Jarvis life time ban it the right decision. I played lots of Online Shooters and if someone was killing me over and over with a Aimbot would make me not want to play anymore. So having a zero tolerance is the right move.

    Also if your livelihood is around a game don’t go and do something that will get you banned. Don’t even do it once. It’s just stupid. So this is on him. He knew what he was doing and knew it was against the rules. He has to face the consequence.

  6. Support the life time ban. He knew what he was doing was wrong and thought it was funny. He “breaks down” in the worst fake crying I’ve ever seen.

  7. Trump doesn’t give a shit about climate change because he’s gonna be dead by the time everything goes downhill

  8. When you cheat and cut corners in life, you get the outcome that you deserve. Poor kid now has to get a real job like the rest of us. #staystrong (rolls eyes*)

  9. I really dont give a shit about fortnite but it's kinda hilarious to see that little broccoli headed shit cry over some stupid game. "Oh no! Now I may have to actually work for a living!"

  10. Trump….
    it's just more wishful thinking and insults to his opponents.
    running back Obama policy while claiming that he is making us better.
    in reality, clean energy is a better business, but breaks the status quo, wrecking old money like Trump.

  11. Jarvis deserved his ban.

    It doesn't matter if he was using the aimbot just for fun, just for one match, just for one video. He cheated. Period. Any amount of cheating means you should be banned.

  12. Anyone who thinks the Paris Agreement will do literally anything to help with climate change has clearly never researched the Paris Agreement or climate change at all

  13. FYI: it's pronounced Da-Zone (like the Pizza Hut Paa-zone; actually example used by the company). I've been a DAZN subscriber since the beginning for Bellator & International MMA coverage. Thanks for all the hard work over all these years!

  14. Trump continues to push for coal which is a dying industry, as it switches to automation all the while other country's will fill the void for renewable energy meaning jobs that would've gone to America it goes to ohhh I dunno China. Good job Trump.

  15. The problem with unbanning the faze kid is it sets a bad president. It would seem to me that epic games wants to show their unwavering stance against hackers. And that even if you have a huge following you aren't allowed to get away with it.

  16. So sad another millennial can no longer make a living playing video games because he cheated and knowingly broke rules. I’m having a hard time feeling bad for someone who uses a program to aim for them and expects to make a career off of it. Good on epic for bringing the ban hammer down hard. Other gaming communities have suffered a lot from cheaters and hackers and the only way to stop it is a no tolerance policy.

  17. How is a permanent ban unfair? You use cheating software that’s a perma ban, we know this, epic knows this, and Jarvis knows this. If epic didn’t ban him that would tell the community that it’s ok to cheat if your popular enough aka if your a large you tuber or streamer it’s ok for you to ignore the rules. Jarvis knew the risk but did it anyway to chase views. No sympathy from me.

  18. Permabans for cheating is a common practice for all games, especially with hacking and software that gives u an unnatural advantage. It's most likely in the ToS for any and all multiplayer games and if you agreed to it then you have no right to argue against it. Don't really feel sad that his 'career' that was built on top of a bad practice was all of a sudden shut down. That's what happens when ya' cheat boyo.

  19. I honestly don't care if you think those other Fortnite players were cheating. Getting a lifetime ban for using an aimbot is warranted. Not only is it a stupid thing to do, but it is in the goddamn policies and essentially every shooter has a policy against it. He deserves all he is getting

  20. FYI, Just 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions, study says https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2017/jul/10/100-fossil-fuel-companies-investors-responsible-71-global-emissions-cdp-study-climate-change

  21. Non-binding agreements are demonstrated to be much more effective than binding ones, but you need to create the right incentives

  22. fuck hackers they destroy the game and make it not fun for everyone else. they unfairly take kills from team mates, they destroy enemies and most of the time they aren't even having fun themselves besides the sick satisfaction of knowing you are ruining it for others. This guys motivation looks like to be money. Fuck him.

  23. Banned for using an aimbot? Good. Also happens to be a massive content creator? Great! Make an example of him. I have no sympathy for people using aimbots/wallhacks/cheats.

  24. When I was younger I got my Steam account band for hacking. I didn't cry. I didn't make videos about how sorry I was. AND I didn't expect the ban to be lifted, nor did I ask, because I knew what I was doing was wrong and when I got caught I accepted my repercussions. My ban wasn't just a game, but my whole Library. Still know its my fault, accepted it and moved on. Ban should stand. Sorry? Sorry he got caught.

  25. Sorry but, I see so many people saying humans are dumb but I got to correct them. It's Americans that are the dumb ones. Don't go and put all humans in the one bracket when it's the fat, inbred, gun wielding, fucktards that are the wrong ones here. Just had to say it. BTW, not blaming all Americans, just maybe about 50-60℅ of em.

  26. "his career is heavily focused on this content, and all of a sudden, it's gone." – so he basically got fired. Youtube is a real job now, with real world consequences. And you said it yourself, creators can pivot. He just has to find a new job. Welcome to the real world…

  27. What's the point of any climate change treaty if it doesn't bind china and india? The paris accord isn't worth the paper it's written on. The environment doesn't care if they're "developing" economies.

  28. The thing about something like the Paris Accords is that there is a process to institution or legitimacy building. And the Paris Accords was essentially the major countries saying "hey we think this issue is legitimate" meaning later action would have more weight behind it. Leaving signalled the US saw the environment and climate change as illegitimate issues, which can make future governance hard for other international institutions

  29. There should be a death squad that just goes around and murders the hell out of everyone who uses aim bots regardless of the reason or the circumstances.

  30. The guy still hasn't been caught & it took all of 15 secs. It's like 20mins away. It's sad & stupid. They are still looking for the women with the gentleman stabbed to get her statement.

  31. All of these things around "going green" seem to rely incredibly heavily on governments to do something about it, when the largest leaps forward in alternate energy have all come from private parties. Tesla is the biggest example by far, but even GE has done some really good stuff lately.

    Why people still expect governments to accomplish anything is beyond me.

  32. Bring Jarvis back. How can he get permabanned for cheating in pubs when you can literally find people on YouTube explaining in detail how to get under the map, or heal indefinitely in the storm. Let's also not forget who was caught cheating in world cup qualifiers and STILL allowed to play in the finals.

  33. Thanks for putting out that the US has been exceeding the goal set by the Paris agreement…


    Well, at least thanks for acknowledging that it is a problem of everyone else too.

  34. FFS America do something about that Big Orange Cheeto Monster you have running your country. Because before long it won't be Global warming WE will have to worry about it Will be a Nuclear Winter.

  35. Are these the same scientists led by AOC that said we won't make it to 2030, or the same scientists that said the world is doomed shortly after 1970? IMO climate change is way over-hyped and like a child crying wolf. It's the boogeyman that is too afraid to show itself.

  36. it sucks that Jarvis cheated on a game that is multiplayer. It's Riot games' duty to keep the integrity of their game intact so that people keep wanting to play their game. If someone is cheating in a game, the people who arent cheating, even if youre on the cheaters team, it diminishes the fun of the game and it makes me want to turn off the game. I hope this teaches Jarvis a lesson about cheating of any form. i underatand using cheats on, say, skyrim, a singleplayer experience , but not fortnite

  37. Awe poor muffin! That fortnite kid needs to move on! At any job if you break a company policy you get fired … that's what happened here! Take the lesson and learn from it

  38. OK… I get it if you don't believe in human made climate change or even that our carbon emission is making things worse, and you want to think about money (I don't agree with it, but I get it), but you know that pollution is bad for human health. So think of how much it costs, not only for the people whose sickness is caused by pollution or worsen by it, but also their families who have to help them, the community which workforce and taxpayers lessen by it and probably the aid you have to pay and give out.
    I mean… COME ON!, everyone knows it’s good for the economy to have people healthy and active in the workforce.

    Sorry, I got on a roll and might have come off preachy. 😀

  39. … I don’t want to live here anymore. (And I probably won’t get to with how much our current administration hates the climate.)

  40. Unpopular options:Climate change? Hmm why was 2018 on of the coldest years on record? Also why do most of the studies supporting climate change use satellite temperature readings (which are easy to manipulate) instead of the thermometer readings which are much more accurate. Thank you for your time.

  41. Girls education!??! How the fuck does girls education (when women are already the majority of university students) going to change climate change 😂😂 that just discredits everything they just said

  42. We are making the planet uninhabitable by humans? just look at the bright side. when the next intelligent species evolve(or is created by some magical sky daddy) they can look at the ruins we leave behind and maybe learn how not to fuck up like us! ^_^

  43. I hate all this exclusivity bullshit. Just make a good platform. That goes for Twitch as well! They have had exclusivity deals this whole time. If you're a partnered streamer you're not supposed to stream on other platforms. That's why nobody moved to things like Youtube gaming, because if they did, they'd have to risk/give up their Tiwtch partnership. Otherwise there would be no real reason for big streamers to not stream on both at the same time like channels such as LinusTechTips does with their weekly podcast now. Imo, Youtube is much better on the viewer's end. Not only can you leave comments on a finished video (because it just turns into a youtube video at when it's done), but also because you can rewind a stream while it is live. You don't have to go tab over and start watching the current stream's vod to rewind and switch back over to the livestream like you do on twitch.

  44. At this point, when you report on something coming from the white house, I'm gonna need a quick fact-check from you…

  45. Stabbed to death over a fucking chicken sandwich….. You people deserve trump. This country sucks absolute dog shit. This is what happens when you idolize celebrities, you end up with a country filled with logan pauls.

    Thanks for ruining my day again….

  46. Scientists include assistant professor of mathematics, adjunct professor of gender studies…. lol. Al Gore and his scientist swore there would be cities underwater by now didn't they?

  47. That ban was perfectly fair. If anyone else was using cheats they would be banned permanently. He shouldn’t get any special treatment.

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