100 thoughts on “Why you should be worried about the fires raging in the Amazon

  1. This was a man-made fire caused by people trying to clear the land for more beef production. Most of the factory farms for a beef are located in the Amazon and they’re trying to clear it. Meat is literally destroying this planet. Wake up people before it’s too late!!!

  2. You must pray to god to help but we must decrease damage this is why we always die.we have wars we make more farms we cut trees.we need to stop that but the problem is are population is growing space is the next answer to are escape.not to abandon but to make our population less so we all survive and be happy

  3. I’m scared.
    I don’t want to die.
    Whichever generation started this..
    You cursed the human race to this fate. Thanks a bunch.
    I’m literally on the other side of the world, and this could still affect me.
    I’m not even an adult yet. I’m 17.
    Your kids are living with the consequences of what you did.

  4. Psychopaths did this on purpose, we are being mass distracted by political theatre and everything else while the world we know today is coming to an end ,god is real prepare people …. prepare for the worst hope for the best…. don’t be distracted until the last moment , understand it’s coming and we won’t be warned until it’s here … god bless

  5. A couple things that you can actually do to help: Go vegan, vegetarian, protest, use less plastic, use cars less, turn off lights and don’t use power unless you really need it, and if you continue saying things like “pray for the Amazon” don’t, praying wont do anything, no hate at all but praying wont do anything at all. Please, the reason the Amazon is burning is because of people wanting to raise animals, burning forest to make room to breed them and raise them, slaughter them. Try your best to get your family to stop buying unnecessary meat, dairy, poultry.

  6. Good Morning! NASA has to assist in identifying those responsible for the fires in the Amazon, as well as all who can contribute to this important mission.

  7. If the human race can survive, they wouldn’t deserve it. We took this planet for granted. Now we must pay

  8. Money is the root of evil and this is why all this is happening. We don’t have time for stupidity and politics. It’s common sense, he’s right there is no coming back from this. We only have one world and we are designed for this world.

  9. Amazon Forest can be used to make money quickly… harvest hardwoods, slash and burn, plant crops, then grassland, then comes ranching. In 5 years rainforest is changed to grassland. In 30 you will have desertification; trees allow water to be held, and shaded, which affect the water cycle of the whole continent. This is what’s being done as the current president has removed finances and changed protection in place for the rain forest and indigenous people. We need more reporting on this.

    There is a gold rush going on right now, unless Brazil puts protection back and enforces them. UN and G7 can put pressure and sanctions on Brazil. As individuals we can boycott Brazilian agricultural products…especially Brazilian Beef a major export. Unfortunately these type of actions hurt all Brazilians not just the bad actors, we need a better way.

  10. As long as it distracts the Left from having to confront the Clinton-Epstein scandal, WP will report on it. Up Next: Why You Should be Worried About the Snail Darter’s Extinction.

  11. As a kid and into my teens I always wanted to go to the Amazon rainforest but I don’t think I will even get the chance

  12. The US electoral college system doesn't help. Trump lost the popular vote last time, but still became President. A minority of voters who worship an Orange God get to hold the planet hostage.

  13. Humans are destroying this beautiful planet. Our grand kids are going to be the ones who suffer from this with scorching temperatures, droughts, rising oceans, more diseases and a shortage of food and water.

  14. Yall sound stupid …this is normal this time of the year ! And the air we breathe doesn't come from Amazônia.. It comes from the Ocean! Do a little study …it doesn't hurt!

  15. Look how beautiful that fire is just cooking up the earth. Come on God you can do more than that. Send some earthquakes, rain down fire from the sky, like in california or new york. Arn't they the ones responsible for killing your babies? If someone killed my babies i'd been really furious and start scorching with fire. Or how about the vatican church just destroy it to the ground send balls of fire, there's an inner ring of pedophillia going on. Violent people known as antifa in oregon who also happens to be near the pacific ocean maybe send a hurricane.

  16. It may seem remote and removed from us living thousands of miles from this catastrophe, but it is a 'world heritage', our planet is sick right now and human beings and our enterprises are the cause of this blight. Our planet and all living beings depend in so many ways on the survival of our last surviving rainforests. Even though thousands of miles away from some people, its survival is crucial to the very atmosphere in which we all exist.

  17. It's kind of incredible how the people who cause these types of tragedies are always the smartest and most cruel people. It's just a sign that greedy people always get what they want

  18. Read the facts, check it first, then publish it people. Well-meaning celebrities trying to bring attention to the Amazon blazes in Brazil are spreading misleading snapshots like wildfire on social media.

    The raging fires have prompted a handful of celebs such as Portuguese so

  19. Ok I guess we are going to cancel the Area 51 Raid and go at put out the fire

    This is just horrible they have so many other places in the world the make farms why can’t they do it somewhere else other things are alive in this forest are we really going to let the other generation fix what we have done
    I expected more from people

  20. It’s sad to see how much destruction we’ve done in our life time. It’s sadder to see people not care, and encourage others to do so. Please make this big so more awareness can be brought to this matter. I hope you see this and agree with me.

  21. I can’t believe this is happening i wanna help so bad but i cant,whoever did this deserves execution or lifetime jail smh 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  22. E o presidente esta preocupado em combater o tal do marxismo cultural, e quer que a ente faça cocô dia e dia não

  23. Human greed has led to the destruction of this paradise on earth. President of Brazil is a shameless fellow. You let it burn and now you are blaming your rivals.

  24. Spoiler Alert: The world will come to an end..Very Soon..
    and f*ck those assh*les who did this..hope your houses burn as well..excuse me

  25. It's fine, we'll just build oxygen factories and use the oil they get from under the rainforest to fuel them. Oxygen factories will take up a lot less space.

  26. Jesus' promise is happening, if we continue to ignore what is Happening to this world we will not last long. God give us the EARTH to protect her, but what are we doing?.

  27. India ko padi hi nahi he shayad faltu news media ko cover karne ati he salman ki shadi kab hogi katrina ke sath ya zareen ke sath sadak 2 kab realease hogi . Amazon jungle contribute oxygen karta he hume and india has no concern about it

  28. I am brazilian i live in Amazon state nothing diferent in here Bolsonaro send the army to see whats happening but this year isnt burning a lot its very small by the way most of this pictures are fakes some are from the south of the country and others are old pictures the skys in here are blue

  29. Jesus Christ this guy's voice is annoying AF. Nothing makes me care less about the rainforest than hearing his voice.

  30. Oh my! The end of the world. Again. But since the earth will burn to a crisp in twelve years, what’s the big deal about this?

  31. While I was driving with my family to a famous restaurant I saw a billboard that said "what we're doing is working."
    And I questioned myself is it really working?

  32. This pisses me off I don’t think we can stop it its just going to burn until it all dies and then there goes the amazon rainforest poor animals

  33. Australia? In drought, everywhere not just the outback
    Amazon? Burning
    Animals? Dying
    America? Trump
    Antartica? Melting, due to climate change (i think)
    Is this the end of earth? Is god ready to start on a clean slate?
    Could humans, make a change?
    Will selfish people not care?
    What is this world we are living in? -Me (I made it up, but im not the first to write something like this so please dont hate)
    Thanks for reading this till the end. I bet you were expecting Hotel? Trivago, but this is no time to joke around. The worlds largest rainforest is up in flames and no one cares that the world is changing.


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