WI Corn Growers and Ethanol Producers Collaborate for Renewable Energy

WI Corn Growers and Ethanol Producers Collaborate for Renewable Energy

what starts as just a kernel grows into a sizable renewable industry providing jobs clean energy and high protein animal feed known as distillers grain biofuels like corn based ethanol directly replaced petroleum-based fuels like gasoline and it's renewable ace ethanol in Stanley Wisconsin is the first ethanol plant built in the state third of a bushel of corn will turn into a gallon of ethanol over six pounds of dry distillers grains approximately a cup of distillers corn oil and distillers Cornell will be used as a feed product or turn into biodiesel but we also capture and collect co2 and sell that commercially collecting this co2 protects the environment and ensures nothing goes to waste creating a very green process producing over 50 million gallons of ethanol per year means the plant needs a fair amount of corn which is sourced locally by farmers like Crystal Romanowski taking her truck in and dropping off the corn and then knowing that you know I'm gonna be putting that back into my vehicle at the end of the day we receive corn from over 300 farm families and we receive about 16 million bushels per year of corn Wisconsin's 9 ethanol plants produce more than 500 million gallons a year and a 7 all is expanding to produce even more ethanol using a newly developed process we're putting in a first-of-its-kind process here in Stanley what's in here is mostly protein and fiber and we're gonna take a good percentage of that fiber out and do a second fermentation where we convert that fiber into yet more ethanol that means producing more gallons of ethanol using less corn less energy and a reduced carbon footprint and now you know your Wisconsin

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