Wisconsin Odonata Survey

Wisconsin Odonata Survey

Wisconsin is home to over 160 species of dragonflies and damselflies, many of
which are rare. The goal of the Wisconsin odonata survey is to gain more knowledge about the distributions and habitat
requirements of dragonflies and damselflies in Wisconsin. The focus of the survey is to document
populations of dragonflies and damselflies, by identifying adults, larvae, and exuviae, be which are cast skins left behind when the larvae transform
into the adults. Citizen volunteers are needed because
there are far too many habitats to survey for the few professionals who
work with dragonflies and damselflies. There are many ways to be involved with
the Dragonfly and damselfly survey. all levels of commitment are welcome. collecting specimens of some
dragonflies and damselflies may be needed because they can only be
identified in the lab under high magnification. Instructions for preserving specimens
can be found on the website. Volunteers who did not want to collect
specimens can help by reporting those species that can be identified in hand or on the wing and by collecting exuviae. Species can be documented with good
quality photographs or even sight records in some circumstances.
Be sure to record a date and location for any observations. June and July are prime time for odonates.
However, some species fly as early as mid-April
and others can be active well into October. It is important to know the phonology
dragonflies and damselflies species before starting surveys. This will help target efforts towards
the species and habitats where information is most needed and will avoid taking unneeded
specimens. For more information on how to become
involved visit the Wisconsin odonata survey website or call 715 392 6976

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